Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trick Or Treat

 So, I will make a slight confession by saying that the reason that I haven't blogged in a while is because I've been resting. Yep, doing absolutely nothing, sort of like Jesus on his seventh day of creating the universe, well that was me - chilling. While this seemed like a perfectly acceptable excuse for my absence, while I type it and form it into a sentence, I'm realising that it's not such a good excuse and portrays me as somewhat lazy and unproductive. I am ashamed, but I have since moved beyond my lazy lounging days to type this special blog post just for you. While I've been lounging and just overall being a complete slob I've discovered some truly wonderful things and it would only be rude not to share them with you, so without further ado - here they are!

1. Never underestimate the power of a bath - This makes me sound like I don't wash - don't worry I do shower daily, sometimes twice - if anything I wash perhaps too frequently. What I mean by this is you can't deny the power a bath has. For me, it's been showers for quite some time - they were my method of washing - quick and no messing around with waiting for the tub to fill up, the water is just there. Baths are a different matter. They're a little bit time consuming but they're a million times better than the knock-off showers. With more time on my hands I've had the luxury of soaking in the bath every so often. I'd forgotten how nice it was to just lie there in the bath and relax. I'm never again underestimating the power of a bath.

2. Spending hours watching TV is sometimes the best way to spend a day - Yes, I've done it, I've hit rock bottom but I don't even care. You can't honestly sit there and say that you've never spent an entire day being the dictionary definition of a 'coach potato', sitting and watching programmes for an entire day looking like a complete mess. Well, I've been there, done that and should really get the t-shirt for it and here are the programmes/films that I've been loving.

Awkward - High school situations that really are 'awkward'. This programme is funny and really entertaining.
New Girl - Katy Perry look-a-like Zooey Deschanel stars as 'new girl', Jess in this funny and random programme. I've only recently started watching New Girl and I love it already.
Toy Story Of Terror - I love Toy Story and if you don't you should close this blog right now. Toy Story of Terror is a short little film of how the toys end up in a scary little situation. I don't want to give away any of the plot, research it or even better watch it if you want to find out what happens. If you never left your childhood days behind you then you won't be disappointed.

3. Music that makes me dance - The music that I can't get enough of recently is;

Miley Cyrus Bangerz album - Yeah, yeah, roll your eyes, make a comment, pull a face - whatever buddy - this album is so good. My all time favourite tracks are Get It Right and Bangerz. Miley Cyrus has been thrust into magazines, newspapers and talked about on possibly every radio station around the country for her gobsmacking transformation but this music transformation is a positive one. I have no personal negative comments or attitudes towards Miley but even if you do, give her music a chance - it's fun and will definitely get your foot tapping at least.

Awolnation Sail - This song is so good and after hearing it on an advert I was desperate to find out what it was.

So, I've filled you in on my life happenings but seeing as it's Halloween today I thought that I'd do a blog post themed appropriately!
  I find Halloween a tiny bit stressful - there's so much to think about. If you're lucky enough to be going out partying or just want to do a spot of trick or treating around your ol' neighbourhood - you want to look good, more importantly vaguely scary. Halloween is always stressful because you want to find that 'perfect outfit' (is there ever such a thing?). However, it's not just the outfit that you have to take into account, you have the make-up to consider, the accessories and the nails. Well, I'd been experimenting on one of my 'lazy days' and came up with some possible Halloween nail inspo, I call it...erm..well it doesn't have a name so *insert something creative here and move on* - here they are!

This bloody mess of a design is super easy to create and if you're going as a vampire/blood-sucking specimen, I think it is particularly perfect. If you're not very good with faffing around with nail art pens, glitter, stencils, stickers or jewels count yourself lucky because all you need to achieve this look is a pot of white and red nail varnish, some nail varnish remover and some cotton buds and you're ready to go!

How to create the look.

1. Apply your base coat and wait to dry. (This step is optional I guess but advisable if you don't want stained nails. A base coat will prevent awkward nail stains that turn your nails yellow and make you look like you have some sort of nail disease/condition. I advise the base coat.)
2. Apply a layer of red nail varnish. The shade or intensity of red really depends on your preferance. The shade that I'm wearing here is Rimmel London Long Lasting Finish in Double Decker Red.
3. Once you've applied a coat or two of red, use a thick layer of white nail varnish and paint on top of the red completely. The white polish that I used was 17 Fast Finish in white. Ensure that the layer of white you apply is thick, if it's too thin then you won't get the above effect.
4. Once you've left the white layer to dry a little, take a cotton pad (not one of those fluffy, snowball kinds but the flat pads - you don't want bits of cotton wool to stick to your nails!) and pour on some nail varnish remover. Lightly swiping across the nail with the cotton pad, remove some of the top layer of white. This should reveal the red underneath and depending on how much you swipe the cotton pad, you can reveal as much or as little red as you want.
5. Leave to dry and you have your 'blood' themed nails!

If you've tried out the look tweet me your pics @iblogthefashion or send me a snap of your Halloween costume/makeup/nails - I'd love to see what you're all going as!

