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Discovering New Things / Miss Fluff Jewellery

When I started my blog back in 2012, New Years Eve, the idea wasn't very thought through. I often laugh at myself at how naive I was initially starting my blog. I'd been toying with the idea of starting up my own blog for a few months prior to actually taking 'the plunge'. I knew very little about the blogging world. I think in some ways this has been to my advantage. For starters, although I had dipped in and out of other blogs here and there, I wasn't a huge 'blog reader'. I would do sessions where I would sit down and mass read my favourite blogs and their blog posts, rather than checking the blogs every other day. I guess you could say that I wasn't a 'devoted' blog reader. However, I've always found blogs inspiring and often sat there thinking - why can't I write a blog? So, I did - I wrote one just like that and it has been the best decision that I ever made. (F.Y.I - Ever since I started my own blog, I am now a devoted blog reader and often turn to blogs rather than magazines for a source of style and beauty.)

I think if I'd have known how many opportunities blogging would create for me I would've created mine a long time ago. My blog enables me to exercise my want need to talk, a fun fact about me - I hate silence (unless it's appropriate and necessary as a mark of respect). I generally find the prospect of silence utterly boring and as a result I don't really like to be alone if I can avoid it. Writing on my blog has filled any moments of silence that I would've previously had. I get the chance to talk and you lucky readers get the chance to read my babbles about fashion, beauty and sometimes off-course chatter voluntarily (so thanks!). But ultimately, one of the best things that I have loved since starting my blog is discovering new things. 

A few weeks ago a lovely woman called Sare e-mailed me and told me a little bit about herself and her brand of jewellery - 'Miss Fluff'. One thing that I instantly loved about her brand of jewellery was its unique, quirky name - 'Miss Fluff'. Instantly, the brand name drew me in, I wanted to know more! I read the email and knew that this was a brand that I would be interested in featuring. I get quite a few emails through in the course of a day and I stay true to myself and my style before featuring anything on my blog. I will only feature something if I would actually wear it myself and love the product - I know a lot of other bloggers follow the same principles, but others like the free stuff and feature the products anyway - definitely a no-go area for me! I visited 'Miss Fluff' on Etsy, a platform where Sare has her store and sells her jewellery, and browsed her collection. I was so impressed and quite inspired (even though I know that I would never be able to make jewellery out of leather and make it look remotely acceptable, it made me want to get creative!).

After a year of blogging and a hundred or so posts later, I have never featured such a fun and interesting brand as 'Miss Fluff'. Featuring brands that aren't from the 'big stores' like Miss Fluff is something that I definitely want to do more of. Not only are these handmade pieces really unique but they're also something different that you could never sadly find on a high street shop floor (so far anyway!). I hand picked my favourite two pieces on the site and took photographs of them for you to see below!

I love this floral necklace, Sare makes it in a variety of different colours and is open to colour requests! This necklace is so perfect for Summer and is versatile with practically any S/S14 top from lace to floral patterns. This necklace is unique, like all of Sare's jewellery and it adds that little bit extra something to all my outfits!

This cute little charm bracelet immediately caught my eye on Miss Fluff's Etsy shop - it was fun, unique and something totally different to what I'd seen before. The bracelet is delicate and has quite a kitsch vibe - full of colour and playfulness, this bracelet is one of a kind! 

Aren't they awesome? I wanted to find out a little bit more about Sare and how she decided to create 'Miss Fluff'. Not only did I think this would be a little something extra for this post, making it more personal, but I also thought that it could be a useful resource for anyone aspiring to enter the world of Fashion Design, Fashion, Jewellery making, or just simply if you wanted to know how to go about setting up your own personal business! So here it is, my little Q&A with the creator of 'Miss Fluff' and the fantastic jewellery that you feasted your eyes upon above!

When did you start making jewellery?

I've been making jewellery for fun since I was little. I'd buy huge packs of beads and make earrings and necklaces. It was only when I started studying at the London College of Fashion that I discovered how much I loved working with leather and the two things just naturally came together. 

Why did you decide to create your own brand, 'Miss Fluff'?

When I left LCF I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go in. I had already started experimenting with leather jewellery so decided to just keep going with it 'for the time being' but loved it so much I just kept going!

How did you decide on the name 'Miss Fluff'?

One of the very first pieces I made was a cream leather bunny brooch and some of my favourite early pieces were based around bunnies and I was thinking of these when I came  up with Miss Fluff.

Your jewellery is quirky, fun and really unique. What gave you the idea to create jewellery using leather?

When I was studying accessories I would be working on big projects and would often be left with lots of scraps of leather. I started to experiment with textures, colours and themes whenever I had some cool scraps to play with. I would wear them and got a great reaction. 

