Tuesday, 30 September 2014

California Style Inspiration

I mentioned way back in January that I was aiming to save up my pennies for my California trip in October. Back in January, October seemed like a life time away - I felt like I had years to accumulate the pennies, however, I couldn't have been more wrong. In fact, my current bank balance and spending money for my insane Cali expedition is a whopping $0.00...well done, Holly, well done. I've got about a month to go until I'm jetting off to the States so my goal is to try and spend absolutely nothing over this next month. Dear friends, if you ask me to go out to Nandos - don't, I will say no -Cali is more important than chicken right now. I can't wait to fly high up in the sky, and travel thousands of miles away to a place that seems absolutely incredible and so different from over here in the UK. Everything about the place appeals to me, the excitement, buzz, weather, beaches and most importantly, style. California girls (and guys, I'm sure) are renowned fashionistas. I was talking to one of my friends recently who had flown over to California a year-or so ago and she said that walking down the street, it seemed like everyone looked famous. So, the pressure's on to get myself looking stylish and fashion-forward. Naturally, a little bit of research is needed. I want to look California-esque as I walk their streets instead of the British cobbled pavements. So, I've hunted down my favourite pictures of stylish Cali girls and put them together for this blog post - 'California Style Inspiration'. Initially this was going to be something personal that I would use to inspire a few of my holiday outfits, but I thought that I would share it with you all to give you some American/Cali inspiration too!

                         photo source: pinterest

I love the way that California style combines the grungy, rocky and casual styles all in one outfit. With every unique Cali girl style there will be an undertone of this combination. Ultimately Californian style seems to be the definition of 'effortless chic'. Often labelled as 'hipsters', 'chic' and 'beach girls', their styles vary just like in any other City, but there's one thing that these girls have in common - style. 

Liked this post? Look out for my Cali style inspired outfit ideas post coming very soon! 


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Topshop / Chloe Jade Green AW14 Collection

If you haven't already heard of Designer, Chloe Jade Green, then today's the day you learn something new. CJG brand was launched in 2012 - Chloe is a fashion lover and shoe designer, producing edgy shoes that fuse femininity and rock-ability in a shoe. A little bit like the iconic Louboutin shoes that are known for their striking red soles, Chloe Jade Green makes her shoes individual since each shoe has a green sole. The shoes are also super high quality, made from 100% leather. Why am I knocking on about CJG shoes? Topshop have recently launched a CJG line of shoes for the new AW14 season and I am in love...

1. Headline Act Over The Knee Boots by CJG £195 / 2. Sound Bite Sandals £130 / 3. Access All Areas Boots £130 / 4. Amped Up Sandals £130 / 5. High Pitch Pointed Heels £115 / 6. Midnight Hour Boots £150 / 7. Centre Stage Boots £150 

There are a few more shoes in the CJG AW14 Topshop line but I chose my favourites which I thought would all be perfect for achieving different looks to suit our new seasonal wardrobes. I absolutely love the shoes. They're super edgy which is what makes them different from most shoes on the High Street. Although they're edgy, they're wearable for day-to-day and for creating a 'rock' edge look whilst maintaining femininity and style. For the quality of the shoe that you're getting (a friendly reminder that these shoes are crafted 100% from leather), I think the price tag is perfectly reasonable. After recently purchasing cheap(isn) shoes and simultaneously getting my foot lacerated by the cheap material, I am all for quality over price tag - you get what you pay for. My personal favourite are the Midnight Hour Boots - although the heel is relatively high, these boots would be perfectly wearable and I think they would look insane paired with a pair of ripped jeans and a leather jacket.

What are you favourite heels from CJG's Topshop collection?


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

September / What's On My Wish Lists

After 6 weeks of Summer and several 18th birthday parties later, my bank balance has reached an all time low. In fact, my current balance is a grand total of £0.00. For a while, despite my financial crisis, I continued to want to spend away, only digging myself deeper into a debt that I couldn't repay. For now, however, I'm taking a step back and letting those pounds roll into my bank account before I spend anything else. Although I may be waiting for the next moment that I can spend it all again, for now, I'm sitting at my desk making another one of my wish lists..

1. Topshop Stripe Rib Crop Jacket £38 - I love the way that this Stripe Rib Crop Jacket combines a 90's and sporty vibe. I think this jacket would be perfect paired with ripped jeans, emphasising the edgy look.

