Friday, 30 January 2015

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

As Valentines Day approaches and boyfriends and girlfriends swan around looking for the perfect gift to make the beloved smile, there's only one thing that I'm thinking - Happy Birthday Gran! It just so happens that 14th February not only marks the much celebrated Valentines Day, it also is a very special day for my Gran - her birthday. So far, I am yet to celebrate Valentines Day with for its actual purpose. It's singles like me who try and forget about the romance of Valentines Day, remaining happily alone and independent eating a box of chocolates. I have never been phased by the idea of Valentines Day - for those who have partners great - enjoy the day and be happy as you celebrate your relationship. For the rest of us, carefree and single, enjoy your independence and celebrate've got years ahead to worry about someone else and their problems and their needs - why be tied down? I've got a bit of single girl power here and with the lovey-dovey day approaching, I'm going to make the most of my freedom! 
It also occurred to me that Valentines Day is all about love - so yes, it's appropriate to buy gifts for your BF or GF, but why not plan a special day with your single friends? Uniting together, do a little gift sharing of your own with these Valentines Day Gift Ideas for your BFFL! Share a different kind of love for a friend who has been there for you longer than any other boy/girl partner! 

1. A Pug's Guide To Dating Valentines Book £9.99 - Although I'm all for 'All The Single Ladies' putting their hands up, maybe a few dating tips wouldn't be unappreciated for your fellow single friend. What better adviser than an adorable Pug? 

2. Urban Outfitters Jar Candle in Bamboo Tea £15 - A candle to calm the nerves of any single friend who is desperate for a boyfriend. Throw this candle his/her way and they'll be calm and collected in no time. Better still, order a pizza and light the candle whilst watching anything starring Zac Efron!!

3. Urban Outfitters Emojibomb Disposable Camera £15 - Plan a day out with this old-school style Emojibomb Disposable Camera and snap some memorable photos for a Valentines Day worth remembering! 

4. Topshop Love Heart Stamper £7.50 - Stamp the love here, there and everywhere with this cute little Love Heart Stamper! 

5. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Blush £26 - Every girl likes makeup...every girl also likes heart shaped makeup...every girl likes heart shaped makeup given to her on Valentines Day. Why? Because it reminds her that makeup is her faithful one true love. 

6. Urban Outfitters Not That Kind of Girl Book £16.99 - A book for a girl written by a girl - females unite! 

7. Topshop Bear Picnic Blanket £25 - Plan a cute picnic date with your best mate and remind yourself that partners aren't the be-all and end-all of your younger years.  

8. Topshop Care Bear Mug £8 - Spread the care with this care bear mug! I love care bears, they're cute and by nature (although not on this china mug) are huggable and soft - comfort for the lonely on Valentines Day! 

9. Urban Outfitters Oh Deer Piss Off A5 Notebook £8 - Another approach to Valentines Day and being single is to change your attitude and turn that frown upside down with this inspirational, attitude filled notebook. Take a leaf from its front cover and tell Valentines Day where to go! 

ps: Sincere apologies to those of you reading this who are loved up and expected a blog post all about the beauty of love on Valentines Day..I wish you and your partner all the best and hope you have a tip-top day :)

Friday, 23 January 2015

How I Stay Motivated & Inspired

Happy New Year! Although I am a couple of weeks late giving this greeting, the New Year is still very new and full of potential. I am super excited for the New Year and all the things that I have planned and the resolutions that I plan to keep. When I was younger, a New Year's resolution was always something silly - often something simply to say when people asked me what my New Year's resolution was. A common resolution was - 'don't eat any chocolate!'.  A few hours into the New Year, however, I was sat with several wrappers decorating my bedroom. This year, I wanted to make myself resolutions, but also targets for my upcoming year; achievable, attainable targets. This New Year, as for so many people, is definitely my fresh start. I enjoyed 2014 but a fresh start is definitely a refreshing prospect and I intend to embrace the opportunity. A massive fan of picture sharing sites such as Tumblr, Pinterest and We Heart It, I gathered together some inspirational pictures that remind me of my New Year's resolutions and targets. I'm all for the saying, 'surround yourself with what you love' and these pictures really portray messages that I think are so crucial to staying happy, positive and focused. I thought I'd share my inspiration for the New Year and write down my resolutions - who knows, maybe some of them will be the same as yours? 

