Sunday, 30 March 2014

Review / Rita Ora for Rimmel London

Rita Ora released her own collection for Rimmel earlier this month and it's not until now that I've managed to get out to the shops and have a peek at this collection. Rita's makeup for Rimmel includes a collection of fun nail varnishes and colour balms. Seeing as I already own an insane amount of nail varnishes, I decided to refrain from adding to my collection by buying some of Rita's shades and stuck to the Colour Balms - which, by the way, I love. Rita's collection seems to have been very, very popular based on my primary evidence - my local Boots was practically robbed of its Ora stock. However, all of Rita's nail polishes were in stock which was both torturing and typical seeing as I was mostly interested in her range of Colour Balms. It would've been rude not to have had a proper browse through the polishes, so after thorough inspection my favourite shades were 'Pillow Talk' and 'Lose Your Lingerie'.
  When I managed to find a few Colour Balms from Rita's collection dotted around, I could only get my paws on two of her colours, 'I Want Candy' and 'Make Me Blush', the other three shades weren't in stock. I wasn't disappointed with the two shades that I could find though - they're the perfect addition for a brighter Spring look! I've worn the balms continuously since purchasing them. They're deliciously vanilla scented and although the two shades are quite similar, they're great for different look.  'I Want Candy' is the brighter shade of the two and is more of a colour pop than the subtler 'Make Me Blush'. Both Colour Balms are highly pigmented and the colour lasts for literally hours. An example of its long lasting quality is when I took a shower with the balm still on accidentally and came out with traces still left on my lips after a full face wash. I can't wait to try more of the Colour Balms both in Rita's collection and the other Rimmel colours also. I give Rita's collection a massive thumbs up and am sure I'll cave and eventually end up buying some of her nail shades as this space.

You can buy Rita's Rimmel Nail Polishes for £3.49 from Boots here
Colour Balms for £5.99 here

What are your favourite products from Rita Ora's Rimmel collection?


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review / My MAC 15 Pan Pro Palette & Swatches

It's been a little while since I've done a beauty review and it's safe to say that I've missed this a little bit. I was going through my older posts recently and I've been scrolling through and seen what you guys have been loving. I was pleasantly surprised with my findings! Although I primarily set up this blog to talk about fashion, hence the title, 'I Blog The Fashion', beauty also crept into my blogs' content. Of course, I didn't go completely off topic talking about beauty because beauty and fashion go hand-in-hand. The more beauty reviews I did the more I got into beauty and actually, it was pretty fun talking about my latest purchases. As a fan of many other blogs myself and a devoted blog reader, I go to blogs for my first source of reviews. Blogs are amazing resources for honest, real opinions on products - they're focused on their subject and often written by beauty experts. Although I'm no beauty expert it seems that you all like my beauty reviews more than I expected. In fact, my most popular post to date is my beauty review that I did on Max Factor's Whipped Creme Foundation - I don't think this review has left my 'Most Popular Posts' page for a few months since I've written it. It's because of this that I sat down and thought to myself, maybe I should do some more beauty reviews amongst my fashion content? So, that's exactly what I'm doing now.
  I've been meaning to write this post for a few months now because my Mac 15 Pan Pro Palette has been one of the most major beauty purchases that I've ever made to date. It's one of the biggest beauty products that I've purchased to date for several reasons. Firstly, it was the most expensive beauty decision that I think I've ever made. The palette and the eyeshadows came to a grand total of nearly £200 - not a cheap decision! Thankfully Christmas was approaching at the time and ol' Papa Noel decided to gift this fantastic present to me - it was safe to say that I was very spoiled! Secondly, this MAC palette has actually changed my life because I am constantly using this palette, quite frankly I don't know how I ever lived without it. If you're a little confused with the title or how MAC palettes work, I'll explain.. You can treat MAC palettes a little like you'd treat a Pic N' Mix. Picture this, just as you have an array of delightful sweets to choose from to fill your Pic N' Mix bag with, in the same way you can choose specific MAC eyeshadows to fill your palette with - it's simply delightful!
Each individual eyeshadow is priced at £12.00. However, when you buy the palette (the blank palette with empty holes (inserts) to place your eyeshadow in) it is a separate cost - view the prices here.  To simplify you need to buy the palette, the inserts and then the eyeshadows at 3 separate costs. BUT, there's one advantage if you buy the palette and inserts - it knocks £2.00 off the eyeshadow prices making them £10.00 not £12.00 each - cutting the cost!