2. New Look Grey Cut Out High Vamp Peep Toe Heels £29.99 - These Grey Cut Out High Vamp Peep Toe Heels are perfect for casual wear and for evening wear. These shoes are super versatile and are the ultimate autumnal colour.

3. New Look Dark Blue Cable Knit Jumper £22.99 - Knitted jumpers are one of the reasons that I absolutely love Autumn and Winter- they are super cosy and comfortable, making the cold weather bearable and fashionable. This Dark Blue Cable Knit Jumper is bold without being too much of a statement. Pair this knit with a oversized coat and Chelsea-style boots and you have the perfect A/W outfit.

4. Topshop MOTO Ice Ripped Mom Jeans £40 - I've never really been much of a fan of ripped jeans but recently I have grown to love them. I think they're edgy and can be easily paired with any top, jacket and shoes. I particularly like them in a more slouchy, non-fitted style like these Mom Jeans.

1. Cheryl Cole Storm Flower Fragrance £39.50 - I haven't been able to try out this new scent by Cheryl yet but I am the ultimate Cheryl Cole fan so I am sure, whatever this fragrance smells like, that I will love it.

2. Essie Nail Polish £7.99 - I am a nail polish hoarder, in fact, I recently counted how many nail polishes that I own and it was over 80 - I then stopped counting because I was shocked at how many I owned despite having a small suitcase full...Therefore, why not make the collection grow some more by buying this little gem-encrusted nail polish.

3. Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser Cocoa Radiant £3.99 - I have to admit, I am really not a moisturising kind of girl. For one, although I don't want skin with the a texture like scales, I cannot be bothered with the time element of moisturising after showers. This is why this 'Spray & Go' moisturiser is the perfect idea for me. The thought that I can just spritz on some spray and get moisturised 'Cocoa Radiant' skin, makes me beyond happy...

4. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker £10.00 - I am absolutely loving Soap & Glory makeup at the moment. Their makeup is sort of expensive considering that it is Soap & Glory but it is totally worth it, because the quality of the makeup is uh-maze-ing! I am currently trying out a handful of Soap & Glory's products and so far I have nothing but positive vibes towards them. I really want to try their 'Sexy Mother Pucker', claiming that it plumps up your lips - it's worth a go surely?

5. Sunkissed Bronzing Rocks £5.99 - This was a bit of a random wish list product, due to stumbling across it when I was browsing through the Superdrug website. I have always used Shimmer Blocks or just simple bronzer, therefore the idea of bronzing 'rocks' intrigues me...


Monday, 15 September 2014

Apple Watch / The Fashionable Evolution Of Time

I don't really tend to blog about news and what people are obsessing over, especially when it comes to new technology based crazes. However, with the recent news that Apple is releasing a range of watches, it was news that actually interested and intrigued me. On a lazy, tired Sunday after a big party with friends and a late night fuelled with food, I had some time on my hands to think and do something that I rarely (but increasingly) do and read a newspaper. Amongst all the news articles it was the Apple watch that sparked my interest. However, do not fear that this blog post will be all about the new Apple watch, its features and me selling you the latest Apple product, because believe me, this blog post is the furthest thing from that. In fact, although I'll touch upon the new creation of the Apple watch, this post is merely food for thought (if you want it to be, anyway). 
I first heard about the Apple watch through Twitter and my initial reaction was one of extreme confusion. Starting with a mantlepiece clock, the retail sector of watches originally branched out to the classic pocket watch which then developed into the wrist watches. The purpose of a watch (in case you have been otherwise informed) 'back in the day', was to give you a friendly reminder of the time. Occasionally, your watch might keep your nerves at bay as you listened to its rhythmic tick of the hands as seconds, minutes and hours go by. My first thought when it was announced that the Apple Watch was to be released in early 2015, was what did the future hold for the basic watch? With the increase of girls posting Instagram photos of their new 'Michael Kors' or 'Marc Jacobs' watches gifted to them by their boyfriends or families, was there a new wave of watch selfies to be showcased to the world featuring the Apple watch? But it wasn't just the possibility of an upcoming popular trend for new 'apple watch' Instagram posts that really got my thought process going... 