photo source: Pinterest 

Christmas day gave me many wonderful things; time with my family, a gorgeous Christmas dinner and precious gifts that I will treasure for a long time. One of my favourite gifts was a bracelet given to me by my big sister. I will be doing a blog post on the bracelet and on the brand because I think they are really cute, meaningful bracelets that everyone should have. Inscribed on the bracelet was the message, 'Enjoy the journey'. I am a massive fan of inspirational quotes and meaningful messages. What made the present even more special was the relevance that it had to me at this point in my life. I am in my final year of school which can be incredibly scary, stressful but also insanely exciting. I think, above all, enjoying and embracing whatever life throws at you is one of the most important messages. As my bracelet and the quotation above says, 'life is a journey. One of my resolutions this year is to 'live in the moment' and stay organised, focused and surround myself with positivity.  

photo source: Pinterest 

Negative thoughts multiply and result in negative outcomes. 2015 is my year to embrace a positive outlook and attitude and apply it to everything. When put under stress or in a busy period in our lives, it's easy to become negative and develop negative thoughts. One of my major downfalls in 2014 was not letting myself have time to relax and unwind. I plan to achieve a lot in 2015 and to try and blog more by juggling my school work and my blog. 2015 is also the year that I start to make my 'dreams' and my goals happen, so, I am dreaming big and believing in my dreams! 

I absolutely LOVE this picture and this quote. I think it portrays the message that if you believe, you can make things happen. The picture also conveys a message of not being afraid of failure because although you may 'fall', ultimately you might 'fly' and the downfall will become part of your progression upwards. Positive thoughts, positive outcome. Obviously, don't stick a pair of fairy wings on with the mindset that you could perhaps fly like Peter Pan into Neverland - no, no - take this as a metaphorical message...

This is the cutest picture and quote that I have ever seen. It speaks for itself really - a positive mind makes a happy person. I've been practising positivity and positive thoughts for a while after becoming doubtful in 2014 and it has had a major impact on my overall mood. As well as eating a really good diet and cutting our foods that are tasty but that ultimately have no nutritional value, I have been feeling better and I am definitely happier. 

So, in a nutshell, my resolutions are to stay focused, 'enjoy the journey', stay positive and dream big. Cheesy enough for you? What are your New Year's Resolutions? What's inspiring you this year? 


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Style Guide / SPRING/SUMMER 2015 / Florals

Introducing the new trends for our New Year, 2015, I've pooled together some of the High Street's coolest clothes that best represent the new S/S15 trends. In my Style Guide posts I've chosen my favourite catwalk pieces from the S/S15 fashion shows and then scoured the internet for my favourite High Street pieces. Last week I posted about the new Spring/Summer colour trend - violet (read here). Of course, there is a lot more to the Spring/Summer trends than just violets. In this post, I'm introducing another of S/S's wonderful, new trends - Florals! 


Florals as a Spring/Summer trend may not be very unique but it's definitely season appropriate. For a few years the floral trend has been re-appearing in our wardrobes every Spring & Summer but there is a reason that this trend never seems to fade away. A floral pattern is not only pretty, girly and an eye-catching print - it also introduces a realm of colour and symbolises new life, growth and prosperity. For the Japanese, each flower will have a meaning and a purpose - they use each flower to channel energy and attract good things. Fashion utilises the floral trend for the benefit of the consumer. It is a popular pattern chosen by designers to spread onto their newly crafted cloth because of its popular demand. Quite literally the season for 'new beginnings' in nature, designers use their natural environment to influence their work. Surrounded by ideas of new life and flourishing possibilities, the floral print resonates a positive attitude and encourages a positive energy. A popular saying is 'you are what you eat' but I think 'you are what you wear'. Wearing floral patterns this S/S 15 will radiate a vibrant energy and inject colour into your outfits! 

Chanel's gorgeous range of florals from the S/S15 was truly breathtaking. I loved this piece because of its intricate embellished detailing. A definite haute couture vibe, this intricate piece is not far from the definition of a masterpiece. Carefully crafted, designed and constructed - Chanel's floral designs knock many of the others out of the park. Oozing vibrancy and with an air of perfectionism, this Chanel design will beat any floral pattern that you'll find on the High Street... 