This year I decided to steer clear of being a Witch. I've been a Witch every Halloween and although being a Witch is great, it's also a little bit limiting. As a child I used to make my costume out of bin liners. Yes, bin bags. My witche's dress was merely a black bin bag covered in my illustrations stuck on with Sellotape - while this is eco-friendly, money saving and inventive, it might not be my ticket to winning any prizes for best costume any time soon. You'll be glad to know that my costume this year doesn't include any bin bags - I've decided to go as a doll.

Make-up I used to create this look:
Avon lipstick
Revlon Liquid Liner
Mac Rice Paper eyeshadow

So, that's my Halloween makeup - what's yours? Have an awesome night and have heaps of fun - Happy Halloween! 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I Wanna Be A Millionaire

The high street is a wonderful creation for those of us who don't have thousands of pounds to spend on clothes. However, there are some things that money can buy - fabulously, hand-made, hand-crafted, masterpiece clothes. I buy many, many fashion magazines and in them are adverts so glamorous and fantastic that they make me want to cry. Every picture bursts with the essence of 'chic' and is full to the brim with clothes that I would die for. Due to the new season of Autumn (a.k.a Fall for you lovely American readers), the magazines are stuffed with brand new collections. I want everything and to be honest if I was rich I probably would end up being poor because I'd spend all my money on clothes. However, I'm not rich and I can barely afford high street clothes let alone the fancy designer gear. BUT, I can dream and I can wish and that's exactly what I did. When I find something that I love I fold down the corner of the page in the magazine and revisit it for inspiration/just to admire it whenever I have a spare moment. While this may not be normal, it's what I do. I thought, in this post, that I would share with you all my favourite things which, if I was a millionaire, I would spend my money on. This is a fantasy post..welcome to my dreams..
Ps: If you can afford this, I hate you. Leave now. (I'm joking, well not really...)

1. Alexander McQueen Pearl Embroidered Cigarette Trousers - You should've guessed by now that when designers are involved in my blog posts, there will most definitely be a mention of Alexander McQueen. To say I am a fan of his work/brand would be an understatement. Fabulously weird, quirky and fun - McQueen's 'Ready To Wear' section is just a little toned down from his catwalk designs. I love these trousers. They're probably one of the simpler designs from this collection but they're awesome nevertheless. I like the way that these Cigarette Trousers are casual yet formal - you could dress them up or down. The Pearl Embroidery makes these trousers edgy and high fashion, creating line and shape to any figure. Priced at £750, only the rich and lucky could bear to spend that amount of money on one pair of trousers...if only I won the lottery...

2. Ted Baker Embellished Collar Shirt - Pretty and Pink, this shirt is nailing one of the most popular colours of A/W - pink. I love the simplicity of this shirt and the addition of glamour with the embellished collar. Perfect for casual day-to-day wear. For £99, however, I could buy 5 high street shirts with that money..

3. & Other Stories Nubuck Leather Jacket - This jacket is perfect for nailing the gothic/grungy look of A/W without smothering yourself head-to-toe in black. This dark, emerald green jacket is perfect to pair with black boots and casual wear, while still being high fashion. £220

4. Michael Kors Watch - I like all Michael Kors watches, they're cool, classy and elegant. I don't own a watch purely because my taste in them is a little expensive. Maybe Santa Claus will surprise me with a £218 watch this year? Or maybe not...

5. Victoria Beckham Victoria Tote - I get a little bit sad when I look at Victoria Beckham's collection because the prices are just ridiculously high. Each piece of clothing, however, is fantastically designed - pristine, clean and chic. This bag is just one of the many things I love in Victoria's collection - simple and classy, perfect to pair with basically any outfit. The downside? The 3 zero price tag.

6. Sophia Webster Footwear - Spotted in one of my fashion magazines, these shoes immediately caught my eye. I love the exotic, Spanish/Italian vibe these shoes have. Every day would be a party wearing these! £525 on a pair of shoes is a little out of my price range, however, so I'll not be getting my mitts on these anytime soon.

7. DKNY Cropped Crew neck Tee With Logo - This DKNY Crew neck Tee has a sporty vibe and casual essence about it. Really casual but perfect for pairing with a statement necklace, if this was in my wardrobe I would wear it to death. At £60 this Tee is the cheapest designer piece on my Millionaire Wish List!

8. Givenchy Sleeveless Bambi Tee - Givenchy has been my guilty pleasure for the past few months - especially their Bambi designs. Their Bambi sweater was a sell-out within weeks and I was amongst the fans of their super popular design. When I saw this Tee I really, really wanted it and if it wasn't £335 I would be buying it in a snap.

