Monday, 8 July 2013

What's On My Wish List / July

I can't believe that it's that time of the month again, I am of course talking about my wish lists! I tracked down all the things that I am craving this month and they are a little more restrained than normal but still more than most people want...

1. Topshop Wide Leg Culotte Shorts - I have to say I'm guilty, I try and refrain from looking at Topshop things because they're often just a little too pricey BUT that never stops me looking. I tortured myself by looking at Topshop's wonderful and fantastic 'New In' section and fell in love 100+ times with everything on their website - there is literally nothing that I don't like. So, it was inevitable that I was going to find something fabulous and these Culotte Shorts were just that. It's all about Culottes at the moment and I'm loving the new trend. Firstly I can imagine that they are super comfortable just by looking at the picture. The loose hanging material and the wide cut of the shorts would make them casual but add an intense edgy look to an everyday outfit. For this reason I NEED these shorts! 

2. River Island Orange Zip Base Contrast Panel Tote Bag - I've actually been very well restrained when it's come to bags recently. I'm usually quite bad and tend to get a bit obsessed over a bag if I like it but recently I've tried to avoid that situation. However, thanks to the creation of my wish list the obsession has been rekindled and it's done so with this gorgeous bag. I love the shape, the colour and everything about this bag. It's a lovely warm tone of orange that will give any outfit summer vibes even if the weather isn't so summery itself! 

3. Topshop NINA2 Heel Jellie Sandals - I have failed to meet anyone born in the 90s who hasn't at some point in their life owned a pair of Jelly Sandals. As a child I owned a pair of Jelly Sandals, they were the comfiest things ever and smelt amazing (the smell was probably just me being weird but I liked the fresh plastic paddling pooly scent..). I am SO glad these gems have returned as a fashion shoe and they are high on my wish list this month! I can't wait to start wearing these again! 

4. Accessorize Tashie Carnival Sandals - I don't own any flat sandals but when I saw these sandals I really wanted them. I'm not entirely sure why I want them so much, I just do. Maybe because I love the gypsy look that's dotted around through accessories/skirts etc. and these sandals are bringing that feeling of bohemian? A random and unexpected item on this month's wish list but even so I have serious want for these beauties! 

5. River Island Bright Yellow Wet Look Skater Skirt - I'm not too sure how I feel about the whole 'wet look' texture of this skirt which is to be found in literally all Autumn/Winter 2013 collections but I adore the colour on this River Island Skater Skirt! River Island has a whole section of brightly coloured clothes to liven up any summer wardrobe and this was amongst some seriously amazing stuff. I chose the skirt after it had some tricky competition with some of RI's other items.  

6. Boohoo Jasmine Aztec Print Kimono - Just like Culottes, Kimono's are also rocking the summer season and all the high street shops and their sites! I want a Kimono badly. I love the oriental twist that's been injected into both our Spring & Summer wardrobes.  

1. NARS Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette, New Wave - This month's Beauty Wish List is a little eyeshadow dominated admittedly, but bright, heavy eye makeup is all the craze this month. That's why when I spotted this gorgeous Nars eyeshadow palette I wanted it asap. The colours are highly pigmented and bright, not normally what I'd opt for but I'm willing to try new things and this Nars eye palette is one of those 'new things'!

2. Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes - Another eye palette but unlike the Nars Eyeshadow Palette this one is more of an everyday collection of colours! I usually lean towards subtle colours for my everyday make-up and this Benefit eye palette looked like a perfect addition to my everyday makeup collection. 

3. Vaseline - In not too fussed whether it's this specific 'Limited Edition' Vaseline but in general I do need a new pot of Vaseline. For some unknown reason I seem to lose every Vaseline-related product, proabably because I take them everywhere and leave them in some random destination when I'm out and about. The wherabouts of my last Vaseline lip butter is unbeknown to me so a new one is well overdue. 

4. YVES SAINT LAURENT Autumn Look Downtown palette - What's that you say? Another eyeshadow palette on your wish list? Yes - but count your lucky stars it's not full of lipsticks this month! This Yves Saint Laurent Autumn Look Downtown Palette is full of all the 'in' colours this upcoming season - I want it! 

5. MAC lipstick - My wish list wouldn't be complete without at least one lipstick so here it is, my new lipstick 'must-have' - MAC. I'm especially wanting the shade 'Velvet Teddy'. The adorable name could be influencing me a little but the colour was also gorgeous when I tested it on my last MAC visit! 


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