A watch, an object whose concept was once so seemingly basic, was suddenly transformed and disguised into something so tragically modern. In a similar way, books underwent a makeover with the creation of Kindles. No longer do you see a holiday poolside littered with books, their crinkled pages given character by the sun and pool water - instead, electronic screens stare blankly at the users. As the world of technology is constantly evolving, what was once characteristic and classy is now being morphed into a digital time bomb. A few weeks ago I brought my first ever watch. Costing under £20 I saw it as a bargain and didn't give the purchase much thought - I had a wrist, I needed to know the time and the two things combined convinced me that this watch would be a useful tool for my dreadful time keeping. In a world where iPhones rarely leave our hands, buying a watch is no longer that useful; with one click of a button and tap of a screen the time can be digitally presented to us in a matter of seconds. But, it seems that although we can choose many different devices to discover the time, the traditional watch is preferred by the masses? Why? Because it is undoubtedly the most popular wrist accessory of all time. 
The world of fashion has supported watches since their creation. They are classy, add a touch of elegance and sophistication and ensure that no one misses their daytime engagements if they can help it. A watch adds an element of reassurance and will lend a helping 'hand' in keeping you on track and organised. A watch can also become a statement piece - take a Michael Kors or a Marc Jacobs watch for example, an enviable piece of jewellery worthy of many Instagram posts just to show it off. But, with the Apple watch release date creeping closer and closer, do our watches have a time limit until they become just as outdated as tape recorders? Will our beloved watches become a symbol of the past, a device with one purpose rather than the multiple functions the Apple watch promises? Not only will this destine our current watches to become 'vintage' stock and statement pieces, but the new modern watch will also change the appearance of our outfits. Not only does this change the technology world but with the production of the new Apple watch, the world of fashion is evolving and changing as a result too. 
Apple is a brand that is so aware of how to sell and convince an entire world to buy their product - hence their level of insane success and soaring profit. So, naturally, with the new addition of fashionable watches, Apple has hauled in some of Fashion's most influential forces to help promote and sell their watches - making them a booming and fashionable success. The Apple team includes the former CEO of Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent, both hugely successful and fashion forward. In addition to this influence, Apple has an Industrial Designer, Marc Newson, on its team of fashion experts. With leading fashion experts and technology geniuses teaming together, the worlds of fashion and technology are poised for a transformation and possibly world changing collaboration. There have already been rumblings and talk about the development of 'smart clothing' that will contain sensors that will monitor the users health. Is the Apple watch the beginning of a life changing development in technology and fashion? 
Fashion has already been embracing technology for a while now - exclusive catwalk shows are now streamed live over the internet; designers are selling their catwalk collections exclusively online; some designers have even swapped their catwalk shows for digital shows. Not to mention fashion's journalistic transformation where magazines are transferring their attention to the online world, swapping their paper pages for digital projections. I can't help wondering, in this world where technology has become the ruling factor of our lives, what will remain safe and uncontaminated by technology? We live in a fast-paced world where things are constantly evolving and developing and in some ways that's great, but in another way it provides a sense of insecurity and uncertainty. When I think of fashion I think of clothes - tailored and produced to provide security and essentially built for the purpose of clothing us, creating our outer shells. There's nothing I love more than to walk into a store and touch the new clothes, caressing the fabrics and smelling the new fibres. With talk of clothes that will be implanted and incorporated with technology and the development of new technologies, I begin to question whether the traditional form of fabric making and development will soon become a dying art. I'm not saying that clothes will cease to exist, of course clothes will be made of fabric and material, but will they lose their originality and sense of security once they're invaded with these devices?  
I promise that I'm not a complete bore and one of these modern, 21st century teenagers who oppose technology because believe me, my iPhone and my Mac are probably the first things that I'd save in a fire (aside from family, friends, dogs etc.). I'm just curious about what the future has to hold and with the recent production of Apple Watches it seems like another huge step and milestone will be made in the history of technology. Although I find the prospect somewhat scary, I also find it exciting. I think the Apple watch is remarkable and the fact that there are human beings out there with the level of intelligence to produce something so complex is truly inspiring. The watch is a representation of the power that humans have when they unite their ideas. Rewinding to a hundred years ago when my great grandparents were just small children, they would never have guessed that the watches that surrounded them would be so different from the watches that we place on our wrists today. A device that was designed to tell the time now had the power to do things that weren't even possible back then; listening to music outside of the family home, sending messages without having to attach a stamp and practise your handwriting first...I'd still much rather be the old fashioned soul that strutted around with the basic watch than showcase the capability of technology on my wrist and I have good reasons for that. Apart from the fact that I love my new £20 watch, I fear that by buying a device as smart as the Apple Watch to attach to my body, I will become even more addicted to a virtual world and less engaged with the real one. There's a fine line between the virtual and the real world as it is nowadays - with relationships developing and being sustained virtually, conversations being held digitally and opinions being forecasted online, I don't think I'm alone when I begin to question what's real and what's virtual. I want my watch to remain a fashion statement, a reliable accessory and an accessory of traditional purpose. When I check my watch for the time, I want to hear the ticking as the two hands dance across the face of my oversized watch and not be tempted to text my friends, listen to music or quickly browse the web (all possibilities with the new watch) - I'm already late as it is!