Where do you get the inspiration for your jewellery?

I get inspiration from nature and animals mostly. I really enjoy the flow of natural shapes and how they can be random yet symmetrical at the same time. I also enjoy kitsch and child-like imagery and these have inspired my more 'silly' ideas such as the octopus, seahorse, bird and cupcake pieces.

When you're designing your jewellery do you use other artists for inspiration? If so, who is your main inspiration?

I don't really use other artists for inspiration. I collect images from nature that inspire me, colours, combine scraps of leather..then I create a moodboard and sketch ideas in one of many notebooks that are scattered around the house!

How long does a piece from your collection take to make?

A small piece can take around and hour and a much larger piece could take up to 8 hours to complete. 

What is your favourite design in your current, 'Miss Fluff' collection?

My current favourite is the black circles necklace which is a large statement piece made up of tiny hand-cut loops. It looks amazing on and I can't wait to make it available in more colours.

What advice would you give to an aspiring artist/jewellery maker wanting to make their own collection of designs?

Oh gawd..I'm not great at giving advice, I would just say that you should try and stay true to your own style and try not to give into the temptation of making what you think will be 'popular' and sell most.

What do you hope to achieve in the future for 'Miss Fluff’?

I just hope to continue doing what I enjoy that's the main thing and anything else that comes of that is a happy bonus.

In your spare time, besides making your own jewellery, what do you enjoy doing? 

I have a wonderful daughter and spend alot of time with her..she has also just started making her own jewellery :-)
I also love to watch terrible horror films with my husband who is an amazing cook so I also spend quite a lot of time eating!

Finally, what do you love most about making jewellery?

I am really sentimental about my jewellery and I love the idea that something that I've made which started out as a sketch and a piece of leather can then become part of someone's story.

So there you have it -'Miss Fluff!'. Obviously I am sure that you will want to have a little browse and look at Sare's collection of fabulous pieces so I've put the link and follow button, which with one nifty click will redirect you to her store!

Twitter: @missfluff__

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Maleficent V.S. Aurora Fashion

You should all know the tale by now, or at least know the battle of good versus evil. Yes, they may compete with spells and enchantments but they also dress to impress. Who am I talking about? Maleficent and Aurora of course. Fashion can portray a message and if you craft your outfit carefully you can create just the message that you want. I decided to collage together a Maleficent VS Aurora fashion face-off, so you can see how two opposites can channel the same looks. 

Maleficent Fashion 
 Gothic, dark and powerful. Maleficent inspired items send a message of warning - black and shadowy, Maleficent is the essence of S/S14 Gothic. 


Aurora Fashion 
    Fairytale, girly and the complete polar opposite of Maleficent, Aurora channels a message of youth and innocence. Also super classy and chic, this girl is in control. 

Ps: Today I am finally going to see the film that I have been blogging and obsessing over for months (obviously I am talking about Maleficent!). I will be blogging about it the second that I return home to share my thoughts - I'm 100% sure that I am going to love it. Have you seen Maleficent yet? Leave a comment below if you've seen/are going to see the film soon!


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Maleficent Inspired - Gothic Accessories

Inspired by the Gothic vibe of Maleficent, I've collaged together my top High Street picks that channel Gothic glamour. Inspired by the character of Maleficent, I have included tones of gold, green and black. Add these accessories to any Spring/Summer outfit to give it an injection of the Gothic look and vibe. Alternatively add it to a head-to-toe Gothic outfit and as a result get an emphasised Gothic look! 

1. River Island Black Plaited Metal Trim Necklace £8
2. Zara Stretch Belt £15.99
3. Missguided Guinevre Elastic Ribbon Belt £7.99
4. Urban Outfitters Engraved Oval Stone Ring £12
5. River Island Gold Tone Triangle Midi Ring £2
6. Topshop Premium Green Flower Stud Earrings £25
7. Zara Wooly Fedora £17.99
8. River Island Black Floral Chain print Scarf £13
9. Topshop Black Square Earcuff £7.50
10. Topshop Black Jelly Strap Watch £18.50
11. River Island Black Bandana Hair Band £6


Monday, 9 June 2014

Get The Look: Re-creating Aurora's Fairytale Makeup Looks


The name 'Aurora' means 'dawn'. I personally love the name Aurora because it suggests light, new beginnings and a sense of renaissance. Natural beauty is something some of us have been gifted with, I envy those who can wake up and sing Beyonce's lyrics - 'I woke up like this, we flawless' and look as fresh as a daisy as opposed to me looking like I've been attacked by a wild bear..But, I reckon these 'natural beauties' have got subtle bits of makeup splashed on their faces here and there - are any of us flawless except for Beyonce? 
Aurora's makeup is subtle in the original motion picture and in the brand new Maleficent film. Elle Fanning, playing Aurora, looks majestical and fairytale-like with her porcelain appearance created by her natural make-up. I've hunted high and low for the best makeup products that will re-create Aurora's light fairytale makeup look. 

1. Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick, Pink Parfait (Shimmer) £20 - Estée Lauder lipsticks are my all time favourites. They never disappoint. They have the perfect texture, finish and selection of colours. I am a true fan of lipsticks and if there's a makeup product that is my weakness - lipstick would be it. Elle Fanning's makeup in Maleficent is mainly natural and youthful but with a hint of colour here and there. Aurora's lips are tinted pink in the movie making her lips a feature of colour. This lipstick (being possibly one of the best ones available out there) in Pink Parfait is the perfect shade. It's a faded rose colour which is youthful and gives you the perfect hint of colour to achieve Aurora's natural beauty look.

2. Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body £20 - Shimmering powder is like a gift from the fairies. It makes me think of Peter Pan - 'All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust' - isn't that just the cutest quote? Well, I think so anyway. This Naked Shimmering Powder will give you subtle hints towards the world of magic. You won't be glittering from head to toe like some sort of mythical unicorn, but the hints of glitter will give you a pretty shine and twinkle. Shimmering powder can be used as a highlighter, popularly used below the brow line and along the cheek bones, but it can really be applied anywhere you please. The natural colouring of the shimmering powder also means that you will have a luminous effect and finish rather than a typical glittering look.

3. Laura Mercier Lip Glacé, Pink Pop £19.50 - This Lip Glacé would give your lips an alternative finish to that of the Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick. Pairing the two together would also give you a pink colour burst.

4. NARS Blush, Orgasm £22.50 - This staple blusher is the perfect shade for anyone who wants a natural pop of colour to awaken their face and liven up their skin, while keeping it natural and subtle to achieve the Aurora look. 

5. MAC A Fantasy Of Flowers: Green Mineralise Eyeshadow £17 - Even Aurora may want to liven up her makeup a little bit here and there. That's why when I came across MAC's Fantasy Of Flowers Green Mineralise Eyeshadow I knew it would be Aurora's dream come true, 'I dreamed of you once upon a dream' would be the words to come out of her mouth. The mineralise eyeshadows would be perfect not only for adding and blending colour on the lid of the eye, but also underneath the eye to create subtle and natural tones to achieve Aurora's makeup look. 

6. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact, Rose £32 - This Shimmer brick in Rose would be perfect to add colour along the cheekbones to complement the splash of colour in the Nars blusher and to add a shimmer to create the essence of fairytale. 

7. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Eau De Toilette £49.50 - A popular perfume amongst the masses for a reason - this is one of S/S's greatest scents. As I blog, I am currently wearing this exact perfume. Its floral undertones and the subtle sweetness and fresh quality of the perfume is what makes it such a success. The forest and naturalistic theme is captured, from the bottle decorated with a cluster of Spring flowers to the actual sweet smelling juice itself - this would be right up Aurora's street. 

8. Benefit Speed Brow Quick Set Brow Gel £13 - Every girl needs spick and span brows and although those fairy chums of Aurora's could sort them out, she may need to do a spot of DIY herself now and then. This Speed Brow Set will give you quick and magnificent results leaving your eyebrows defined and looking naturalistic (but tamed!).

And there you have it, my top picks to help re-create Aurora's fairytale light makeup looks! 


Friday, 6 June 2014

Aurora Inspired Accesories

Aurora, like any other girl, can decorate and inject personality into an outfit by accessorising. Accessorising can complete an outfit and I love the Spring/Summer accessories - they're also right up Aurora's street and suit her style to a T! Check out these pink and blue injections of colour that reflect Aurora's romantic/fairytale style. Inspired by the florals of the forest, I have collaged together hair accessories and practical accessories such as belts, watches and sunglasses that will keep your outfit practical and together! 