So that concludes my Millionaire Wish List. Of course, I could fit a lot more onto the Wish List because I love all clothes (literally), but I restrained myself and condensed the list into the above. What would you buy if you were a millionaire? Tweet me @iblogthefashion


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Review / Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation

In my Beauty Wish List post this month I grumbled a bit about Max Factor. If you haven't read the post , firstly - why not? haha and secondly I should inform you that the grumble wasn't a dig at Max Factor as a brand, it was just expressing my disappointment due to the fact that they discontinued the only foundation that matches my skin tone. The foundation that they discontinued was their Xperience Foundation in Light Ivory. I bought this foundation over and over again, I was the definition of a loyal customer, I never broke out of my comfort zone to try new foundations. This was partly because I couldn't be bothered to waste money for the sake of possibly finding another foundation that may/may not match my skin tone and partly because I was fed up of experimenting with makeup and wasting money! I was reliant completely on my Xperience Foundation, I never go a day without makeup so this foundation was basically my skin. Therefore, when I went to re-purchase my Xperience foundation and was then informed that they'd discontinued it, I was not a happy chap. In fact, I ranted to myself for several minutes/hours/days. I was forced to experiment with foundation once more. This was not a good place for me to be in as my skin refuses most foundations. I have quite a pale complexion making it virtually impossible to find a foundation that is light enough to match my skin. However, when I was in the Max Factor section in my local Boots, I spotted that Max Factor had released a new foundation. Had my prayers been answered?
  A few days ago I purchased Max Factor's newly released foundation - Whipped Creme. To start, I wasn't too thrilled about the price tag. The pot contains 18ml of foundation and is priced at £9.99 which is a little pricey for the little product you receive. However, the foundation was on offer and was reduced to £7.99, this made the price a little more bearable, so I bought it. I've now been using it for a few days and I am more than impressed. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that this foundation is even better than my beloved Xperience Foundation that I used for a few years. I'll start with addressing the whole 'whipped creme' aspect. The 'whipped creme' title did spark up intrigue and curiosity, I really didn't know what to expect. I was a little worried that the foundation would be too thick and would resist any powders/blushers that I usually put on top of my base foundation. I was pleased to find that the foundation really wasn't thick once applied. Although it appears in the pot as thick, as soon as you dap your finger/brush into it, the texture is light and slightly airy. I also found that a little goes a long way, which considering the tiny size of the pot was a good discovery!
   I initially wasn't too keen on the foundation being in a pot and having to dab in a finger/brush every time I used the foundation, however, I've found the pot has been an advantage. Compared to a tube, you have the control over how much product you want to use. My classic mistake when applying my foundation was squeezing out, accidentally, too much product, resulting in most of it going down the drain unused. The joy of the foundation being in a pot is that any unused product that you are left with on your foundation brush, you can just pop back in the pot! The foundation has also claimed to have a hydrating effect, addressing the issue of drying foundations. I didn't have any problems with my Xperience foundation as far as my skin's hydration was concerned, but Max Factor nevertheless has produced this 'hydrating' formula. I can't say that I've really noticed that my skin is overly hydrated after using it but it's definitely not dry after a full day of wear! The consistency and finish of the foundation, once on your skin, is slightly matte but also has a youthful glow to it. The idea that Max Factor had when developing this foundation was to create a demi-matte effect. The matte appearance is very on trend at the moment and I think it's fantastic how this foundation gives you a matte appearance without making your skin look dead/bland - it gives you an alive look which is all anyone could hope for at the end of the day!
  I've actually found this foundation to be quite similar to the Xperience foundation, although this foundation has more of a matte look than Xperience's, and the colour is practically identical (which, I was very, very happy about!). Max Factor's Light Ivory shade is practically an identical match to my skin tone, so, for all of my pale chums reading this, take note because this could be the shade for you! The coverage of the foundation is also fantastic and it hides every single blemish/patch of redness on my face. As far as the smell of this foundation goes it doesn't really have an over-powering smell as such. If I had to describe the smell to you I would probably describe it as having a sort of play dough smell. That sounds disgusting but it's really not as bad as I've just described it, as it just has a subtle under-tone smell of play dough - give it a sniff and you'll know what I mean.
  Overall I was chuffed with this foundation and I would highly recommend it to those of you on the look out for a good foundation, or for those of you who are desperately trying to find replacement foundations from ones that have been discontinued! Lastly, a massive thank you to Max Factor, you've not failed to please me yet!

Click the store to buy Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation at Boots (£7.99) / Superdrug (£7.99)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Throwback Thursday / Why Do Stars Fall At Night...

It's Thursday which means one thing on our Twitter/Instagram feeds - Throwback Thursday. It's not often that I blog about my life, so I thought I would do just that in a 'Throwback Thursday' blog post. I will specifically blog about last weekend (so it's a recent throwback). I wanted to write this post not only because it's something a little bit different but because I want to widen your music taste (hopefully) in the process. On Saturday I went to see the wonderfully talented band, San Cisco. Now, most of you reading this will probably not have the slightest clue who they are. This fact saddens me terribly but by the end of this post you'll at least have slight knowledge of their existence. If you do know who they are, I want you to be my friend. To confess, I wasn't sure who San Cisco were until one of my closest friends asked me if I wanted to go see them play. It was then that I discovered them on YouTube and loved them ever since.
  On Saturday evening we travelled down to Bristol to see San Cisco play at Thekla venue. I have never before in my life, been to a venue that cool. The venue itself was on a boat in the Bristol dock. I hadn't been to Bristol before, well actually I'd been to Bristol zoo but that was a little different and a whole other story, but not knowing Bristol very well, I wasn't sure what the venue was going to be like. I certainly wasn't expecting it to be on a boat! I was automatically excited as we pulled up next to the boat where San Cisco would be playing. The actual space where the bands were playing was down a flight of stairs, this meant that we were underwater on the boat - it probably couldn't have got more awesome.
  The stage area was small and because it was a standing arrangement it meant that we were ridiculously close to the bands that were playing. The first act to play was Kitten and the Bear. To be honest, I felt ashamed that I didn't know of Kitten and the Bear until Saturday night. They're now one of my favourite bands. They're a low-key brother and sister duo with a crazily good musical talent. I've linked a video to one of their songs below because you should definitely give their stuff a listen. They're also better live which you can't say about a lot of bands/artists today!