Saturday, 13 September 2014

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has come around once again and I couldn't be more excited - actually, I could if I were actually attending...My dream is to one day be amongst that front row and be welcomed into the fantasy world of fashion amongst some of my favourite people, designers and clothes. For now, I will appreciate London Fashion Week from behind a digital screen, which is more than you could do in the past. The joys of technology mean that the world of high fashion is being made more accessible to the public and fashion-obsessed. London Fashion Week began yesterday and prior to this, stuck in school last week, I was scrolling through my Vogue app for updates on NYFW that Susie Menkes was posting to the site. Fashion Weeks take place in the major fashion cities - London, New York, Milan and Paris. That's a whole month of fabulous fashion in one week in four amazing cities. In a desperate attempt to be part of the experience, I use platforms such as Twitter for constant updates on what is currently happening and watch videos of the shows. It's safe to say that I do everything I can to be part of the Fashion Week experience.
   Like many fashionistas my heart flutters at the sight of a well crafted piece of clothing, tailored to perfection and made to please. My favourite designers are the ones who provoke an emotion and a reaction - whether it be positive or negative. That's why my all time favourite fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, has made a few appearances on my blog. Since McQueen's passing, the brand has still remained strong and just as emotionally provoking as before. Showcasing clothes seasons ahead of the present forecast, I look forward to the Fashion Week shows to see what the future has to hold. I guess you could say that Fashion Week is my safety blanket and the one thing that I can count on that will be a secure factor in my future - the new trends that are promised to be put in place in a few months' time.
  Stalking the events and catwalk shows, only two days into London Fashion Week, I have already spotted some of my high fashion favourite pieces. I was totally in LOVE with Oscar De La Renta's collection of S/S15 clothes, so, as always, when I love something, I write about it! Here are a few pictures from his collection showing why I can't wait for Spring/Summer 2015 even though Autumn/Winter 2014 has barely just begun!

photo source: weheartit

Although I was looking forward to the new seasonal beginning of A/W14, retrieving the wooly hats, bundling up in scarfs and digging out my much-loved wooly jumpers - Oscar De La Renta's S/S15 collection has made me want to fast forward the clocks to a few seasons ahead. The Oscar De La Renta S/S15 clothes are insanely cute. I absolutely love the pastel colour theme throughout the collection and I cannot wait for the High Street to adapt the gingham trend that is pulsing through his designs. In addition to the gingham pattern, De La Renta has infused some of his designs with a display of floral patterns, quite literally bringing a burst of Spring into his designs. Some of the pieces remind me of a fairytale kingdom mixed with some bad, gothic rebellion. With some midnight black pieces, De La Renta has toughened up his collection, bringing a twilight theme to the Summer lollipop 'burst' of colour. This collection is one of my favourites so far, it's refreshing, vibrant and oh-so-Summery!


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Topshop A/W14 Collection Favourites & Lookbook

Hunting down the newest A/W14 trends has become a seasonal addiction of mine. When the weather changes, so does our our wardrobe. I embrace change and when it comes to fashion, change is always a good thing and is inevitable. Last week I posted my A/W favourites from one of my favourite High Street stores, River Island. However, I don't only shop at River Island... in fact you'll find me searching multiple High Street stores online, scouring for new trends. I adore Topshop - apart from the occasional soaring price tag I have nothing but love for the store - so, here are my A/W14 favourites! (PS: If you haven't seen the campaign starring Cara Delevingne, I've included the pictures below - they are the definition of stunning).

1. Vinyl Front Ponte Leggings £25.00 - I love how edgy and daring these Vinyl leggings are but how incredibly versatile they are also. It's true, you can match black with anything and these leggings are the perfect example. The texture will immediately give your outfit that little extra something and make you stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons. 

2. Smart Boxy Crossbody Bag £34.00 - Practical but cute, this Crossbody bag is perfect for a small outing to hold all your belongings in a compact and stylish casing! 