1. Boohoo Abia Rose & Leaf Floral Head Crown £6
2. Topshop Oliva Burton Watch £72
3. Boohoo Amy Pearl Bracelet Multi Pack £5
4. Urban Outfitters Metal Frame Mirror Sunglasses £16
5. New Look Pink & Gold Pearl Bangle Set £5.99
6. Topshop Green Floral Bow Hair Clip £7.50
7. New Look Green Stone Teardrop Stud Earrings £6.99
8. New Look White Pastel Colour Block Retro Sunglasses £4.99
9. New Look Shell Pink Diamante Center Flower Stud Earrings £4.99
10. ASOS Plaited Waist Belt £8
11. ASOS Skinny Matte Finish Belt £8
12. River Island Pink Floral Bun Top Hair Garland £5


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

S/S14 Maleficent Inspired Evening Wear

Maleficent, like every other dark and menacing creature, thrives in the evening. The darkness suits black thoughts and personalities. Although we can't all possess the dark crafts like Maleficent, we can all look good like Miss Jolie (a.k.a Angelina Jolie playing Maleficent, just in case you hadn't cottoned on already..). I've searched the High Street for the best Gothic evening wear out there. Maleficent would resist transforming into the powerful dragon-creature, just so she could wear these killer outfits (they don't do dragon sizes..sorry Maleficent..). 

1. Missguided Virag Mock Croc Patent Platform Heels £39.99 - Unfortunately they don't do shoes in Dragon print so Maleficent will have to settle for a good ol' Croc Patent Platform. I love this shoe because it's powerful and edgy and its Platform will have you soaring high in the sky just like Maleficent when she grows those wings. Perfect for evening wear or night-wear, these Patent Platform heels are the ultimate evening statement. Pair them with a cute, semi-casual skater dress and you'll have the perfect evening ensemble suitable for any evening occasion!

2. ASOS Mini Skirt in Fairsile with PU Trim £10.50 -  This Mini Skirt is a sale bargain that you're not going to want to miss! The embellishment adds a perfect element of Gothic glamour and magical essence!

3. Topshop Black Square Lace Dress £32 - This Black Square Lace Dress brings an strong sense of evening Gothic with its head-to-toe lace detailing. Lace gives this dress a sense of the darker, mystical fashion fantasy that is the Gothic trend. Alluring and delicate, lace is what primarily gives this dress that menacing Maleficent quality and eludes to the darker side of both fashion and persona. 

4. Topshop Scallop Shorts by Kate Moss £46 The Kate Moss Topshop collection has some perfect Maleficent-inspired Gothic glamour items. These Scallop Shorts are perfect for a more casual evening outfit but with their tailored Scallop structuring, they won't leave you looking like you've just thrown on a pair of thoughtless shorts! They are delicate and smart for evening or daytime, but pair them with some statement accessorising and killer heels and you've got yourself a power outfit! 

5. Topshop Embellished Star Cami Top by Kate Moss £75 - Another of the items from the Kate Moss Topshop collection that I've been loving is this Embellished Star Cami Top. Keeping it dark with the midnight black background, the embellished stars on this Cami Top give this Gothic outfit a hint of the fairytale, but also the inner magic of Maleficent. Perfect for either daytime or evening wear, this Cami could be a daytime statement or a night time gem as you sparkle in the darkness! 

6. River Island Black Brushed Lace Skater Dress £15 - I love this Lace Skater Dress and it's an example of how Gothic can be fun and flirty while keeping it primarily dark and menacing. The head-to-toe black colour creates the obvious Gothic element, but flowery silhouettes are tattooed onto the outfit, with the subtle addition of the lace panelling on the arms. The S/S14 floral trend is also key in this Gothic ensemble, alluding to the fairytale forest seen in 'Maleficent'. 

7. Topshop Satin Playsuit by Kate Moss £75 -  This is probably the most Maleficent-inspired outfit that I chose and I literally adore it. Why? Well, if you squint you can basically see Maleficent! The chest panelling detail resembles Maleficent's striking 'antler' type headpiece and the way that the rest of the Playsuit drapes down with the waist-tie detailing, also gives you the essential sense of movement and fluidity that Maleficent has. This playsuit is also super versatile and like all great evening outfits could even be a perfect daytime outfit. Dress this playsuit up with a statement clutch and Maleficent-style makeup - opting for a full red lip and striking nude nails - you'll turn heads all evening and make an entrance just like Maleficent had planned! 

8. Missguided Leigh Laser Cut Detail Sandals £29.99 - Don't you just love these heels? Well, I do and how could you not? The Laser Cut Detail in these Sandals reminds me of the outlines of the fairytale forest as it gets darker and more menacing when evening creeps in. The detailing is like the natural spells that the evening casts - trees cast their own shadows, creating silhouettes that look just like the Laser Cut Detail. 

9. Topshop Sofia Maxi Dress by TFNC £60 - This Topshop Maxi Dress is perfect for the more formal occasions that Maleficent might be making an appearance in. The length of the dress reflects most of Maleficent's outfits that drape and trail after her, leaving a path of evil behind her as she glides. This Maxi Dress is certain to create a glimpse of movement with every step and its touches of lace detailing and head-to-toe black, will give your outfit that Maleficent-inspired Gothic element. 

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