Vera Wang injected romanticism into her floral patterns. The elegancy of Wang's designs will no doubt be transferred into the High Street floral trends. Wang's florals are less vibrant than the other floral designs. These tamed, subtle florals are an example of how you can break into this year's floral trend without making a screaming statement and without electric coloured flowers clinging to your body. 

Chanel's florals were delicate in one aspect (see design above) but also raging with energy in another. I love the punch of colour injected into these floral patterns. With an 80's vibe of intense colour and an air of rebellion - there's no shying away with these stark florals. 

Miu Miu's floral patterns have a retro air about them - blocked, the floral patterns are pressed into the garment like a stamp. The floral pattern marked Miu Miu's S/S15 with bold colour and print - the florals could be seen and heard as they received frantic claps on the Spring/Summer catwalks. 

Although they're not fabulous designer garments that have been tailored carefully and intricately like Chanel's embellished masterpiece, these High Street picks represent the florals that are available to those of us on Student budgets. Whether you want to make bold statements like Miu Miu and Chanel this upcoming season, or be subtle like Vera Wang, I've tried to pick a diverse range of floral patterns that will accompany you this year.

1. ASOS Paw Print Flatforms £22
2. Topshop Petite Floral Zip Pelmet Skirt £35
3. River Island Grey Floral Print Smart Cigarette Pants £42
4. River Island Cream Floral Print Draped Cropped Jacket £55
5. River Island Cream Floral Print Peplum Jacket £45
6. River Island Black and White Floral Shirt Dress £48

Look out for more 'Style Guide / SPRING/SUMMER 2015' trend posts coming soon!


Friday, 16 January 2015

Style Guide / SPRING/SUMMER 2015 / Violets

'A New Year, a new me' - this is a popular saying for many of us who welcome the New Year. My personal saying, however, is 'A New Year, a new wardrobe'. While the New Year has certainly made me think about resolutions and reflect on 2014, both what I achieved and what I hope to achieve in the upcoming year, my main thought was - I can't wait for the new S/S trends to hit the High Streets and get into my wardrobe! I absolutely LOVE the cyclical structure that fashion brings into our lives. Whether you're fashion conscious or not, you are affected by the seasons and their trends. Fashion gives us the opportunity to cleanse and purge things out of our wardrobes that are unworn, to welcome the new - 'out with the old and in with the new'. Flicking through my fashion magazines this month filled me with intense excitement. Fashion's February issues are filled to the brim with the latest trends and fashions that will be creeping into our High Street stores. I'm already spotting some newcomers and I am excited to smell that Spring air!

 Last year I created 'Style Guides' for S/S14 and A/W14, showcasing some of the new trends and my favourite High Street items. This year, I thought I'd do the same! Doing it a little differently this year, I'll introduce a new trend in each blog post showcasing the trends of S/S15 in my Style Guide (as opposed to showcasing all the trends all in one blog post like last year). I also couldn't resist adding some of my favourite S/S15 Catwalk pieces into the mix. The High Street clothes that we wear are inspired by the trends that  the Designers create, showcased in the Fashion Weeks. However, Designer collections aren't affordable for the majority of us, they are the 'creme-de-la-creme' for now, the High Street will have to do.. 


This ice Queen pastel is taking over the Summer Pastels. With the spectrum ranging from lavender, lilac and some richer tones, the colour violet is sure to snatch a spot in your wardrobe! I've selected my favourite Catwalk garments and how you can transfer the trends of the Catwalk into your everyday wardrobe! 

A subtle hint of 'violet' introduced by Balenciaga in his S/S15 show. The textured, waterfall of fabric that hangs from the waist-down gives a Spring impression of florals and the intricate beauty of nature. Showcasing 'violet' as a pastel - take notes from Balenciaga and wear this ice-cool colour to refresh and revitalise your wardrobe. With an element of freshness and cleanliness, the dress screams purity and power. This dress was one of my S/S15 all-time favourites - crafted to fall with an air of elegance and emitting striking beauty. 

This gorgeous lace, purple dress designed by Roberto Cavalli is to-die-for. Intricate, detailed and head-to-toe genius luxury, Cavalli turned heads with this stunning piece. There is no chance of finding this replica in the High Street at a small cost but take inspiration from Cavalli this S/S15 and choose items that are intricate, laced, feminine and most importantly, rich in purple tones! 