While the decision is hard and you have to be quite specific because you'll want every eyeshadow, once you've made your choices the result is truly fantastic - your own customised eyeshadow palette. Unlike drugstore brands that come with ready-made eyeshadow palettes, sometimes including shades you'd never be seen dead in, your MAC palette will be customised to your wants and needs. I wanted my palette to be wearable day-to-day and for that reason I didn't actually choose any bright or wild colours because I wanted a palette full of mainly neutral shades. The shades I chose are; Crystal Avalanche, Phloof!, Vanilla, Brule, Nylon, Retrospeck, Tempting, Kid, Soba, Wedge, Cork, Mulch, Sumptous Olive, Electra and Black Tied. So that you can get a better sense of what each shade is like I did swatches of the colours below.

Crystal Avalanche - I love this shade because it's an amazing highlighter as well as eyeshadow. Crystal Avalanche is probably one of the most wearable shades in my whole palette and I wear it everyday. I mainly use it in the corners of my eyes because it's an amazing highlighter and outlines your eye shape amazingly with just a subtle blending of it at the inner corners of your eye. It's got a sheer and shimmering quality but does not in any way have a glittering effect.

Phloof! - Phloof! is also slightly sheer. It has a gleaming quality but is also totally wearable day-to-day. It's the perfect neutral and I'll wear it on days when I don't want to wear much makeup because it has such a natural quality to it once it's applied.

Vanilla - I use the Vanilla shade practically every single day paired with Crystal Avalanche in the corners. Vanilla is perfect for making your eyes look more alive. It's a matte finish and has no shimmer or gleam and you can build it up to develop the pigmentation. The nature of the eyeshadow is quite strongly pigmented but can be reduced by blending.

Retrospeck - Retrospeck is another one of my favourite shades from my MAC palette and I use it without fail if I'm after a subtle but striking smokey eye. I pair Retrospeck with Tempting, Crystal Avalanche and Phloof! for my brown smokey eye. I use Retrospeck as my colour blender and base for applying Tempting around it and blend it to create my smokey eye look. The eyeshadow has a shimmering quality. It can be used to create a natural look or a slightly more made-up but natural look by pairing it with the Nylon shade and a cat-flick.

Nylon - Nylon is also a really great highlighter but I mainly use it as a base shadow, covering my whole lid with it before developing my look with other shadows applied on top. It's quite an earthy shade but relatively neutral with subtle pigmentation.

Brule - Brule is a super natural colour and for my neutral themed palette it was one of the first colours that I chose. In the swatch above I developed the colour a bit by applying more layers of it so that you could see the colour. In actual fact the colour is far more subtle and is a light, faded 'creamy' colour. I find Brule another perfect shade for when I want a look that makes my eyes appear relatively naked.

Tempting - Tempting is my all-time go-to shade when I want a brown smokey eye. Its rich, golden-bronze shimmering shade is perfect for any night-out look.

Kid - A super neutral-brown matte shade with zero shimmer and glitter which makes it another perfect shade for when I want a subtle splash of colour for my natural day-to-day look.

Soba - Soba is relatively matte but does have a slight shimmer. It's highly pigmented and is quite a bold, striking earthy tone. I would say that Soba is more of a night time shade but could be used for a more 'made-up' day-to-day look.

Wedge - Wedge is a completely matte shade and is great for adding a splash of subtle brown & earthy colouring to a more neutral look.

Cork - A bronze/brown shade that is relatively matte with a very slight sheer finish.

Mulch - Mulch is is rich, shimmering brown with a bronze quality running through it. I love Mulch for another smokey eye look because it's a perfect statement shade.

Sumptuous Olive - Sumptuous Olive is one my favourite shades because it gives you an alternative shade to the traditional golds/bronze. This shade does have an 'olive' quality with a slight green pigmentation amongst the main gold, shimmering bronze base. This shade is perfect for a vibrant, gold, classy look.

Electra - I absolutely love Electra. When I was developing my palette I was on the hunt for a silver shade. However, I didn't want a dull, matte silver because it can end up looking a bit bland and dead. My prayers were answered when I came across Electra. Electra, although silver, has a pretty metallic, sheer blue quality to its finish.