Kitten and Bear performing one of their amazing, lullaby-ish songs.
After Kitten and Bear had sent me into a relaxing trance, the next support act came on - F.U.R.S. I also hadn't heard of F.U.R.S but these guys were equally good.

F.U.R.S performing their song 'Striptease'
However, the main reason we were all there was to see San Cisco and after a half hour break & wait after F.U.R.S had performed, they finally arrived on the stage (which, did I mention, was ridiculously close). It's always surreal meeting people you've seen on TV/YouTube, they go from being a digital, pixalised human to 3D and real. It was a really good night and they performed so many great songs. A lot of the pictures I took were blurry because I was dancing/shaking/jiggling around too much but here are some non-pictures I took of the performance..

Obviously it's a bit gutting when a concert you've really enjoyed comes to an end, but as they say, all great things come to an end..Or do they? After the concert, San Cisco went to the merchandise table and starting selling their own albums, signing them and greeting the fans that had come to see them. So, I also got a cheeky snap or two with band members Jordi and Scarlett and got my album signed by them!

Jordi (middle), one of my closest buds Alicia (left) and Me (right).
Meeting the lovely drummer, Scarlett! 

Since Saturday I have played this album more than twenty times (according to my iTunes), so to say it's good is an understatement. My personal favourite tracks are No Friends, Lyall, Beach and Fred Astaire, but they're all really good.

So there you have it - my throwback! What's your Throwback Thursday? Tweet me your snaps/throwbacks at @iblogthefashion.

PS: If you're confused about the title, you should probably watch this video...


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Part II / Your Style Guide To Autumn/Winter

Yes, this post has finally arrived, the promised Part II! Earlier on in August I published Part I / Your Style Guide To A/W and it has been one of the most popular posts that I have ever done. The reason it has taken so long to release Part II is because, as you know school started to rule my life. However, I have made sure that I've scheduled in blogging time and I have actually dedicated the whole day to this blog post. Yes, it took me that long to put together this post but hopefully you'll find it useful which will make the time I spend worthwhile!


'Check' it out
Checks/square print is all the rage this A/W. Whether you're going down the route of grunge or pristine this A/W, checks/squares are a versatile pattern. Fill your wardrobe with squares this season with some of these ideas.

1. Zara Checked Studio Cape - This Checked Studio cape from Zara is perfect for casual wear. I love the flared effect of the cape which most definitely makes this cape edgy and stand out from the rest of your wardrobe coats/capes. A great statement checkered piece - what more could your A/W wardrobe ask for?

2. Boohoo Alannah Tartan Print Zip Blazer - This zip blazer is perfect for nailing not only the gothic grunge of A/W but also for rocking the checkered pattern. You could wear this blazer for casual wear and for more dressed up looks paired with some heels and a dress/skirt. You decide how to wear it!

3. Topshop Multi Check Turn Up Shorts - I love the English vibe of these shorts! I don't know whether it's just me but these shorts give me a real English country vibe. Whatever vibe they give you though, they are definitely right on trend.

4. ASOS Cheap Monday Checked Trousers - LOVE - this word is the perfect adjective when it comes to these trousers. Again, I've got that English country, 'horse riding' gear vibe which is part of the charm. The trousers will keep the goosebumps away on the colder, frostier days and keep you looking good all the while.

5. Boohoo Celia Brushed Knit Tartan Midi Skirt - Paired with some black boots, you have the gothic look down this A/W without going too 'all-out'. You can still look sophisticated with this skirt and sport the grunge look that is 'oh-so-popular'. Best of both worlds. What's that? Oh yeah, and it's covered in checkered pattern so you'll be even cooler wearing one of A/W's major pattern trends.

6. River Island Black Check Longline Cardigan - One slight pitfall of A/W is the cold, frosty air - so snuggle up in this cardigan to keep warm! If you don't want to paint yourself head-to-toe in checked clothes this cardigan is perfect. The contrasting colour will soften the intensity of the checkered pattern and with the contrasting pattern at the bottom of the cardigan you're not top-to-toe in checks!

