Friday, 28 November 2014

Meeting McBusted / Private DVD Screening & Q&A

When McFly and two of Busted's greatest band members unified, the world went crazy as McBusted was born. What came after that can only be described as ultimate 'fangirling'. So many of us are guilty of over playing at least one of their songs - I've probably played Year 3000 about 3000 times. Therefore, when I got an email inviting me to a private screening and Q&A session, I practically threw my phone in the air with excitement. Of course, without hesitation I replied within seconds - the answer was 'yes' and all existing plans for that day were cancelled. Living in Wales can be slightly tricky at times. Although I love it dearly (and there is a lot more to the country than sheep and greenery), travelling to London where the events are usually held can be slightly awkward and expensive. Previous trips to London that I've gone on have involved hopping on a train for a few hours, waving goodbye to a chunk of money. NOT ANYMORE! I discovered the wonders of the Megabus - travel has never been more inexpensive. I am not a fan of a long bus journey - who is? However, the Megabus really wasn't as bad as I was expecting!
  On Tuesday 27th November, I finally arrived in London at Victoria Station. Feeling like Paddington Bear and pretending to be a Londoner - I grabbed my bags, whipped out my Oyster card (an essential travel card for Londoners) and I was on my way. After a few trips to Starbucks and a few Gingerbread Lattes and cookies later, I was energised and headed to NBC Universal to go and meet....McBusted. On the outside I was calm and collected; on the inside I was internally buzzing with excitement. Entering the screening room, I realised that I was going to be sitting directly opposite the band..... (!!!!!) After a slight delay waiting for the boys, we finally got an announcement that they were outside and within seconds in they burst through the door with more energy than a thousand puppies. I was pleased by how friendly, upbeat and willing to be at the event the boys were - they certainly weren't divas. At the event bloggers, YouTubers and press were at the front and some mega fans were filling up the rest of the seats. Therefore, amongst the claps were several high pitched screams, yelps and other excited noises from some of their greatest fans. The boys also recognised a few faces of fans in the audience after meeting them at events previously - impressive considering how many fans' faces they must see daily!
  After taking their seats the floor was open to questions. The questions came rolling in and the boys embraced each question with so much enthusiasm and wit. They were hilarious in fact. Each answer incited hysterical laughter erupting through the room. I jotted down some of my favourite questions and answers - unfortunately I couldn't write down all of them, the world would've run out of paper if I had.

(These are seriously quick notes and quotations - the boys said so much more than this!)

Q: 'If you weren't in the band, what job would you have?'
Harry: World Leader!
Tom: I'd be the gardener from Desperate Housewives
(several chuckles, including my own)
Maybe an Astronaut?
Dougie: No nerds in Space!

Q: 'Can you tell us any secrets about the upcoming tour?'
Harry: There are no rules

After the questions had been fired, it was time for a selfie with McBusted (obviously).

After the selfie had been uploaded, another big surprise was around the corner. There, sitting in the audience was a fiancĂ©-to-be, as her boyfriend crashed the screening and got down on one knee! Cutest. Moment. Ever. Imagine having McBusted help you to propose to your girlfriend?! Congrats guys! (Hopefully you don't feel too pressured to beat Tom's amazing Wedding Speech - the bar has been set pretty high there!).

After all that excitement, it was then time to watch the film....

The film was packed with amazing shots of the boys on tour, exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and it makes you warm to the band even more. These boys are genuinely having the best time ever and you can't help but envy how much fun they're having on  a daily basis. Not every band gets to sing on a U.F.O (don't understand what I mean - watch the film!). If you're a fan of McBusted, this DVD is a must-have - it will make you fall in love with them even more. I don't get paid, sponsored or told what to say in this blog post, so if you think I'm getting commission for raving about the boys, you couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, if I thought their film was rubbish, this post wouldn't even exist. This film is fun and inspiring - I left the screening with the thought that anything is possible in life if you work hard enough. McBusted are successful for a reason - they've worked their a$$'s off. As Dougie says in the film, if you're not enjoying what you're doing and having fun, what's the point? 

click to buy McBusted's DVD! 