Black Tied - A palette wouldn't be complete if you didn't have a midnight black in there somewhere. I rarely use Black Tied because it's definitely a shade suited to night-time wear but when I do brave a bold, smokey eye look, Black Tied is perfect. It's highly pigmented and is a striking, glittering black giving it dimension and doesn't look like someone's given you a black eye unlike some matte, black eyeshadows out there!

So there you have it - my MAC palette and swatches! I think my favourite shades are definitely Crystal Avalanche, Retrospeck, Tempting and Vanilla - I use these in my day-to-day make-up routine so primarily they are the ones I love the most. My MAC palette has been the best beauty investment I've ever made and I cannot wait to eventually build up another palette full of a different array of MAC eyeshadows.


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is next Sunday - just thought I'd let you all know because I'm pretty sure there will be some of you sitting there completely unprepared and unaware that you have exactly one week to get your act together and buy those Mother's Day gifts. Sometimes finding the perfect Mother's Day gift is a stressful situation and although I do love Mother's Day because it's a day where you can say a big thanks to your Mum for everything, I do find it a little stressful trying to find her the perfect gifts. That's why I thought I'd do this quick post on Mother's Day Gift Ideas to give you a few nudges in the right direction (or wrong direction..depends on what your Mum likes I guess..) - Hope it helps!

1. Moonpig Flowers £25 / 2. Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick £20 / 3. John Lewis Petal Heart Frame £8 / 4. Sekonda Women's Crystal Bezel Twist Bracelet Watch £39.99 / 5. H&M Court Shoes £24.99 / 6. River Island Light Pink Mini Structured Tote Bag £30

1. Moonpig Flowers - I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good bunch of flowers. You can't go wrong with a bunch of Moonpig flowers like these - pretty and vibrant - a sure smile breaker.

2. Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick- Whether your Mum wears lipstick for occasions only or likes a bit of a colour splash day-to-day, I'm sure she'd love a lipstick like this Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal. My Mum is a particular lover of all things 'makeup' related so a gift like this would be very appreciated. However, if your Mum isn't a beauty addict like mine, she'll definitely appreciate this one-off treat! Estee Lauder Lipsticks are my all time favourite at the moment and I wear mine literally every day - it's my staple.

3. John Lewis Petal Heart Frame - A photo frame is such a nice keepsake. Fill this frame with a photo of you and the ol' Momma Bear and she's bound to love it.

4. Sekonda Women's Crystal Bezel Twist Bracelet Watch - If my Mum's anything like yours she is constantly on the go - time keeping is important for any lady! I love this Sekonda watch as a Mother's Day Gift Idea because it's dainty, classy, useful and not too expensive (which, for those of us with little money ratting around in our purses is always a good thing).

 5. H&M Court Shoes - You may recognise these shoes from my latest 'Party Outfit Ideas' post but I thought they were a perfect pair of shoes for practically any Mum. They're super versatile, not too high, simple but patent and will go with just about any Mother's wardrobe.

6. River Island Light Pink Mini Structured Tote Bag - Handbags are essential and it just so happens that this handbag happens to be gorgeous, fun and vibrant. Update your Mum's wardrobe with a Spring/Summer injection with this handbag.


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Party Outfit Ideas

 I'll confess, I've always had a bit of a raging party animal inside of me - I've always loved a good dance floor boogie and some of my Mum and Dad's funniest stories that they tell me include me dancing around like a lunatic at family parties - on my own as well. Well, not a lot has changed. I'm still that baby prancing around the dance floor looking for any old excuse to let loose. In fact, the only difference now is that I choose my own party outfits and I've added a few extra inches onto my height! Sometimes finding party outfits can be a major struggle in a teenager's may sound petty, it may sound pathetic but it is the truth. We've all been there, had the major freak out, the major stages of stress - myself included. In fact, I've almost been there a little too often. You want to be the best dressed at the party, impress who you want to impress and ultimately look good. So, I've gone and gathered a few of my favourite party looks that will be multi-purpose for any occasion, whether you're out on the town, rocking up at a house party or are going to the theatre (maybe that's a party for some?) - these outfits will give you a few extra ideas!

1. Topshop Black Bralet Bodycon Dress - This little black dress is really cute and simple but is a versatile and fun black dress. A black dress is a staple for any wardrobe, according to Coco Chanel - what better advice can a girl get than that of Chanel? I love this Bralet Bodycon Dress because it's sophisticated but fun with the cut-out detailing!

