Saturday, 13 July 2013

"The More You Give, The More You Get" / Ted Baker Purse

A purse is essential for anyone who steps outside their front door.  A purse should provide you with security and with the knowledge that your money is safely stashed inside, protected. It sounds like an easy task, therefore, to find a purse that satisifies you with its purpose of safely storing your money until you decide to remove the money to make a purchase of your choice. For most people purse buying is a simple affair, they chose a purse that they like -right? Well it's not an easy decision for me. I'm quite picky when it comes to purse designs. I like a purse to be the following;

1. Sturdy (basically of a decent quality so that it can be used more than once without falling to bits. You'd be surprised how many purses have literally fallen to pieces that I've owned!)
2. Big but not so big that it could be a handbag OR small but not so small that you can only fit a 2 pence piece inside. 
3. The right colour - it must match at least more than three of my handbags.
 4. Easy-to-use clasps/zips/card holders, this sounds slightly odd so let me explain...I'll start with the clasps, there have been far too many occasions where I'll spend a lengthy period of time trying to get my purse to open because the clasps are jammed/dysfunctional for some reason - this is both irritating and not practical AND extremely unattractive while you act like a lunatic having a wrestling match with your purse. The zips also need to function in the correct way, by this I mean that they MUST at ALL TIMES open smoothly. I have to be confident that the zips will open without any sort of friction or struggle and for the same reason the clasps must open, to avoid looking like a complete idiot in public. You may be sitting there thinking what could be wrong with a card holder? Well, let me enlighten you. Card holders are quite often evil and deceiving. Their role is to hold the cards but not to hold them and never let them go. I've had many experiences trying to release a card from a card holder that's decided to arrest the card and not let me use it because the space is too tight. Therefore, all clasps/zips and card holders must be perfect. 

I'll stop the list here because honestly I could go on forever. Basically you get the idea - I'm picky and particular when it comes to purses. It came to the point where I was in need of a new purse. My current purse ticked most of the requirements I asked in a purse but it had one major flaw, it was way too small. I searched for purses high and low but couldn't find anything I liked but I didn't know that my perfect purse was right under my nose....

A little while ago I went shopping with my Mum for a bag and purse for her. We came away successful, walking away with a gorgeous Ted Baker bag and matching purse (no guess that I was a little jealous!) Ever since the purchase Mum had been using the bag and purse religiously and receiving many compliments along the way. Many months went by and I continued to admire her stunning Ted Baker bag and purse combo, then something amazing happened, Mum gave the purse to me. The perfect purse that I'd been slightly envious of, the perfect purse that ticks ALL of my 'purse-checklist' boxes, the perfect purse that was under my nose the whole time.  

Mum gave the purse to me as a post-exam present and as you can imagine I was thrilled. I suppose the engraved message in the purse, 'The More You Give, The More You Get' was right, well when it comes to splurging on a purse anyway. After floods of thanks I pranced off with my new purse and began typing this post about my dream purse...Lets see what it offers:

1. Sturdy - definitely. It's beautifully made and shows no signs of wear from my Mum!
2. Big but not so big that it could be a handbag.
3. The right colour - it matches more than three of my handbags.
 4. Easy-to-use clasps/zips/card holders - Check. All of the clasps open, all of the zips 'zip' and all of the card holders hold my cards but release them without struggle when I need them!

This purse will be around for a long time and I'm not planning to swap it for another purse any time soon because I finally found my perfect purse. Thanks Mum. 


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