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Giveaway / 2 Clothes Show Live Tickets

Read about my experience at last year's Clothes Show Live here
If you've been living under a rock and have never heard of the Clothes Show before now, then I feel like it's my duty to open your eyes to what you are missing. The Clothes Show is held in the NEC Birmingham and runs this year on the 5-9th December. After having gone last year, I have to say, I fell in love with the event. With over 500 fashion and beauty brands for you to shop yourself senseless with, style and beauty advice, makeovers, manicures and of course, the Catwalk show - you will fail to be bored. This year the Fashion Theatre's theme is New York - with gorgeous models showcasing some of fashion's most creative and stylish outfits from High Street to Designer. One of my favourite things about the Clothes Show is the accessibility to some of my favourite Celebrities. If you're a Made In Chelsea fan like me then the Clothes Show is definitely the place to be. Stevie Johnson, Jamie Laing, Spencer Mathews, Andy Jordan, Ollie Locke, Millie Mackintosh and Oliver Proudlock will all be at this year's Clothes Show, bringing their range of merchandise and holding exclusive autograph signings. You can also join celebrities like Joey Essex, Dan Osbourne, Peter Andre, Amy Childs and Lauren Goodger in the 'Paparazzi Pen' to take a snap with them. That's not all either, Select Model Management will also be at the Show scouting for new models! Previously scouting Erin O'Connor, Holly Willoughby and Nina Porter - Select Model Management will be looking for the new 'face of' Clothes Show Live in association with Barry M. Plus, there will be Fashion Career Seminars & so much more! Typing out these details is making me incredibly excited about this year's Clothes Show and I will have to diagnose you as insane if you do not enter the giveaway! Who wouldn't want tickets?

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I attended a Blogger's Breakfast to hear about all the new and exciting plans for this year's Clothes Show. For those of you who have never been to the Clothes Show or are a massive fan of the show, then I might just have news that will make you very excited. I'm running a giveaway for 2 Clothes Show tickets and for your chance to win, all you have to do is answer the question below. The giveaway is open to UK residents ONLY so please don't enter if you live outside the UK because your entry won't be counted! The tickets are for Saturday 6th December (which is when I'll be there, taking snaps and blogging about the event also!). I am an honest blogger and if I don't like something I physically cannot bring myself to rave about it, so this raving is genuine - I am on the 'it's-Christmas-day' scale of excitement about the Clothes Show this year.

to buy your tickets for the Clothes Show Live, click above to be redirected!
Standard £29 (+£2 admin fee)
Platinum £42 (+£2 admin fee)
For more details visit 

Clothes Show Blogger's Breakfast

The Clothes Show is back and I am super excited! On Thursday 20th November, I was invited to the Ham Yard Hotel to hear about all the new, upcoming plans for this year's Clothes Show Live. The gathering was cute, cosy and incredibly exciting. At the event was OBE Fashion Journalist, Hilary Alexander, celebrity stylist, Karl Willet and presenter Antonia O'Brien. It was so interesting to hear about the preparations for the Clothes Show and what their roles will be this year. I absolutely loved my time at the Clothes Show last year - the Catwalk Show was amazing, fuelled with fashion and dancing, not to mention the shopping before hand! This year the Clothes Show sounds even better. With a New York theme, the Catwalk Show will showcase some amazing, creative outfits, mixing High Street and designer. Karl Willet and his team have been responsible for gathering the outfits together for the Catwalk Show. With 240 outfits to prepare for, Karl said that 12 hour days were certainly not rare. Since the end of June, Karl and his team have been sourcing outfits, hunting down all the 'New York'-esque clothes out there. Karl described the New York style as ever evolving and said that styling for the theme was fun and diverse, as there are so many elements to New York fashion.
  Alongside hearing about the upcoming plans for the Clothes Show, Hilary Alexander, Karl Willet and Antonia O'Brien gave inspiring and upbeat advice for anyone who is aspiring to be in the fashion industry. This advice was invaluable for me as I am currently applying to study Fashion Journalism and hope to have a successful career in the field I love - fashion. I noted down a few things that the talented team said because I felt so inspired personally. I also thought that for anyone reading my blog who hopes to have a career in fashion, the things that they said were very helpful and upbeat.