Hunter Original smashed the catwalk with their violet outerwear - casual, loose but oh-so-amazing. I love the fluid movement of the fabric and how those rainy S/S days are brightened up by this uplifting pastel! Hunter Original showed Fashion Week that violet can be worn outside in the rain or inside at the hottest social event. Dress your violet the way you want to this S/S15!

Although the S/S15 trend isn't fully in swing just yet with the High Street still trying to flog all its outdated stock in the January sales, you will find a diamond in the rough if you're lucky and might just spot some new season gems. I've picked out some of my favourites from River Island and New Look who have an awesome line of new season clothes already! 

I'll be posting a new S/S15 trend next week so keep your eyes peeled! Are you loving the new violet trend as much as me? 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Galliano for Margiela

January 2013 marked two very important moments for me, the first was my blog. A newcomer to the blogging community, January 2013 saw me blogging away to my heart's content. I'd fused together my love for fashion and my passion for writing about it. It was also back in January 2013 when I heard the news that had shocked all fashionistas universally - John Galliano was to make his fashion comeback after he got caught on camera making anti-Semitic remarks. Some people will still hold onto the remarks and will continue to have a clouded vision of Galliano because of his words, but for the fashion obsessed, we allow our eyes to be graced with his genius creations. Since his comeback in 2013, Galliano has been working hard to re-build his career and produce some of fashion's most creative and innovative designs. A master of his craft, Galliano's fan base is quickly expanding and rightly so, as you would have to be inhuman not to acknowledge that this man is one of fashion's most unique designers. 

Although I cannot pin-point the exact moment when I fell in love with the world of fashion, I certainly remember where my adoration stemmed from - magazines. I have the pages of Vogue to thank as it was there that I was introduced into a creative world of expression, communicated through clothes. Some of my favourite designers are those who use their position to influence an explosion of creativity in the industry. Galliano, therefore, has my utmost admiration in this respect. Not only does he create clothes with unusual structure, form and design, but he pushes the boundaries far beyond the so-called 'norm' and takes the spectator into a surreal, dream-like place. Galliano's designs have power and are so expressive they have a voice of their own. 

Galliano's latest collection for Margiela was no different. Surreal and wonderful, John Galliano introduced a new range of his designs that had the whole industry fluttering with excitement. Although I'm a few days late acknowledging his Margiela designs, I felt compelled to write about how I felt when I saw them. From pure whites to raging reds, the colour spectrum of the designs varied drastically, creating contrast and differentiation which meant the eyes was never bored. Embellished with shells, the designs are highly textured and creative as facial features peep out of the breastplates of the garments - sinister and intriguing. Like all good designs, these Margiela designs provoke a reaction - with each you wonder, do you love it, do you hate it? But somehow you can't help but love a rebellious creation that subverts the idea of beauty. 


Monday, 12 January 2015

What They Wore / Golden Globe Awards 2015

Don't you just LOVE the Golden Globe awards? This will be my third post about Golden Globes and I am just as excited as in previous years. There's something so sophisticated, elegant and oh-so glamorous about the Golden Globe awards. The exquisite outfits mark the New Year with taste and in most cases, head-to-toe glitz. This year the outfits are the definition of 'fabulous' and of course, dripping with money. Diamonds are a girl's best friend - and so are dresses that cost more than our houses. This year I've picked some of my favourite outfits and why I love them. I have also decided not to showcase the outfits that I don't like this year just because there aren't really any that make me gasp with horror. The way we dress is all about style and it's the variations in style that make us all unique (in an ideal world, anyway.). While some are dressed to impress, others are merely dressed to become a hanger for a Designer. In one respect, most of the celebrities are hangers for Designers - there's no better way for promotion. It's the dress that you initially notice and combined with the person wearing it, the amazing creation is born. Feeling comfortable in what you're wearing is often key to the success of an outfit. The confidence radiates from my favourite dressed this year and although my eye is immediately drawn to their clothes, it's their smile and confidence that eliminates the possibility of the clothes wearing them - they wear the clothes.

Emma Stone in Lanvin is a stunning sight to see. I am a super-fan of Emma Stone and I LOVE her ginger locks and her new hairdo! Emma's Lavin's piece is embellished with gold - perfect for the 'Golden Globes' I think you will agree. With no accessories on show, Emma lets her outfit do the talking, keeping it minimalisitc to draw the eye to the garment, and well - her! I love the way that the tie knot around her waist creates a draping, waterfall of fabric that falls to the ground. A different trail from that of a ball gown but a trail nevertheless! 