Wild Side
Animal prints will unleash your wild side this A/W. Say hello to all your leopard print once more but also greet some more animals. This season the animal prints you should be wearing include crocodile, pony (sleek leather) and leopard. Here are some high street ideas;

1. Boohoo Mellisa Leopard Print Midi Skirt - Not only are you going all out with the leopard print with this skirt but you're also sporting the 'rainbow' colours that are really in this Autumn/Winter. By rainbow colours think colourful, vibrant, rich colours - this skirt definitely ticks the colourful, vibrant and rich colour box with this enriched, luxurious red. I love this skirt. Eye-catching but can easily be made casual by pairing it with a comfy jumper.

2. Topshop Argo Croc Heavy Boots - Although these boots may be a little on the pricey side, they're so worth it. The croc print is engraved into the leather of this boot making it a subtle addition to your outfit. These are sturdy shoes and will be practical yet fashionable - how often do the two go hand in hand? Snap them up if you can.

3. Topshop Oversize Animal Print Shirt - I absolutely love this shirt. It's so simple and casual yet nails the animal print that's 'oh-so-trendy' this A/W. Pair it with a statement necklace, you'll have an easy outfit for day-to-day wear.

4. River Island Leopard & Zebra Print Scarf - If you're not really into the animal print trend but still feel the need to own something 'animal-themed', this scarf will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The contrasting animal prints will break down the intensity of the 'animal print' and as it's a scarf it will be merely an accessory to your outfit and won't be taking centre stage too much!

5. River Island Cream Animal Print Full Skirt - This statement animal print skirt will make you stand out on the streets this Autumn/Winter. Pair this skirt with a simple, collared shirt and bomber leather jacket and you have a quick and fashion focused outfit!

6. Missguided Abril Animal Faux Leather Contrast Coat - This coat is snuggly, warm and head-to-toe in animal print, meaning only one thing - you're the essence of 'fashionista' and right on trend.

7. Urban Outfitters Burgundy Leopard Print Leggings - You'll be like an Autumn, leopard print leaf with these rich, burgundy coloured leggings. Edgy and fun, these leggings are the way to experiment with animal prints. A statement, yet casual piece for your A/W wardrobe.

Flower Power
Although Spring may be over, you won't be saying goodbye to the flowers anytime soon. This Autumn/Winter is plastered with flowers everywhere you look. I hunted down my top favourite floral pieces from the high street. Here are some ideas;

1. Urban Outfitters Staring At Stars Midi Dress - This midi dress is perfect for the hotter days of Autumn, however, on those colder, breezier days, team this dress with an oversized, knitted jumper and you'll be snuggly and warm. Look at the model for inspiration on how to wear this midi dress - grunge it up with heavy boots and accessorise it with a hat or maybe a scarf. This midi dress is versatile and covered in floral pattern - you'll have A/W sussed.

2. Topshop Paint Floral Shirt - This shirt is bold and fun. Express yourself and brighten up the grey days of A/W just with the simple addition of this shirt.

3. Topshop Floral Print Pussybow Blouse - With a slight Japanese vibe to this shirt, you'll wear the traditional 'floral' print. Swerving away from the kimono trend but still sporting the same sort of vibe this A/W.

4. ASOS Reclaim Vintage 90s Floral Slip Dress - This floral dress ticks two A/W trends - Florals 90's Vibe ✓. Therefore this dress is a double investment making it an even better buy for your wardrobe. 

5. River Island Grey Floral Print Joggers - Yes, joggers can be worn day-to-day if paired with the right things! These joggers are really on trend with the floral print and paired with high-heeled hi-tops/trainers, a bomber jacket and some statement accessories you can tomboy A/W out! Alternatively if you want casual, comfy yet stylish wear for lounging around in, these joggers are your new best friends! 

6. New Look Red Floral Jacquard Leather-Look Trim Dress - Quirky with a Leather-Look, this floral dress is a bargain at only £7. You could dress it up or dress it down - you decide! At £7, it's a small price to pay for a versatile dress! 

7. Missguided Janya Floral Bodycon Midi Skirt - This is a vibrant, happy skirt (who knew skirts could emote?). I love this skirt, I think it's a perfect addition to any wardrobe and matched with a cream, snuggly knitted cardigan/jumper this skirt can be part of a casual outfit! 


Teddy Bear
I think this is my all-time favourite A/W trend of all. I love teddy bears - who doesn't? Even better, I get to dress like one with some of these ideas...
1. Boohoo Elsie Chain Metallic Batwing Slouch Feather Yarn Jumper - Also combining another texture trend, feathers, this jumper is literally 'shabby-chic'.

2. Topshop Traditional Fur Cossack Hat - I find this hat adorable and cute. It reminds me of traditional Christmas outdoor wear where the Christmas carollers are wearing Cossack hats and mittens. For this reason I find it comforting and cute.

3. Miss Selfridge Feather Fur Bolero Jacket - This jacket would be an A/W investment and with a price tag over £100 it should be worth the money and I believe it would be worth the splurge.