  Karl Willet is known for styling many celebrity faces, including the gorgeous (and obviously stylish), Paloma Faith. When working with Paloma, Karl said that they work together to 'break the rules' and don't put together an outfit purely for the likes - they even embrace the dislikes. Karl's attitude towards fashion is that it should be fun, as a result creating something interesting. His golden style rule is to 'think outside the box'. In fact, one of Karl's secrets to creating a great outfit is to explore other sections of the store (maybe exploring the guy's section if you are a woman, or the women's if you are a man). Karl revealed that the leather trousers he was wearing were in fact from Topshop's Women's Wear and that one of his most popularly complimented jumpers was from the women's section of River Island. I loved this piece of advice because I, myself, have the odd piece of guy's clothing. If you can style it right and make it work - why not?
  Antonia's advice was always to ensure that when you step out of the door in the morning, you feel 'comfortable' and confident in what you're wearing. When Antonia said comfortable, she didn't mean walk out of the door in your favourite onesie, she meant wear what makes you feel good (and look good). Antonia mentioned the importance of having a 'yes man' attitude and approach to everything and to keep in mind that everyone has those 'impossible days'.
   Last, but of course not least, Hilary Alexander's advice to those aspiring to be in the fashion industry was punchy and to the point - 'Believe in what you're doing', 'Never say no to an opportunity', 'Keep at it' and remember - 'accuracy', 'perseverance', 'dedication', passion', 'love' and if you want to be a journalist, 'grammar!'.
 After having a little chat with Hilary, Karl and Antonia, it was time for me to leave the delightful city of London and return to my South Wales home. I loved hearing all about this year's Clothes Show and it was made even more delightful with the addition of scrumptious breakfast condiments to accompany the event!

Excitingly, I have been given a pair of tickets for the Clothes Show on Saturday 6th December. I will be running a giveaway tomorrow for your chance to win these tickets! To enter the giveaway, visit tomorrow morning! 


Saturday, 15 November 2014

November / What's On My Wish Lists

I am currently powering through, typing this blog post with a severe case of jet lag....So, if you've been reading my blog posts for the past few months you will be aware that I was due to fly over to the USA late October - I did just that. On an eleven hour flight, I sat next to a stranger, trying to find every possible way to make time 'fly'. I have to say, after what was the longest plane journey of my life - both time-wise and distance, I finally arrived at LAX airport and had one of the best weeks of my life. LA was uh-maz-ing - from the weather to the friendly American people, my trip couldn't have been better. I will be doing a little blog post featuring some of my Duty free purchases and some little things I picked up over in the States some time soon so keep your eyes peeled!
For now, however, it is time for a classic 'What's On My Wish Lists' post for the new month of November! I am super excited that November has arrived because it means that Christmas is edging closer and closer...mince pies anyone? I couldn't resist and I've added in a few Christmassy themed items so if you're a Scrooge, turn a blind eye!

1. New Look Blue Vanilla Gold Lace Zip Black Sleeveless Top £22.00  - I think this top is the perfect top for Christmas. Its gold, lace detailing gives it the ultimate Christmas touch. You could dress this top down with a casual winter boot, a leather jacket and some leather-style leggings for a stylish but casual A/W outfit. Alternatively this top could be dressed up with the addition of gold bangle accessories, a pair of simple but delicate stiletto heels and depending on whether you want to achieve gothic glamour or red carpet-esque glamour, opt for a leather skirt (gothic glam) or a maxi skirt to achieve a dressy effect.