Chrissy Teigen's Zuhair Murad gown, accessorised with Harry Kotlar jewellery creates an outfit fit for a Goddess. Chrissy Teigen's outfit is my all time favourite out of all the Golden Globe outfits. I am in love with this Zuhair Murad gown that looks like it jumped off the pages of a fairytale fantasy and onto the red carpet. The pastel pink creates a blushing innocence of youth while the lace detailing adds a seductive undertone. Intricate and detailed, this dress is embellished here and there to make Chrissy sparkle from head-to-toe. Accessorised simply with Harry Kotlar jewellery, Chrissy adds the perfect amount of extra sparkle. 

Ok, stop looking at Channing Tatum - yes he is gorgeous but have you seen Jenna Dewan Tatum in Carolina Herrera and Lorraine Schwartz jewellery?! Not many of us can pull off yellow. In fact, I don't think I own a single yellow garment in my whole entire wardrobe. This bright dress adds an injection of colour onto the red carpet. I love Jenna's dress and think the construction is beautiful and it can definitely be pulled off by Jenna's tiny figure! The waterfall of fabric that has been created at the front of the Carolina Herrera dress adds detail and fluidity to the impression. Jenna's Lorraine Schwartz jewellery is also amazing but her best accessory has to be Mr Tatum to her left - where can we buy one? 

Julianne Moore in Givenchy Haute Couture and Chopard jewellery can only be described as a waterfall of sparkle and glamour. I love the way that Julianne's Givenchy Haute Couture dress goes from light to dark - the contrast breaks up the intensity of the bright silver and dips into midnight. 

Kate Hudson is simply breathtaking in her Atelier Versace dress, accessorised with Forevermark jewellery. This Atelier Versace dress is a piece of art and is a masterpiece. I love the cut out panels on the side of the dress and the embellished detailed bars. Giving a skeletal impression, the embellished cut-out bars emphasise shape and create an optical distraction. The all-white colour palette also sports one of S/S15's biggest trends - white! 

Lupita Nyong'o looked gorgeous in this Giambattista Valli Couture dress. I love the clustered floral detailing on the bust of the dress and the way that the subtle pleats create an impression of a floral waterfall. Featuring some of S/S15 hottest colours, violet and white, this dress is the essence of new beginnings with its cascading nature! 

Katie Holmes picked her Golden Globe outfit perfectly by choosing Marchesa. This deep plum gown introduced to the red carpet by Katie definitely turned heads. Appearing on so many of the 'Best Dressed' lists for Golden Globes, Katie's Marchesa dress was a successful choice. I love the wrap detailing across the ribcage - it creates shape and a focus for a simple but elegant dress. 

I LOVE Sienna Miller in Miu Miu! The gown is so haute couture and looks like it was made for a Princess. Embellished with jewels, this golden, silk dress is sophisticated and elegant. I love the tulip-shaped flare of the dress creating dimension and structure. Accessorised with just enough extra sparkle, Sienna has paired her gorgeous Miu Miu gown with gold shoes, a gold clutch and an extra touch of bangles and waterfall, jewelled earrings.  

Reese Witherspoon is effortlessly chic in her Calvin Klein Collection choice. Gorgeous as always, Reese trailed her glittering dress around the red carpet proudly. I love her choice of accessories - a simple, band bangle with jewels to compliment her shimmering dress. Careful not to add too much sparkle, the addition of the bangle creates a subtle touch rather than adding a distraction from the dress. 

You can only expect one thing from J-Lo - to completely rock the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez can pull absolutely anything off, even if she were wearing a bin bag, she would probably end up on the 'Best Dressed' list somewhere in the world. However, forget bin bags because J-Lo can afford the Princess dresses. Opting for a Zuhair Murad design, she looked stunning and unique on the red carpet of last night's Golden Globes. The design of the dress means that J-Lo can show off some of her best assets without baring too much. The draping arms on the gown create an extra downpour of fabric which only adds to Lopez's fashion statement. The Zuhair Murad dress is beautiful and worn by Jennifer Lopez, it couldn't have had a better model. Accessorised with the best pair of earrings that I have ever seen, J-Lo makes sure that her accessories make a statement. Her shoes, glittering and fabulous, are delicate and subtle while making a statement of their own with their radiating shimmer. With a clutch in hand, J-Lo makes all women on the earth silently sob because not only is she the perfect woman - she also has the perfect wardrobe. 