4. Topshop Fur Mix Sweat - I do apologise for the amount of Topshop fur products on this Style Guide but I only ever put my favourite top picks and these just happened to be from Topshop - so you're just going to have to get over it. I have a Topshop obsession and it's a well-known fact. Moving on, this Mix Sweat is so edgy and will go hand in hand with the grunge look of Autumn/Winter with the leather sleeve panels. You have the contrast of cute from the teddy bear fur and a toughened up look with the addition of the leather. Perfect if you don't want to literally look like a fur ball this A/W.

5. ASOS Sonia Rykiel Teddy Bear Fur Coat With Denim Trim - I like the two different textures of this coat. The denim trim down the front contrasts with the furry texture of the main body of the coat; not only that but it creates a colour contrast making it an edgy edition to your wardrobe. This coat will guarantee both warmth and style - sorted.

6. Topshop Teddy Fur Pea Coat - This has got to be my favourite item on this whole Style Guide. I love the prettiness of the coat and the softness of its look. A lot of A/W looks are toughened up through the addition of chain, black, rough textures. The teddy bear look is definitely one of the softer textures of A/W and with this gentle pink colour you have a delicate item for your A/W wardrobe. I love this coat a lot.

The 'wet/slippery' texture is massive this A/W 2013 and whatever you're wearing, there simply shouldn't be any excuses for not wearing at least one vinyl material piece - it's everywhere. Here are some of my favourite high street pieces;

1. Topshop Vinyl Coat - This coat comes in two colours, I prefer this one but you should snoop on Topshop's website to make your own judgement on which one you prefer! This coat looks like something that's been snapped off the A/W catwalks - for that reason, I love it. This coat is really high fashion yet quite simplistic - no pattern, no fur, no frills - simply vinyl, making it a perfect A/W piece.

2. Boohoo Rhona High Waisted Wet Look Knicker Shorts - These shorts are definitely more party wear than day-to-day as they are called 'Knicker Shorts' for a reason - they're itty-bitty. The side panels are sort of see through too so they're a bold statement to rock up to any party in. The shorts have an added touch of rebellion with the 'wet' leather look.

 3. Missguided Thomsin Leather Look Dungarees - Add your own spin on the 90's look with combining the 'slippery' texture into the traditional 90's dungarees. These dungarees are one of my favourite items from the whole entire Style Guide. I may just have to buy myself a pair, they're only £20 too which makes them even more tempting...

4. River Island Orange Wet Look Tube Pants - Sale item alert! I'm pretty confident that these trousers will go in a flash so if you want your pair you better whip out that credit card! Reduced to £20, these Tube Pants would be an A/W investment sporting one of the major textures - vinyl. The Tube Pants come in various other colours, including black if you wanted to tone down the intensity of the fashion statement! I love the orange, however, because it's bold and outgoing but I understand that that's not everyone's style/taste!

5. River Island Black Wet Look Skater Skirt - This skirt is perfect for day time wear and for dressing up for parties! The full effect of the skirt will give it a 60's vibe and also that 'Marilyn' effect that is really in this A/W. This skirt is so versitle and would go with pretty much anything; shirt, jumper, cardigan, crop top - you name it.

6. Topshop Vinyl Shopper - If you're really not too keen on the whole 'wet' look, this Vinyl Shopper should be your next resort! Accessorising any outfit with this shopper will inject an element of Vinyl into your outfit without you having to clothe yourself in the texture!

7. Boohoo Ellie Tartan & Wet Look Insert Leggings - These leggings are a fantastic buy. Firstly, they're only £13, which in my opinion, is a bargain. It's a bargain because you're killing two birds with one stone, you have the Wet Look down the side panels of the leggings and you've also got the tartan, checkered pattern that is really in - so it's a win-win!

So there you have it! Your Style Guide To A/W in two parts! These posts took me a very long time to put together, finding the best items for each individual look and writing up on them. Hopefully you'll find it useful! What items are your favourites? Tweet me at @iblogthefashion 


Sunday, 13 October 2013

September Favourites // Empties

I don't do 'Favourites' posts very often. Unlike other bloggers I'm not blogging my favourite items every single month. The reason for this isn't because I don't find things I like during the course of a month, but it's because I don't have enough 'favourites' to make up a post every single month. When I find something I really like, I tend to stick to using that same thing rather than trying new things out. I guess I'm not very adventurous that way. However, since I started blogging earlier this year, I've been increasingly trying out new things. I get sent some new things via lovely PR's and I also splurge a little now and then to try new things out and later review/blog my thoughts about them. In September I'd experimented with quite a few new things and it occurred to me that I should do a 'September Favourites' post to share all of these items with you and give you my thoughts! So, without further ado, here they are!

BucketFeet Shoes * - I got sent these shoes a few weeks ago and they are the craziest/coolest shoes I think I've ever seen. Firstly, the name 'BucketFeet' is completely quirky, unique and fun. I think that the world of 'shoes' is far too bland and boring; there isn't one brand I can think of off the top of my head that stands out as a quirky/fun brand with equally fun and quirky shoes - BucketFeet fills that empty spot in the market. These shoes are outrageously fun and will immediately inject life into the simplest of outfits. The box that the shoes were packaged in was decorated in cute illustrations and came with its own BucketFeet string bag to keep the shoes safe and clean. Another reason I love the brand is that it gives individual artists a chance to shine, connecting their work with consumers. Each shoe BucketFeet designs has its own look and its own design by a different artist. Creative and fun - these shoes are one of a kind!

Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh - This perfume is my perfect 'on-the-go' scent. Its light and floral nature is subtle but will have people asking you what you're wearing all the same! I've been wearing this perfume a lot and it was definitely my favourite September scent! I also love the bottle, it really stands out from the rest of my averagely designed perfume bottles!

Mac Eyeshadow Palette - Confession time - this palette isn't actually mine (I wish), it's my Mum's. I've kind of been stealing this particular Mac palette of hers because I've sort of fallen in love with the shades. I'm not sure she's clocked it's missing yet but I've been enjoying it in the meantime. The shades are; Crystal, Tempting, Gorgeous Gold and Black Tied. The colours all complement each other and are a perfect foursome collection. My personal favourite combo is Crystal and Tempting - they're perfect for blending and developing into a subtle/stronger look depending on the occasion.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray* - This cute little bottle was a freebie that came with Elle magazine a few months ago. I've been using this hairspray ever since. It's perfect for giving your hair extra volume and thickness after you've just washed it. I tousle my hair when it's wet while applying some of this spray into the lengths. Its effect isn't drastic but it's good for giving your hair a little bit of extra volume!

Moroccan Oil - I loved this oil so much that I've used it all up. I've blogged about Moroccan Oil before, it would've been a crime not to. The oil is literally my favourite hair product out there. From the delicious smell to its brilliance, this oil took its last breaths in September. I've been mourning it ever since and I desperately need to re-purchase a bottle! It was my hair's saviour, making sure it was conditioned and healthy through its growing process!

V05 Ultimate Hold Hairspray - This hairspray was fantastic. It's one of my 'empties' from September. I used the whole can within the month. I've found it the best hairspray , it does exactly what it says on the can and is definitely 'ultimate hold'. I'm sad that it's all gone and as soon as I can get my hands on it again, my smile will return!

Essie Fiji Nail Varnish - A piece of shocking news might be that I have never owned an Essie nail varnish before the month of September. Partly what put me off was their slightly, 'above-average' prices. However, after purchasing 'Fiji' I won't ever look back - Essie is the nail varnish for me. The colour, although it looks relatively neutral and un-pigmented in the bottle, actually has a really strong pigmentation and with just one coat you can get a great finish! One of my pet hates when it comes to nail varnish is the need for applying multiple coats before you can actually get a good, strong colour on your nail. This is the first nail varnish I have come across that has a pale colour and strong pigmentation with one coat. Definitely worth those extra few pounds!

So there you have it - my September Favourites // Empties!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Lancôme Haul

Lancôme isn't usually the kind of thing that I would 'haul'. In fact, I'm not sure many people 'haul' Lancôme products because they're quite expensive to say the least. However, I have hauled Lancôme and I'm not sorry...Here's what I bought:

You're probably wondering what spurred on such a splurge..Honestly? I'm not too sure. I'd had a few things from Lancôme before but most of it was samples. I was at the Lancôme counter in Boots, exploring the make-up as usual and I noticed that they had a bunch of offers on. This was the beginning of more intrigue. The offers were brilliant. Products that were usually around £20+ were being offered as free gifts alongside your Lancôme purchases. This offer was too good to turn down - this is where the splurge began.. 
  I was actually originally at the 
Lancôme counter to re-purchase my favourite mascara - Hypnôse. I knew that their Hypnôse collection had some new designs by Alber Elbaz. They were covered top-to-toe in really cute, quirky and fun illustrations. I loved the new designs and the timing was great because I'd just run out of my mini Hypnôse mascara and needed a replacement! This was the first product I bought in my haul.

Like I mentioned above, I'd had my original Hypnôse mascara from a sample. Since the day I tried the sample, I never stopped using it. Hypnôse was the best mascara I had tried - it still is. I've tried literally every mascara on the shelves out there and nothing and I mean nothing  compares to this mascara. Unlike so many cheaper mascaras out there, this Hypnôse mascara doesn't mat your eyelashes together in a clump - with the lovely designed brush it spreads out your lashes and separates them for you. What I also love about Hypnôse is that it looks natural but still gives your lashes the volume and length that they need. It's the perfect balance. This design by Alber Elbaz is actually an extra black mascara - although there isn't a massive difference in the black and extra black, there is a more obvious colour with the extra black Hypnôse (which is obviously the whole point). I'm not sure what the added ingredient was in this particular Alber Elbaz edition of  Hypnôse but I have to say I was a little disappointed. The mascara irritated my eyes and throughout the course of the day small particles of mascara would fall into them. This was a little inconvenient as it meant that my eyes would naturally start watering buckets to try and remove the black particle that had fallen into them, meaning not only that I looked like I was crying, but also that my makeup ended up half way down my face. However, in purchasing this  Hypnôse Alber Elbaz extra black mascara I got a mini, original Hypnôse mascara free (like the one I originally ran out of). This mascara is the best one out there and although it retails at £23.00 - it's worth every single penny.  I wish I'd stuck to what I knew was best and bought the original  Hypnôse that I get along with but I suppose the extra black was worth a try..
  The next thing that I bought in my Lancôme haul was their lipsticks. As you know I have a soft spot for lipsticks. Since receiving my Estee Lauder lipstick, I've really noticed the quality difference in cheaper drugstore brand lipsticks and higher brand lipsticks. They're incomparable. While I'm finding most of my cheaper lipsticks won't last very long or their pigmentation is far weaker, higher brand lipsticks last longer and their pigmentation is fantastic. I'd never tried a Lancôme lipstick prior to these purchases but after being more than satisfied with my Estee Lauder Vintage Mauve, I took the plunge and snapped up these L'absolu Rouge lipsticks...