3. High Neck Pleated Pussybow Blouse £45.00 - Given a Gothic undertone and edge with its High Neck and Pleated detailing, this Pussybow Blouse is insanely cool. Avoid going head-to-toe in black with this blouse unless you want to achieve a super Gothic vibe. Dress this Pussybow blouse up with the Rolo Skinny Strap Sandals (4. Rolo Skinny Strap Sandals £46.00 ) and you'll instantly give your outfit some light and shimmer!  

4. Rolo Skinny Strap Sandals £46.00 - You could wear these heels for casual or evening wear. Dress them down with a pair of jeans and an oversized shirt or dress them up while sporting your favourite evening wear outfit. I love the metallic trend that seems to be seeping into our A/W wardrobes and these Strap Sandals would be the perfect addition to any new season wardrobe. 

5. Ahoy Leather Hiker Boots £88.00 - Boots are a must for the colder season - there is nothing worse than having cold, numb feet. These Hiker Boots are not only edgy and fun but they are practical - it's a win-win situation. 

6. Twist Faux Fur Snood £25.00 - I have owned a few pairs of snoods in the past but all of them have been knitted. I love this Faux Fur Snood - it looks so cosy and would also cutely accessorise any outfit giving it a Wintery theme! 

Now to tempt you into buying the clothes even more, look how gorgeous they look on Cara and get styling inspiration from the Topshop lookbook below! 


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

River Island A/W14 Collection Favourites

It's that time of year where we say goodbye to the season of Spring and Summer and hello to a whole new wardrobe of clothes. I love this time of year because it feels like a fresh new start. I do love Summer clothes but there's something so comforting about the softer fabrics of A/W, layered in wools and cashmere (if we're lucky!).
  Every time new seasons arrive, I scour the internet and visit all my favourite High Street stores online, falling in love with every click. I will be doing an Autumn/Winter High Street trend post where I will talk about all the new trends and how you can achieve the look. But first, after falling in love with so many new A/W pieces, I just had to pick my top 5 or 6 favourite fashion pieces from my favourite High Street stores' collections. So, starting with River Island, this is the first of a series of posts where I will be picking my top 5 favourite pieces and talking about why I love them so much and why they would be perfect for your A/W wardrobe. 

1. Grey Point Stiletto Ankle Boots £60.00 - These boots are so classy and simple but the Stiletto Ankle Boots give you an element of instant chic. 

2. Grey Marl Rib 3/4 Sleeve Crop Top £15.00 - I love this trend because it is plain and simple but still remains edgy. You could pair this crop top with almost any outfit and dress it up by adding a statement chain necklace. 

3. Silver Metallic Leather-Look Mini Skirt £30.00 - This skirt could be perfect for casual and evening wear. Pair this Metallic Leather-Look Mini Skirt with a knitted sweater and you'll immediately have a super edgy but casual outfit. However, pair it with a crop top and some statement heels and you'll be ready for the night time scene and party life! This is the perfect addition to your A/W wardrobe because of its versatility and it sports one of A/W14's major trends - metallics! 

4. Light Grey Chain Handle Mini Bowler Bag £25.00 - I have no words for this stylish Mini Bowler Bag. Usually I go for bright and cheerful bags, pastel colours or a classic black bag - however, taken by surprise, this Light Grey Bowler Bag has opened up a whole new world of possibilities - I love it!

5. Grey Tie Dye Brushed Sweatshirt £30.00 - This Tie Dye Brushed Sweatshirt is the perfect casual sweater for Autumn/Winter. 

1. Black Zip Detailer Superskinny Jeans £50.00 - Give your wardrobe a rock/80's edge with these Detailer Superskinny Jeans. I love these jeans because they would be easily paired with any kind of top - sweater, crop top or shirt! Depending on your style and the look you want to achieve these jeans suit a range of styles. If you style is more tomboy, pair these jeans with high tops or trainers. Or to achieve a more Parisian/chic finish, pair them with ankle boots and a fitted knitted sweater! 

2. Black and White Check Oversized Shirt £28.00 - Oversized shirts are perfect for those casual and comfy days. This Check Oversized Shirt is really on trend because checkered print has made its grand return and will definitely be a part of our Autumnal attire! 

3. Black Patent Metal Trim Loafers £25.00 - Loafers aren't really a style of shoe that appeal to me that much. If I wear any type of flat shoe it will usually be my trusty trainers or ballet shoe style pumps that I have worn to death. Loafers are a little bit on the masculine side for my style but when I saw these Metal Trim Loafers I decided that for the purpose of fashion I should get over my prejudiced opinion of Loafers and give them a try- who knows, they could be the comfiest pair of shoes I could own? They're obviously a hit with the masses and are incredibly fashionable because they have the 'edgy' element, so this season I vow to try Loafers! 