So that concludes another year for the Golden Globes! As you can see I am not really that interested in who won awards and who said what - there's only one thing that I cared about - what they wore. I can't wait for the other Awards Ceremonies that the 2015 calendar has in store, because they showcase some truly beautiful dresses that can only be described as masterpieces. Their intricate construction and thought-out detailing produces some of fashion's greatest haute couture pieces. Made for special occasions and making women feel beautiful, the Golden Globes was the perfect opportunity for some of the world's most famous women to wear some of the world's most prestigious gowns. 


Saturday, 10 January 2015

January / What's On My Wish Lists

A New Year, a new collection of clothes! While I've got some New Year's resolutions, I also have every intention of expanding my wardrobe and being sensible in what items I choose. I want every purchase I make to be an investment. I want each item in my wardrobe to be transferrable to different seasons and to adapt to multiple trends. After looking through my wardrobe, I realised that I had a whole collection of clothes that I had bought and worn once or twice and a handful that I have worn non-stop. It's those non-stop items that I want to be collecting. It's out with the old and in with the new this year. Although I won't be undergoing a massive clothes clear out, I will be taking these unused clothes and adapting them to my 2015 wardrobe. The clothes that I haven't been wearing for so long will now become part of my everyday wear and showcased amongst the newer 2015 trends. I've been blogging for two years now and on New Year's Eve I always get nostalgic because it was then when I spontaneously started this blog. For as long as I have been blogging, I have always created 'wish lists'. On these wish lists I gather together the fashion and beauty items that I am obsessing over monthly. Whether this is a healthy task for me mentally, is debatable, as I then obsess even further and write about the things that I currently can't afford. However, each month they prove to be popular posts so they continue to be a regular monthly special. 
2015 will be no different. I will be uploading my monthly wish lists and sharing the things that I love.  With intentions to blog even more this year, my blog will be stuffed with even more fashion - so keep your eyes peeled! But for now, here are my January wish lists...

1. New Look Shell Pink Wool Mix Wide Collard Coat £30.00 - Coats are an essential for anyone living in the UK. All of our seasons (yes, even Summer) feature rain. Therefore, surely you can never have enough coats? I love this Shell Pink Wool coat from New Look. It's pretty, girly and although not really a rain coat, will definitely keep the wintery chill out. Obsessing over pastels ever since they entered our wardrobes last S/S, my pastel addiction continues to grow - making the choice of this coat a no-brainer.

2. Topshop Dinosaur Print Loungewear Sweater £28.00 - Quirky, colourful and a little bit odd - the recipe for the perfect item of clothing to join my 2015 wardrobe. I'm not a particular fan of dino's and rejoice at their extinction, but who can deny anything neon coloured and quirky? I certainly can't.

3. River Island Grey Ribbed Racer Crop Top £10.00 - This simple Racer Crop Top from River Island would be perfect for any outfit. Versatile and great for layering with scarves and coats, a Crop Top is trans-seasonal and can be worn with almost anything. Perhaps not the most riveting choice for my wish lists but certainly a fashion investment. Take a leaf out of Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin's book and embrace the crop tops because they are so 'in'. Paired with ripped jeans and a leather jacket; achieve the rock-girl, chic look effortlessly!

4. Topshop Vinyl A-Line Skirt £42.00 - I don't have anything like this currently in my wardrobe (this isn't out of choice I just don't possess anything of the sort). I love the boldness of the colour - it would be perfect for colour blocking or paired with a patterned tee for a striking look. This A-Line skirt could be worn with casual wear or evening wear making it versatile and yet another good investment!

5. Accessorize Round Ceramic Long Pendant Necklace £16.00 - Accessories are a must for almost every outfit. This Ceramic Long Pendant is quite bohemian, giving an earthy vibe to your day-to-day looks.

6. New Look Stone Lock Backpack £24.99 - I don't think I've ever seen a backpack as chic as this. Daintly, girly and practical - fashion picks up all of your day-to-day needs with this Stone Lock Backpack. What makes it even better? The pink pastel colour, of course!