2. Missguided Victoria Contrast Strappy Sandals In Black - These shoes are a perfect addition for any party outfit. Their monochrome colours can be paired with almost anything. They're subtle and dainty and won't detract from any outfit - simply being the perfect companion for your party look!

3. River Island Black Brushed Lace Skater Dress - This black dress is perfect for parties and formal wear. The lace detailing gives the dress a bit of a contrasting feature and the flared nature of this skater dress adds a little bit of flirtation without you having to do any of the work! 

4. Missguided Barbie Heeled Sandals with Blocked Perspex Detail - I get very distracted by the names of products and I'll put my hands up and say that these gorgeous heels sold themselves even more to me with them being called 'Barbie' heels - sad but true. I love these heels because I adore perspex detailing on shoes. I think perspex is fun and edgy and would make these heels a perfect accessory for any party outfit. 

5. Missguided Shilin Mesh Panel Strappy Midi Dress in Black  - This dress is one of my favourite picks - I love it. Mesh panel is eye-catching and edgy, making what is essentially a simple black dress edgy and unique. 

6. River Island Black Drape Front Belted Dress - Words that describe this dress? Effortless sophistication.

7. Free Fall Black Frill Camisole Dress - Introduced to in Company magazine's latest issue, I have sort of fallen in love with the site. (If you haven't already checked it out - do it! The site is full of some cool, affordable fashion pieces.) I love this Black Frill Camisole Dress because it's 'casual-dressy'. How can something be 'casual-dressy'? Simple, the Frill Camisole detailing on this dress gives the impression of a relaxed, 'I just threw this on' vibe but in actual fact you are wearing a 'dress', hence you are dressy. Make this outfit even more formal by adding statement accessories - a statement necklace, clutch or shoes. This outfit is versatile for daytime-night time wear. 

1. Topshop Lux Strappy Jumpsuit  - This jumpsuit is a simple but cool party piece - a sure investment for any S/S14 wardrobe because it's super versatile and easily adapted to daytime or nightime wear. This jumpsuit would be perfect paired with the Topshop heels featured below (Topshop Glory White High Court Shoes £58 ). Colour blocking is sure to attract attention so the addition of these Glory White High Court Shoes will ensure you make an entrance. Dress up this jumpsuit even more with the addition of stacked bracelets to dress up the bare areas of your body, in this case - your arms. 

2. Missguided Keiko Floral Jumpsuit - Florals are HUGE this S/S14 so this jumpsuit is not only an investment for the party section of your wardrobe but will also serve you well in day-to-day situs! The black background canvas is spot-on the floral trend with the vibe of florals in 'midnight'. 

3. Topshop Lux Pal Jumpsuit - Not the most obvious party outfit but sometimes less is more. This jumpsuit is primarily a day-time outfit investment but that doesn't mean you can't transfer it into the night! This jumpsuit is easily dressed up with statement heels, like the Missguided heels I've mentioned below (Missguided Augustina Metallic Platform Sandals). The simple addition of these sandals will make your outfit a thousand times more striking, then dress up your fingers with some silver midi rings and stud earrings and you'll be ready for the night! 

4. Boohoo Natalia Strappy Cami Jumpsuit - Similar to the Topshop Lux Strappy Jumpsuit this jumpsuit is simple but great for colour blocking. Pair it with a colour clutch to add some more colour splash into your outfit, making it vibrant and fun for the night! 

5. Missguided Latta Wrap Jumpsuit with Tie Waist in Coral - Colour block, colour block, colour block - guess I just love a bit of colour block! This Tie Waist Jumpsuit is yet again versatile for daytime or night time wear. Pair it with a statement choker necklace and a bold clutch and your accessories will do the majority of the talking - your Jumpsuit will just be the icing on the cake. 

6. Topshop Nude Sequin Top Wide Leg Jumpsuit by Rare - If you want to sparkle and shimmer into the night then this is the Jumpsuit for you! Although embedded with embellishment, this wide leg jumpsuit isn't too over the top because the colour is subtle and is more of a wash than an 'in your face' bold, statement colour. 

1. Mango Beaded Sequin Dress - This Mango Sequin Dress is perfect for a more formal occasion. Sophisticated yet with an injection of fun with the head-to-toe sequins, this outfit is worth the heftier price tag. 

