Wednesday, 18 March 2015

March / What's On My Wish Lists

With exams and life changing things fast approaching, my blog has suffered somewhat. In an ideal world, I would be attached to my computer, only taking breaks when it was time to sleep, blogging from dusk til dawn. However, in the real world life is a little more demanding and sadly there isn't internet connection at every turn. I don't usually count getting ill as lucky, but for a few moments I was glad that my sniffles and cough meant that I could stay home and take a few moments to blog! Starting with my traditional, monthly post - What's On My Wish Lists! I've selected my favourite pieces from the High Street and collaged them together for you to snoop at what I've been after this month..

1. River Island Grey Colour Block Sweatshirt £32.00 - I get days where I'll dress in high boots, statement leggings and a bulky jacket, however, I also get days where all I can think about is comfort and this Colour Block Sweatshirt looks like the epitome of comfort. I love the colour block detailing, adding a bold statement to a casual piece. 

2. River Island Gold Tone Chunky Stone Bracelet £10.00  - My accessory obsession started with rings - statement rings, bold, big, chunky and un-missible. A little while later the obsession climbed up to my wrists and the world of bracelets was revealed to me.  For my 18th birthday I got a Pandora bracelet filled with the most meaningful charms, some selected by me, others by close family and friends. I'll be doing a blog post on my bracelet collection because I've fallen in love with it, but for now, I want this Chunky Stone Bracelet from River Island.. 

3. River Island Brown Draped Front Jersey Jacket £45.00  - This Draped Front Jersey Jacket is the perfect addition to any UK wardrobe. While Spring is well under way and our wardrobes have experienced a makeover as we slowly wave goodbye to our chunky knits and scarves, the Winter chill still lingers in the air..This light coloured Jersey Jacket is super versatile and will keep that Winter wind off your body and give your outfit a casual draped, 'I just threw this on' kind of look. Effortless and stylish, it will provide you with the security that you will be warm but also that you look amazing. 

4. New Look Black Contrast Zip Front Tote Bag £22.99 - Um, so the bag obsession might be making a bit of a comeback this year..I don't really have much of an excuse for why I want this, other than it's a bag and I love bags...oh and it's got some colour blocking and who can resist colour blocking? Not me..apparently.. 

5. Topshop Kisser Lace-up Flatforms £50.00 - So shoes are an essential because we have feet and we need to walk without shaving the bottom of our feet off. Therefore, I think these Kisser Lace-up Flatforms from Topshop are a sensible choice and a good investment. I love the pink colour that greets Spring/Summer with its pastel palette and the fact that they've got a bit of height is a definite bonus! 

6. Topshop Utility Backpack £30.00  - I'm not usually a big fan of backpacks but like I said, the bag obsession has made its comeback this year and if something is nice, quirky, edgy or just in some way a bag - the chances are I'm going to want it. This Utility Backpack from Topshop is the perfect practical, stylish bag - amazing for students on the go like myself (can I have it now please?).

7. Topshop Gallop Court Shoes £59.00 - These are gorgeous Court Shoes and the prettiest pastel colour that I have ever seen, amazing for Spring/Summer evenings! 

8. Topshop MOTO Sequin Boyfriend Jeans £56.00  - Everyone loves a bit of sparkle in their life and these Sequin Boyfriend Jeans give you your daily dose! These won't be everyone's cup of tea but they are the perfect jeans to keep your spirit happy - you can't be sad when prancing around in sequins! 

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