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November / What's On My Wish Lists

I am currently powering through, typing this blog post with a severe case of jet lag....So, if you've been reading my blog posts for the past few months you will be aware that I was due to fly over to the USA late October - I did just that. On an eleven hour flight, I sat next to a stranger, trying to find every possible way to make time 'fly'. I have to say, after what was the longest plane journey of my life - both time-wise and distance, I finally arrived at LAX airport and had one of the best weeks of my life. LA was uh-maz-ing - from the weather to the friendly American people, my trip couldn't have been better. I will be doing a little blog post featuring some of my Duty free purchases and some little things I picked up over in the States some time soon so keep your eyes peeled!
For now, however, it is time for a classic 'What's On My Wish Lists' post for the new month of November! I am super excited that November has arrived because it means that Christmas is edging closer and closer...mince pies anyone? I couldn't resist and I've added in a few Christmassy themed items so if you're a Scrooge, turn a blind eye!

1. New Look Blue Vanilla Gold Lace Zip Black Sleeveless Top £22.00  - I think this top is the perfect top for Christmas. Its gold, lace detailing gives it the ultimate Christmas touch. You could dress this top down with a casual winter boot, a leather jacket and some leather-style leggings for a stylish but casual A/W outfit. Alternatively this top could be dressed up with the addition of gold bangle accessories, a pair of simple but delicate stiletto heels and depending on whether you want to achieve gothic glamour or red carpet-esque glamour, opt for a leather skirt (gothic glam) or a maxi skirt to achieve a dressy effect.

2. New Look Brown Gingerbread Man Clutch £12.99 - When I saw this Gingerbread Man Clutch I instantly fell in love. Not only would you be opting for a quirky, cute clutch to pair with your outfit but you'd also be carrying around a little friend under your arm! This clutch is bound to attract attention and for all the right reasons. I will 100% be purchasing this clutch after I've finished this post - who knows, maybe the little guy might even get a feature.

3.  H&M Boots £34.00 - These boots are classy and simple and are ideal if you want a casual outfit to have an extra edge. They would look to-die-for paired with ripped jeans and a biker jacket - edgy and classy!

4. Topshop Window Pane Check Sweat £34.00 - I have a massive obsession with jumpers. In fact, to be more specific, I have a massive obsession with Topshop jumpers. It's a problem, even more so because the jumpers are often £30+...goodbye money, hello fabulous jumper that I obviously need.

5. River Island Grey Faux Fur Woollen Biker Coat £90.00 - Coats. Living in the UK they are, without a doubt an essential item for any living organism. Therefore, I came to the conclusion when I feasted my eyes on this gorgeous, Grey Faux Fur Woollen Biker Coat that buying it would in fact be an investment. This investment would not only be a fashion investment but a health investment - who wants colds because you've been wearing crop tops all year? I want to wrap up and be cosy and warm with a cup of Starbucks coffee in one hand and a handbag draped across the other, not having to worry about catching a chill - this coat is the answer to my problems...

1. MAC Cosmetics Keepsakes Christmas Palette Biege Eyes £32.00 £28.00 - It's that time of year again when I start hunting for items to put on my Christmas list. I say 'hunt' as if these items are hard to find. In reality, I have far too many items to choose from to put on my Christmas it materialism at its worst or wanting to look the best a girl possibly can - whatever it is, this Keepsakes Christmas Palette is probably the most awesome thing I am yet to see come out of a new MAC collection. I love the British, antique theme and finish to the palette, not to mention the beige spectrum of colours which are quite frankly gorgeous.

2. Essie Encrusted Collection Peak Of Chic £9.99 - Nail varnishes!! Another of my hoarding items that I seem to accumulate each year...can you ever have enough? I wear nail varnishes daily and what attracted me to this nail varnish, was of course, its Christmassy themed sparkle. Whether you just dust your nails with sparkles using it as a top coat, or smother your nails head-to-toe in an intensive sparkly coat - this nail varnish is a definite must-have for anyone with a hint of early Christmas spirit.

3. MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Christmas Brush Kit £42.00 £37.80 - Until last year, I had always applied my makeup using my hands. Reflecting on this, I really have no idea how I managed in life. In fact, it has now come to my attention that every person who wears even a hint of makeup should apply it with a gorgeous makeup brush. Makeup brushes give you a finish that no hands can achieve - smooth and glowing. Therefore - how can you ever have enough? I absolutely love these Christmassy brushes and they would definitely be an investment.

4. Viktor & Rolf Bonbob Eau De Parfum £84.15 - I smelt this perfume in LAX airport and literally fell in love. I've been using my staple perfume for nearly two years now and although it has become a bit of a signature scent of mine, I would love to find a companion perfume to wear on days that I want to smell a bit different. After just a couple of sprays, I knew I'd found my companion Santa...

5. Bobbi Brown Vixen Red Lip Colour £19.80 - This year, my lipstick addiction has become far more controlled. I think I've collected about 5/6 lipsticks throughout the year, which, I think is very, very restrained. So, why not treat myself and stick a few lipsticks on my Christmas list? Perhaps it will be the trigger to re-starting my lipstick addiction, or perhaps it will mean that I am closer to completing my collection - it's a risk I'm willing to take. I love this Vixen Red Lip Colour by Bobbi Brown. I've got the Christmas theme nailed with 'Vixen' as its name and Red is of course the ultimate Christmas colour.

6. MAC Cosmetics Heirloom Mix Fluidline £17.00 £15.30 - Up until now I have been using a liquid liner. I have had no problems with my liquid liner, in fact, I'm quite accustomed to it, but when I saw this Heirloom Mix Fluidline, I was tempted to mix things up a little and give it a try.


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  1. Oh I am obsessed with those boots! And I so agree with the jeans and biker jacket, damn I need boots like those next winter! And I did the same with my makeup until I bought the RT brushes, but I know the MAC ones are lovely so I'm adding them to my wishlist!



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