2. Miss Selfridge Chain Halter Maxi Dress - This Chain Halter Maxi Dress is simple yet gives you every sense that you've spent ages picking out the perfect thing to wear. This dress is quite 'ball gown-esque' and it would be perfect formal wear for pretty much any occasion - a maxi tends to lean towards more formal wear and black is simplistic, tame but a bold statement at the same time! 

3. ASOS Elise Ryan Maxi Dress with Lace Scallop Back - I think this dress is pretty and delicate and is the essence of Spring with its pastel colouring. 

4. River Island White Ruffle Peplum Pencil Dress - This White Ruffle Peplum Dress is quite 'Kardashian' style and perfect for those of you who want to emphasise curves and complement them in the best way possible. This pencil dress will draw attention to those hip curves and with the addition of the Ruffle along the waist and shoulder pads, attention is drawn to all areas of your outfit and body (oo cheeky). 

5. Boohoo Lola Glitter Sole Extreme Platform - Nude heels are a bit of a staple for any wardrobe but I especially love these heels because I think their Glitter sole is super, super cute. Not immediately noticeable but definitely cause for a smile and admiration when people notice that you're walking on glitter! 

6. Missguided Metallic Bodycon Dress - Metallic, another of S/S14's trends. This is a fun option for any formal occasion! Be sure not to overdo it with accessorising because the dress is already quite detailed and eye-catching - don't go over the top! 

Black jumpsuits are perfect if you want an outfit that you can wear a thousand times - seriously, a black outfit looks different depending on how you accessorise and do your makeup/hair. With first hand experience on how a black jumpsuit outfit can be a good investment, I decided to dedicate an Outfit Idea Collage on my favourite black jumpsuits - here they are!

1. ASOS Jumpsuit With Contrast Bow Back - I ADORE this jumpsuit, in fact, let me re-phrase - I'm in love. This outfit is ridiculously cute and playful. From the front it's fairly simplistic with subtle detailing at the chest but the back detailing with the addition of the oversized, colour contrast bow just makes the outfit to-die-for. ASOS has done it once again - well done guys. 

2. New Look Black Mesh Belted Jumpsuit - Versatile and already accessorised with the slimline belt and detailed with the mesh effect, now all you need to do is pair it with a white clutch for a slight colour splash and some subtle heels!

3. River Island Black Mesh Neck Belted Jumpsuit  - This jumpsuit is a perfect example of how black jumpsuits can literally magically transfer into any outfit you please. This jumpsuit is practically ready-to-wear, already accessorised with this belt. However, simply take off the belt for a daytime look or  dress it up further with a choker, statement necklace or bold heels. If you want your outfit to be even more of a statement add a patterned bomber jacket to add patterns into the mix! 

4. ASOS John Zack Jumpsuit in Monochrome - I love the simplicity of this monochrome outfit but I love it even more because monochrome is one of Spring/Summer's major trends - this outfit is basically a win-win! 

5. Topshop Sheer Panel Jumpsuit -A perfect example of how Sheer Panelling can complete an outfit, give it edge and make it look chic. This outfit would barely need accessorising just a 'knock 'em dead' pair of statement heels. 

1. Boohoo Lara Sweetheart Skater Dress - This Lara Sweetheart dress from Boohoo is a perfect party dress for an evening garden party. Vibrant and pastel coloured, this dress would be a perfect dress for evening wear and for daytime wear. I love this dress because it is quite doll-like and petite in its fit. 

2. Missguided Lilyana Peplum Mini Dress - I love this Lilyana Peplum Mini Dress because the peplum detailing gives your outfit an element of flirtation and fun. The mint colouring is also perfect for any Spring/Summer outfit because it's bright and vibrant. 

 3. River Island Coral Geometric Print Pointed Court Shoes One of the reasons that I love Spring and Summer collections is because of the return of pastel colours. Practically every Spring/Summer pastels will make their comeback and each time they'll make a comeback of a different kind. I love the shoes because they combine geometric patterning and pastel colours and as a result you have these dynamic, bold, statement shoes that will partner well with practically any outfit. 

4. Boohoo Josie Scalloped Detail Skater Dress - This Scalloped Detail Dress is one of my favourites because the Scalloped Detail creates a contrast. This outfit is perfect if you want a simple pastel outfit that you can dress up with accessories. Pair it with heels or statement jewellery. 