1. Ted Baker Montone Large Bow Wash Bag £29.00 - Ok, yes, the obsession for Ted Baker Wash Bags has been transferred into the New Year but they're just so gorgeously patent and there are bows - who can deny bows?

2. Dior Diorific High Fashion Lipstick £27.50 - I haven't tried Dior's Diorific Lipstick range and I am ever so keen to try them out. I am a major fan of lipsticks with a personal collection that's forever growing. Dear Dior, you are the next chosen one.

3. Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow White Sand £20.70 - After putting Bobbi Brown on countless wish lists, I am determined that 2015 will be the year that I finally purchase one of her products. Renowned for fantastic makeup, I know that Bobbi Brown won't disappoint.

4. Dior Diorific Vernis Nail Varnish £19.80 - With the most beautiful Nail Varnish bottle I have ever seen, this Diorific Vernis Nail Varnish is expensive but so pretty to look at the price is almost ok...

5. Urban Decay Naked Skin Illuminated Powder Compact £19.80 - I am in love with my Estee Lauder Shimmer Powder that I got in America (blog post soon!) and I've had so many compliments that my makeup is looking better since I've been using it that I am keen to try other Shimmering powders because they frankly work wonders. Without looking like a sparkling fairy, this Illuminated Powder Compact by Urban Decay has had so many positive reviews that I am keen to try it out. Giving your face definition and a hint of shimmer, I'm hoping this powder could be my next star find...

6. Benefit Benetint £24.50 - A friend of mine had one of these Benetint products from Benefit and I was so impressed that I had to stick it on this wish list. With a few drops of this on your lips, you have tinted red lips - no hassle, just easy colour in a matter of seconds! The overall finish is quite matte but it is also very natural looking. If you want a bit of colour on your lips for school, this is definitely the product to buy!

7. Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colour £6.99 - Rimmel London do the best lip glosses ever. They are nourishing and so glossy without that overbearing stickiness! I am so keen to try their fairly new Provocalips range in a few of the tempting colours - hopefully I'll be owning some of these soon!

So there you have it - my first wish list of 2015! What are you obsessing over this month?


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Style Inspiration / Hailey Baldwin

Every girl/guy has their style icon or maybe several. A style icon is someone who you look to for fashion inspiration, ideas and whose style you simply adore. Every year my fashion obsession grows - my collection of fashion books expands and so does my wardrobe. A major part of the industry of fashion is the people who represent it, whether they are models, celebrities or simply someone you pass in the street. I always look for inspiration creatively on a daily basis and sometimes that inspiration is introduced to me unexpectedly and other times is found on a search. I look at fashion and style as something that is crafted and created - if done properly it is unique and individual. However, like all good art forms, fashion needs inspiration to form and flourish to its full potential. Hence why designers use mood boards and images for creative inspiration before they begin their new seasonal designs. I dress my body to reflect my personality - after all, first impressions are everything, right? However, although my overall style remains fairly consistent (usually edgy and definitely trying to showcase the seasonal trends), it changes depending on my mood and alters during particular periods in my life.

Reading fashion magazines is an uncontrollable habit of mine - they are my fashion fuel; without them I would undoubtedly break down. It was in LOVE magazine's most recent issue that I discovered the model Hailey Baldwin - one of my 2014 major girl crushes but more importantly, style icons. When she's not hanging out with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin is posing away for some of fashion's top magazines, appearing in numerous spreads and campaigns. I am in love with Hailey's style - edgy, effortless and chic. In fact, Hailey has inspired me to chop my locks off numerous times. However, I've been there, done that, had the tears to show for it and would rather keep short hair a distant memory. Hailey definitely has the best collection of ankle boots/Chelsea-style boots - pairing them with almost every outfit. She is the definition of rock girl - her outfits regularly sport some form of leather and rips and her accessories are minimal if featured at all. During 2014, Hailey's style regularly inspired me to channel the inner rock girl within me. Although I am yet to find the perfect pair of ripped jeans, I have gone and bought myself a pair of ankle boots and I am loving them! After collecting some of my favourite images of Hailey Baldwin's style on Pinterest, I took inspiration and created my own High Street looks inspired by her fashion sense! 

Look 1

Look 2 

Look 3

Look 6

Look 7

I've loved all of Hailey's outfits in 2014 and can't wait to see what her style brings to 2015! Who's your style inspiration? 

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