Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Galliano for Margiela

January 2013 marked two very important moments for me, the first was my blog. A newcomer to the blogging community, January 2013 saw me blogging away to my heart's content. I'd fused together my love for fashion and my passion for writing about it. It was also back in January 2013 when I heard the news that had shocked all fashionistas universally - John Galliano was to make his fashion comeback after he got caught on camera making anti-Semitic remarks. Some people will still hold onto the remarks and will continue to have a clouded vision of Galliano because of his words, but for the fashion obsessed, we allow our eyes to be graced with his genius creations. Since his comeback in 2013, Galliano has been working hard to re-build his career and produce some of fashion's most creative and innovative designs. A master of his craft, Galliano's fan base is quickly expanding and rightly so, as you would have to be inhuman not to acknowledge that this man is one of fashion's most unique designers. 

Although I cannot pin-point the exact moment when I fell in love with the world of fashion, I certainly remember where my adoration stemmed from - magazines. I have the pages of Vogue to thank as it was there that I was introduced into a creative world of expression, communicated through clothes. Some of my favourite designers are those who use their position to influence an explosion of creativity in the industry. Galliano, therefore, has my utmost admiration in this respect. Not only does he create clothes with unusual structure, form and design, but he pushes the boundaries far beyond the so-called 'norm' and takes the spectator into a surreal, dream-like place. Galliano's designs have power and are so expressive they have a voice of their own. 

Galliano's latest collection for Margiela was no different. Surreal and wonderful, John Galliano introduced a new range of his designs that had the whole industry fluttering with excitement. Although I'm a few days late acknowledging his Margiela designs, I felt compelled to write about how I felt when I saw them. From pure whites to raging reds, the colour spectrum of the designs varied drastically, creating contrast and differentiation which meant the eyes was never bored. Embellished with shells, the designs are highly textured and creative as facial features peep out of the breastplates of the garments - sinister and intriguing. Like all good designs, these Margiela designs provoke a reaction - with each you wonder, do you love it, do you hate it? But somehow you can't help but love a rebellious creation that subverts the idea of beauty. 


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