5. H&M Sleeveless Dress - This Sleeveless Dress is a colour statement - be bold and brave with this outfit choice! 

6. Forever 21 Cutout Craze Bodycon Dress - I love this Cutout Craze Dress because the cutout detailing means that you can let your outfit do most of the talking! This outfit is a subtle statement but is bold and daring with the Cutout detail. 

1. House of Fraser Biba Metallic Lurex Maxi Dress - This dress is gorgeous and is perfect for formal wear or if you just want to make a statement. The metallic detail will also mean that you're right on trend because metallics are all the rage this S/S14. This dress would need minimal accessories and a pair of subtle heels. 

2. Dancing Queen Black Sequin Sleeveless Dress - Another example of my new love for website which is where I found this statement black dress. This dress is perfect for any evening wear and is a statement because you'll be glistening from head-to-toe. 

3. Lipsy Kardashian Halter Pencil Dress - I love this Kardashian Halter Pencil Dress and although it's not a massive bold statement, this dress is a statement through the monochrome colour blocking and the lace detailing. Keep accessories simple because this dress is busy and bold - don't go over the top! 

4. Topshop 60s Lift Shift Dress  - This 60's Lift Shift Dress could be worn in daytime or night time. Dress it up with some statement heels and some subtle accessorising. 

5. ASOS V Bar Clutch Bag - This V Bar Clutch Bag is super versatile for any outfit - when people say that black goes with everything, they're not wrong! This clutch bag is dynamic and edgy with the V Bar cutout. 

6. Topshop Two Tone Bonded Skater Dress - You'll either love or hate this dress, but its combined two toned metallic effect creates a perfect statement outfit. 

1. Missguided Augustina Metallic Platform Sandals - These Metallic Platform Sandals are a great statement for any outfit. I love the Metallic detailing because metallics are really big this S/S14 - these shoes will certainly be an investment. 

2. H&M Court Shoes - Don't be put off with the title of these 'court' shoes. Every wardrobe should have a staple pair of black shoes. These H&M shoes will be really versatile and their slight heel will mean that your feet won't be in complete agony at the end of the night. 

3. Boohoo Bianca Plaque Ankle Strap Peep Toe Heels - These Bianca Plaque Strap Peep Toe Heels will brighten up a subtler outfit and turn an understated outfit into a bold statement that will get heads turning. These Peep Toe Heels would be perfect for any black colour schemed outfit, making it lively and fun. 

4. Feeling Fresh Mint Platform Sandals  - These Mint Platform Sandals are made fabulous with the addition of the perspex block heel. I LOVE perspex block heels because they're edgy and fun. I also love if you haven't already realised… 

5. River Island Gold Double Strap Barely There Sandals - These River Island Gold Double Strap Sandals are dainty and a perfect partner for most party outfits. 

6. River Island Light Orange Toe Cap Pointed Court Shoes - These Orange Toe Cap shoes are bold and fun. I love the shoes because you could easily wear them in the daytime or the night time. These shoes would be perfectly partnered with the Cutout dress I mentioned above - colour blocking at its best! 

7. Topshop Shelly Pink Cutout Platform - If you want a bold daytime outfit, these are the heels for you. If you want a fun, versatile pair of night time heels - again, these are the heels for you. Pastel heels will be easily adapted to any S/S14 outfit, whether you want to soften your gothic look or emphasise your pastel approach to your outfit - either way, these heels will serve you well! 

8. Topshop Glory White High Court Shoes - I love these heels for their simplicity, they will literally go with absolutely anything. These heels will be a classic addition to your wardrobe and their smaller-than-average heel size will mean that you could trot around in them in the daytime as well as night! 

Have fun partying! 


Thursday, 20 March 2014

March / What's On My Beauty Wish List

This month I've had a massive urge to splurge and to be honest the only reason I've been able to control that urge is due to the fact that I have no money to do it. As always, I've developed a few fancies over the past month and having already shared with you my fashion wishes, I thought it was about time that I shared with you which beauty items I want to add to my collection.

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - I've heard so many good things about this foundation and I think it's time that I give it a try. A little hesitant that the shades won't be light enough for my ghostly pale skin but trying a few testers beforehand should tell. I can't wait to finally get my hands on this foundation and try it for myself. I've heard numerous bloggers rave about its coverage and a lot of my friends have also told me how fabulous it is. I've got my eye on the shade 'shell' - it looks the lightest and it could possibly be light enough - fingers crossed. 

2. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner - I've actually never owned any Bobbi Brown makeup before but recently I've been taking trips to their makeup counter in my local John Lewis and I've got my eye on more than a few of their items. Firstly, having been told by my friends how amazing this Gel Eyeliner is, I think it's time that I aspire towards saving for it. Although I'm perfectly happy with my Rimmel London Eyeliner I think that a brush and a pot would be more precise and accurate - this Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner would also supposedly stay on for longer so I wouldn't have to keep topping up my eyeliner for a greater black intensity every few hours. 

3. Nars Orgasm Blush - This is possibly one of the most famous beauty products out there. Most beauty bloggers will either have this product stashed with all their other items or will have read about it at some point. This is supposedly THE Queen of all blushers and I'm intrigued as to what all the fuss is about. I'm keen to try this staple beauty product at some point - I want one please. 

4. Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder - This is another Bobbi Brown product that I'm eager to try. I love the Spring colour palette with lots of pastel shades. This Brightening Finishing Powder would be a quirky highlighter and something different to add to my makeup bag! 

What's on your beauty wish lists this month? Leave a comment below and tell me what you're loving! 


Sunday, 9 March 2014

March / What's On My Fashion Wish List

My birthday month of February has once again come and gone. It always leaves me feeling a little bit sad when the shortest month of every year comes to a close, but it couldn't have been better. Jam-packed with celebrations, parties, hard-work - February served me well once again. I've accepted that it's time to embrace March and what better way than to search for even more clothes (that I want and can't afford) to fill me up with happiness once again..

Quick Buy: Click on product title
1. Miss Selfridge Colour Block Tote Bag £35 / 2. Missguided Holly Suede Snakeskin Sandals in Cobalt Blue £39.99 / 3. Topshop Tropical Floral Boilersuit £68 / 4. Topshop Stitch Cigarette Trouser £30 / 5. Miss Selfridge Aztec Printed Shorts £35  / 6. River Island Pink Glitter Block Heel Jelly Shoes £18

1. Miss Selfridge Colour Block Tote Bag £35 - To confess, I have developed a little bit of an addiction to the Miss Selfridge site - I basically love everything on the website. It was on one of my regular browses that I came across this bag, which is quite frankly to die for. Colour blocking is usually a S/S trend that come round every season, and once again it's filling the high street stores. This colour block Tote Bag is a perfect bag to accompany every Spring/Summer outfit!

2. Missguided Holly Suede Snakeskin Sandals in Cobalt Blue £39.99 - You may recognise these Snakeskin Sandals from my Spring/Summer outfit ideas post. I don't usually repeat items in my posts but I actually love these heels too much to not feature them on the fashion wish list this month. I think these heels would be perfect for casual wear and evening wear. They're bold but not too striking with the colour contrast between black and blue.

3. Topshop Tropical Floral Boilersuit £68 - I like how casual this Tropical Floral Boilersuit is - making it versatile and a super easy outfit to wear. You could pair this Boilersuit with stacks of rings and a statement necklace to make it more styled but it's even a perfect outfit for lounging around in. Comfy and fashionable - you can't usually juxtapose those words!

4. Topshop Stitch Cigarette Trouser £30 - These Cigarette Trousers also featured on my S/S outfit post but it would be a fashion offence if I didn't include them in this post. I absolutely LOVE these Cigarette trousers and desperately want them to magically appear into my wardrobe. Fun and lively, this colour injection would be perfect to liven up any S/S outfit.

5. Miss Selfridge Aztec Printed Shorts £35 - These shorts are another example of my Miss Selfridge addiction. The worst part about this Miss Selfridge packed wish list is that I genuinely tried to make it a wish list full of different items from different stores..I simply couldn't do it because I kept seeing so much that I loved on the Miss Selfridge site. Aztec print has been floating around the fashion trends for quite some time now and it's making its comeback once more. I like these shorts because they combine the S/S monochrome trend with aztec print, ticking the S/S pattern box and colour palette! These shorts could easily be adapted for evening wear outfits by dressing them up with statement heels and jewellery.

6. . River Island Pink Glitter Block Heel Jelly Shoes £18 - I love jelly shoes a little too much and seeing as they're everywhere right now, I'm verging onto having a breakdown because I can't afford any of them at the moment. These glitter versions from River Island are adorable and fun - who doesn't love a bit of sparkle?

