Friday, 5 July 2013

June / Beauty Favourites

Earlier this week I tweeted that I would be releasing some new and different blog posts! So far this week I have blogged about Your Questions Asked, DIY Fashion Interior and another 'Cos Wishes Can Come True (on Burt's Bees Very Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner). All these posts are ideas that are fairly new to my blog and some which I introducted just this week. Another type of post that I wanted to introduce to my blog are Beauty Favourites. So, I gathered together my Beauty Favourites of this month to share what  I'm loving and have been using all throughout this month!

1. Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS Glam Shine Ultimate Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner  *- Wow that is one long title..Anyway I have been loving Phil Smith's products lately and half of the charm of Phil Smith's products are the small prices that come with them! This shampoo and conditioner are great because they're nourishing and refreshing with a light and fresh smell. The shampoo basically does it's job and cleans your hair but cleans it really well! I can't say that I've been left with an Ultimate Glossing finish but there is definitely a sheen after using the product!
2. SO...? Sexy Body Fragrance * - A little bit random but this product smells so good. I'm a firm believer in smelling good and think that everyone should smell great and what better way to smell great than with this luscious body spray? I usually wear a perfume on a daily basis but after recieving this body fragrance at Clothes Show Live Tv Launch Party I think that body fragrances are a great way to top up your scent and a cheap alternative even!
3. Topshop Ditsy Lipstick - Ever since purchasing this lipstick I have been wearing it practically every day since! For more on the colour and the lipstick visit the blog post I did on it here but I will just say that out of the three lipsticks I think Ditsy is my favourite! The colour is bold but acceptable for everday use. You can build up the colour with further coats to emphasise the boldness. I usually finish the look with gloss over the top to make it look more casual/glamorous but the finish is really up to the individual!
4.  Burt's Bees Therapeutic Bath Crystals *- These crystals are seriously the most relaxing element of my baths. Again, like most other Burt's Bees products the smell is glorious with one of the main ingredients being Eucalyptus Oil. The ingredients in the crystals are a ridiculous 100% natural and are amazing to add to a bath for tired muscles after a long & hard day at school/uni/work. The tub is really generous and you can add 1 - 2 tablespoons of the crystals to dissolve in the bath - Soak & relax!
5. Nspa Coconut Ice Shower and Bath Gel - Nspa has to be one of my all time favourite bath/shower gel products. All their 'flavours' are fantastically scented and are really nourishing on your skin! My current favourite is their Coconut Ice Shower scent which just smells like a lush coconut surprise. The bottles I have are pretty small which is a little irritating because the bottle is quite hard to squeeze with hands wet from the shower/bath and it also means that it runs out pretty quickly, but aside from that it's perfect.
6. Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave * - I have mentioned this product in a review that I did earlier this month and it has to be one of the most popular posts that I have written to date. I have had so many people asking me more about this product and I'd just like to repeat what I said in the review earlier this month - this product is INSANE (in a good way). I've been using it as a quick styling alternative and it never fails to please me. I dampen my hair, squirt a handful of product into my hand, scrunch it into my hair and I'm ready to go! The product is so quick and easy to use and I will definitely be re-purchasing it because it's nearly run out!
7. Bourjois Eyeliner - I've used this eyeliner to death as you can see. It actually took me 10 minutes to work out the brand of the eyeliner because it's been sharpened down to practically nothing. The eyeliner has two tips, one for shadowing and the other for the main use - eyeliner. I love it and as you can see I use it pretty much every day.
8. Last but by no means least on my June Beauty Favourites is the brand new Miss Vogue June issue. I read British Vogue every month and I even have a subscription I'm that obsessed. It was last month I received the July edition with Miss Vogue thrown in. I'm not as keen on the Teen Vogues as I am on the original Vogue, but I thought that Miss Vogue looked like a step up from Teen Vogue for a slightly older audience. I have to say I really like Miss Vogue, it's full of interviews of popular celebs like model Cara D (the cover star) and full of interesting but light articles which are more manageable than the original Vogue  for a quick read. I'm looking forward to the next issue of Miss Vogue!


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