2. New Look Brown Gingerbread Man Clutch £12.99 - When I saw this Gingerbread Man Clutch I instantly fell in love. Not only would you be opting for a quirky, cute clutch to pair with your outfit but you'd also be carrying around a little friend under your arm! This clutch is bound to attract attention and for all the right reasons. I will 100% be purchasing this clutch after I've finished this post - who knows, maybe the little guy might even get a feature.

3.  H&M Boots £34.00 - These boots are classy and simple and are ideal if you want a casual outfit to have an extra edge. They would look to-die-for paired with ripped jeans and a biker jacket - edgy and classy!

4. Topshop Window Pane Check Sweat £34.00 - I have a massive obsession with jumpers. In fact, to be more specific, I have a massive obsession with Topshop jumpers. It's a problem, even more so because the jumpers are often £30+...goodbye money, hello fabulous jumper that I obviously need.

5. River Island Grey Faux Fur Woollen Biker Coat £90.00 - Coats. Living in the UK they are, without a doubt an essential item for any living organism. Therefore, I came to the conclusion when I feasted my eyes on this gorgeous, Grey Faux Fur Woollen Biker Coat that buying it would in fact be an investment. This investment would not only be a fashion investment but a health investment - who wants colds because you've been wearing crop tops all year? I want to wrap up and be cosy and warm with a cup of Starbucks coffee in one hand and a handbag draped across the other, not having to worry about catching a chill - this coat is the answer to my problems...

1. MAC Cosmetics Keepsakes Christmas Palette Biege Eyes £32.00 £28.00 - It's that time of year again when I start hunting for items to put on my Christmas list. I say 'hunt' as if these items are hard to find. In reality, I have far too many items to choose from to put on my Christmas it materialism at its worst or wanting to look the best a girl possibly can - whatever it is, this Keepsakes Christmas Palette is probably the most awesome thing I am yet to see come out of a new MAC collection. I love the British, antique theme and finish to the palette, not to mention the beige spectrum of colours which are quite frankly gorgeous.

2. Essie Encrusted Collection Peak Of Chic £9.99 - Nail varnishes!! Another of my hoarding items that I seem to accumulate each year...can you ever have enough? I wear nail varnishes daily and what attracted me to this nail varnish, was of course, its Christmassy themed sparkle. Whether you just dust your nails with sparkles using it as a top coat, or smother your nails head-to-toe in an intensive sparkly coat - this nail varnish is a definite must-have for anyone with a hint of early Christmas spirit.

3. MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Christmas Brush Kit £42.00 £37.80 - Until last year, I had always applied my makeup using my hands. Reflecting on this, I really have no idea how I managed in life. In fact, it has now come to my attention that every person who wears even a hint of makeup should apply it with a gorgeous makeup brush. Makeup brushes give you a finish that no hands can achieve - smooth and glowing. Therefore - how can you ever have enough? I absolutely love these Christmassy brushes and they would definitely be an investment.

4. Viktor & Rolf Bonbob Eau De Parfum £84.15 - I smelt this perfume in LAX airport and literally fell in love. I've been using my staple perfume for nearly two years now and although it has become a bit of a signature scent of mine, I would love to find a companion perfume to wear on days that I want to smell a bit different. After just a couple of sprays, I knew I'd found my companion Santa...

5. Bobbi Brown Vixen Red Lip Colour £19.80 - This year, my lipstick addiction has become far more controlled. I think I've collected about 5/6 lipsticks throughout the year, which, I think is very, very restrained. So, why not treat myself and stick a few lipsticks on my Christmas list? Perhaps it will be the trigger to re-starting my lipstick addiction, or perhaps it will mean that I am closer to completing my collection - it's a risk I'm willing to take. I love this Vixen Red Lip Colour by Bobbi Brown. I've got the Christmas theme nailed with 'Vixen' as its name and Red is of course the ultimate Christmas colour.

6. MAC Cosmetics Heirloom Mix Fluidline £17.00 £15.30 - Up until now I have been using a liquid liner. I have had no problems with my liquid liner, in fact, I'm quite accustomed to it, but when I saw this Heirloom Mix Fluidline, I was tempted to mix things up a little and give it a try.

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