These lipsticks are amazing. The pigmentation is fantastic and not only that but they smell great. Not many lipsticks have a distinctive 'smell' but these Lancôme lipsticks certainly do. You know the small, purple sweets that you ate as a kid - Parma Violets? Well, these lipsticks smell exactly of them. I used to love Parma Violets, I haven't actually had one in years but they were delicious. I've been wearing these lipsticks for the past few days non-stop. Their smell is signature and specific to them - they're the best smelling lipsticks I own. The lipsticks, once on your lips, are also really great. They last really well and give your lips a lovely silky texture. I chose these colours because I own nothing like them. A mistake that I have made with lipsticks in the past is buying practically the same colours again and again. So, I made a point of making sure that these lipsticks were completely different from anything I owned. I love these colours. They're so different and achieve completely different looks. Rose Reflet is the lighter shade of the two, it's perfect for a subtle colour splash and for relatively natural makeup. It's a lovely light shade but is still well pigmented. Rouge Crepuscule is the darker shade of the two. It's a really pigminted shade and has a sparkly sheer quality to it. I think this is probably my favourite of the two but only because I tend to wear red tones more than pink. Both colours are so nice and for once - completely different to anything else I own! I'll definitely be buying some more of these lipsticks! The lipsticks are priced at £22.00 each, which, for an excellent lipstick is quite reasonable. Ok, it is a lot of money but you'll just have to get over it because these lipsticks are totally worth it. Start saving! 
  The next thing that I bought was one of Lancôme's newest products from their 'In Love' collection - Gloss In Love Pink Carat. 

This gloss is beautiful. I chose this shade because it has subtle pink pigmentation and I wanted a natural gloss for day-to-day wear. I couldn't be happier. Although the gloss doesn't have a particular taste/scent like Lancôme's Juicy Tubes, the natural quality is quite nice! Sometimes a taste/scent can be too overpowering so this gloss makes a contrast to the other scented glosses I own. When on my lips the gloss is sheer and has a subtle but cute sparkle to the finish. Priced at £20.00 this gloss is expensive and I sort of flinch when I think too much about the price because at the end of the day I did just buy a lipgloss when I could've realistically brought about 3 on the lower price-end beauty stands BUT I do love this gloss, so maybe it was worth the money...
  Lastly are the fabulous gifts that came free with my purchases; Galteis Douceur Cleanser*, Tonique Douceur Toner* and Bi-Facil Eye Cleanser*.

A perk for any customer is free gifts, so, naturally I was beaming when the lady at the counter exclaimed that I would be receiving these lovely products. I have to admit, I usually steer well clear from facial products purely because of bad experience. A few years ago my skin wasn't in the best shape, picture your typical spotty teenager - I was that. Spots are the bane of anyone's life and while I realise that there were some people my age with a lot worse problems than spots, I was a little distressed with my pimples. At the time there were numerous magazines with articles for 'cures' for 'acne'/'spots' - I basically tried everything the world had to offer to try and rid my face of the horrible monsters. That was probably the worst move I have made 'vanity-wise'. My spots seemed to multiply, my skin got incredibly red due to my sensitive skin and my face was left with scarring for a few years after. So, because of this, I tend not to fuss with my face too much. My skin routine is fairly straight forward, soap and water - done. 
  I have tried these products and I have to admit that they did make my skin red, I was a little puzzled because the ingredients are fairly natural and don't have any harsh ingredients so I put it down to my skin being hyper sensitive. However, a bonus I found when using all three products, is the amount of excess makeup it removed from my face. I was absolutely appalled with the amount of makeup that was still coming off my face after I had washed it and used a makeup wipe to remove my makeup from the day. In that respect it's a shame that I had a slight reaction from these products because it really did remove so much makeup that I didn't even know was lingering on my skin. I especially found that after I used the  Galteis Douceur Cleanser* and Tonique Douceur Toner* that my skin looked so much fresher and cleaner. I passed these products onto my Mum - as she also has sensitive skin I wasn't sure whether she'd get along with them but she's found them wonderful and they are part of her daily makeup routine now. 

And that concludes my Lancôme Haul! Overall I was thrilled with my purchases. Will I be hauling expensive makeup anytime soon again? Probably not but it was fun nevertheless (until I looked in my purse and found an empty space)! 

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