4. Black and White Mock Croc Satchel £35.00 - This monochrome Croc Satchel is super cute and would be a statement piece you could add to any outfit making it versatile and stylish. 

5. Black Crepe Racer Front Crop Top £16.00 - A Crop Top is a must for anyone, whether you wear it under sheer garments or wear it with high-wasited jeans or trousers, Crop Tops like this Crepe Racer front from River Island are definitely an investment! 

6. Black Zip Front Peep Toe Shoe Boots £60.00 - I think these boots are to die for. Their peep toe shows a little bit of toe (which if you're like me sort of repels me away from the shoe because I don't like showcasing my feet), however, it is called a 'peep toe' so it's not as if you're letting the whole world see those beastly feet! Perfect for casual wear, I think these shoes would be ideal for making a casual outfit slightly more fashionable!

1. Light Blue Check Oversized Waterfall Coat £65.00 - This 'Zenista' trend from the new A/W14 collection in River Island is the perfect transitional trend. Mainly in pastel colours, you can bring a taste of the Spring/Summer trends into your Autumn/Winter wardrobes with these pieces. Sporting the checkered Autumn trend but keeping it lightly pastel coloured, this coat would be ideal for a light coverup in those slightly colder Autumn winds! 

2. Light Pink 3D Flower Mini Skirt £25.00 -If you want a casual statement skirt, you've got it with this 3D Flower Mini Skirt. However, for most of us, this 3D Flower Skirt would be perfect for making an entrance to a party - pair this with a crop top and heels and you've got yourself a show stopping A/W14 evening outfit! 

3. Lilac Feather Cross Body £30.00 - This is the silliest, coolest and possibly the best thing that I have ever seen. This Feather Cross Body bag is the kind of thing that you'd see strutting down those showstopper catwalks - a little bit outrageous, courageous and totally amazing. Well, that's exactly why I have to have it this season! This bag would make people look at you a little bit sideways, but for every fashionista out there - isn't a reaction exactly what you want? 

4. White Sling Back Block Kitten Heels £45.00 - I don't usually opt for a kitten heel. My logic is, if you're wearing heels they should be a reasonable sized heel to be worth the pain and adaptation of your walk (don't deny that at some point you've given yourself a lesson in how to walk in a pair of heels - we've all been there). Therefore, 'kitten' heels have never even been high on my 'must have' list...until now. These Block Kitten Heels took me by surprise with their gorgeous gold plated effect - I was instantly converted and am excited by the return of Kitten Heels. 

5. Light Pink Beekeeper Hat £22.00 - A classy, Autumnal hat - why not? Prance around the crisp leaves with this Pink Beekeeper Hat on your head and you'll start your day with flying colours and elegance.

1. Black Cut Out Wrap Suit £45.00 - This Cut Out Wrap Suit is simple but nevertheless a statement. The gold buttoned detailing gives the outfit a sophistication but it also has a slight 60's vibe! 

2. Bright Yellow Angular Court Shoes £45.00 - Also with a slight 60's theme, these Yellow Angular Court Shoes are the perfect statement shoes for casual and evening outfits! 

3. Print Split Back Shirt £35.00 - I love this Split Back Shirt because I think it would be great for those casual days during A/W. Throw this shirt on over a pair of leggings and dress it up with a statement necklace or rings and you're ready to go! Let the pattern do all the talking! 

4. Black Zip Front Block Heel Ankle Boot £40.00 - Ankle Boots are a MUST. They're practical, sturdy and oh-so versatile - making these Zip Front Block Heels the perfect investment for your new seasonal wardrobe. 

5. Check Print Structured Tote Bag £45.00 - I adore this bag. Its structured form means that it's practical for day-to-day wear and won't damage your belongings inside! I also favour big bags over small bags because I seem to accumulate an unhealthy collection of junk in my bag ranging from old receipts to chewing gum wrappers - they seem to be quite at home at the bottom of any bag I own. Perhaps that's a reason why I shouldn't buy a large Tote Bag like this one but with its checkered patterning - how could I resist?

So those are my top picks from all four of River Island's new trends! You can check out their new A/W14 trends here and buy any of my mentioned pieces by clicking on the name of it above! 

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