What's on your fashion wish list this month? Leave a comment and let me know or tweet me @iblogthefashion!


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

S/S14 LOVE Magazine Review - Issue 11

I love discovering new things - perhaps these 'new' things aren't necessarily new, but they will be new to me. There's always a certain element of excitement that bubbles within me when I discover something new. Maybe that something new is a cool new blog, a new designer or hmm, I don't know - LOVE magazine? LOVE magazine isn't stocked in my local shop down the be honest, not much is in terms of fashion masterpieces, you'll find an odd loaf of bread and a couple of eggs, thrown in with a copy of the local village paper perhaps but not LOVE magazine. And if there's one thing that's for sure, I was seriously missing out when I didn't have my mitts on this magazine. Why do I LOVE it so much? (too cliched? Sorry, I'll stop there)…Seriously though, you just have to look at the few images I took of a random selection of my favourite pages from the new LOVE issue to realise why I'm currently obsessed with it...

Page 240-41 Photography by David Hughes  

 Page 254, Sky Ferreira by Petra Collins 

Miley Cyrus, Page 308-17, Photography by David Sims

 Page 322-23 / Juergen Shoots Lily at Ur's exhibition 

Page 332-33 

 Page 350-51

 Page 352-53 Photography by Tim Walker

Page 362-63   

 Photography by David Sims 

Page 162-64 / Molly Goddard / Fashion Designer 

Above there are some snapshots of some of my favourite parts of the magazine but this magazine is like your S/S14 bible - seriously, you should worship it. The magazine is overflowing with beautiful, artistic, creative and eye-catching fashion photography - showcasing some truly inspirational photographers' works of near masterpiece. We're always told to 'never judge a book by its cover', well guilty as charged because I'm forever doing that - a cover matters. That phrase applies to magazines as well and while I'm desperately trying to not be so judgemental..I can't help it. However, this magazine does not disappoint, in fact, it was its cover that I was immediately drawn to. The LOVE logo, re-designed by Isamaya Ffrench is absolutely awesome and reminds me of the essence of what Spring and Summer is about - ice cream! The lettering oozes and drips, similar to a delightful, handheld 99 cone that I hold on a summer's day lounging by a pool somewhere where its nice and hot. This colour burst is kept consistent throughout the issue and successfully manages to keep the inspired reader gripping onto its luxuriously thick and silky pages. That's an additional thing that I love about the magazine, the pages. A bog-standard magazine that you find on any old news stand will present you with thin, limp, almost non-existent paper which displays advertisements and articles that you read obediently. However, who can deny that if the paper was more appealing, that amazing article you just read would be 100 times better? Maybe that's just me but the paper in this delightful 'mag' is top-notch - in fact, it deserves the Oscar that poor old Leo DiCaprio never won.
  It's not just the visuals that make me fall in love with fashion and this magazine a thousand times, the articles are just as inspiring. Showcasing some fresh new talent from actors, designers, models, illustrators, artists and so much more, Molly Goddard (shown above) is an example of some of the amazing talent that this magazine has helped to recognise. Molly Goddard's designs are awesome. After being intrigued to find out more about her and a few other fresh new faces of talent, I used our old friend 'Google' to assist me on the job - he didn't disappoint. Goddard's designs are super cool, I recommend you check them out here - I loved them! The magazine also gives its people what they want - Miley Cyrus. Whether you love or hate her, you should certainly give controversial figure Cyrus a chance for her to show you what she's made of. Intelligent and insightful, the interview doesn't disappoint. Although I was a kid when 'Hannah Montana' was one of the most popular tv shows around (including mine at the time), I've grown up, so why isn't she allowed to? I think you'll find that Miley's clever approach to maturity and making a successful transitional change away from Disney has been as successful as she'd of hoped - grabbing spots on magazines like LOVE.
  To draw this glowing review to a close, I really couldn't have asked for a better magazine for the small price of £6.00. Although you may be tutting and shaking your head in disbelief at the hefty price tag compared to most other magazines, firstly, I want you to take a look at the amount of pages of pure genius this magazine has - more like a book I think you'll find. Secondly, it's a small price to pay if you want a magazine that will give you creative stimulation both in the context of fashion and artistically. I really don't think I can stress enough just how much I LOVE this magazine.. but I hope I gave it a damn good try!

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