Friday, 26 July 2013

DIY Nail Art / Ice Cream Sundae

I'M SORRY! It's inexcusable but I've had a week long absence from my blog and it feels like forever. I love the holidays for one reason - I have time to blog more..but it seems that this wasn't the case this week. I seemed to be really really busy...all the time..Am I forgiven? (*Bats eyelashes*) Thanks. Moving on.
  While it's true I've been busy, I have managed to snatch a few spare seconds to paint my nails. I lurrveee nail art, don't get me wrong, but I really don't think I have a foreseeable talent for it. The pens, the nail stickers and all the other nailish nick-nacks out there are incredibly cool but I haven't plucked up the courage to use anything of the sort yet. To be honest it kind of scares me a little, nail art I mean. I see so many gorgeous nails dangling off strangers' hands today and I just wouldn't want to risk a bad DIY job and be the shame of the population (because lets face it that's just not fun for anyone). So I am yet to try the many nail kits out there. I will say 'never say never' because the idea of DIY nails is awesome, but I'm not so sure that the reality would be as fun as the idea. For now I am sticking to the normal pots of nail varnish, no pens, no glitter, no fuss, just simple pots of nail varnish.
  There are a lot  of nail varnishes out there from brands, colours and even textures, the choices are endless. I always potter around the nail varnish sections of beauty brands in my local Boots and guilty as charged, I almost always come away with a few new additions. My newest additions that I have been absolutely loving are the Barry M Limited Edition nail polishes. 

These nail varnishes are summer limited edition shades, so if you fancy purchasing I'd rush out and get them as soon as you can, because in the store near to me they are selling like really good hot cakes. I would say that the only disappointment is their lack of names. These nail varnishes are labelled by their shades 326 (yellow) and 321 (pink). I might be on my own here but I like makeup of any kind to be named to tempt me even more. I don't mean named as in, Melissa the Mascara or Brenda the Nail Varnish, I mean named after foods or cutesy things or stupid fun names. Take Essie nail varnish for example, each and every one of their nail varnishes have uh-maz-ing names. I browse their nail varnishes partly to be amused by the labelling - always a highlight of my browsing. Here, take a look at their names, you'll see what I mean. (click here). My personal favourites? Chocolate cake (food), Jam and Jelly (food), Kisses and Bises (cutesy), No pre-nup (fun). Basically I just wish that the Barry M shades were as creatively labelled and not numbered because numbers are a little blunt and sad..I think I could buy a nail varnish based on its name; honestly who can resist Chocolate Cake? Nope didn't think so. 
  Apart from the name issue I had with the Barry M nail varnishes, I got over it and bought them because they're fun, summery and happy shades. No more reasoning needed, right? I decided to get a little creative with my nails. Something that's rare and requires a lot of patience on my behalf. I used to be hopeless when it came to nails. Even the simple act of 'painting my nails' turned into a massive who-ha where I'd smudge it all off and paint my whole finger before successfully painting my nail. Therefore, after recently overcoming this problem through none other than pursuing the saying 'practise makes perfect', daring to do anything other than simply coating my nails with colour was a little risky to say the least. Nevertheless I powered on with the task. To be quite honest I wasn't really sure what I was doing at first but I sort of went with it and the outcome was better than I could've hoped for....

I would like to think that my attempt at nail art resembles Ice Cream Sundaes. (Again I have to label the design related to food..Oops.) I was pretty chuffed with the way that they turned out. If you want to know how I did it..keep reading ;) ..

    How to DIY Nail Art - Ice Cream Sundae 

1. To start you will need to choose two colours. I chose the two Barry M Limited Edition nail varnishes but you can really choose any colours you want. Preferably one yellow/white to act as the ice cream!
2. Paint half of your nail the 'non-ice cream' colour (Bottom half). My colour was pink. 
3. Once dry add in the ice cream drips using your assigned ice-cream colour (mine was yellow) and randomly stroke the colour down into the (pink) area. This will act as your ice-cream drips. 

VOILA! You have your ice-cream sundae nails! Hopefully my explanations were satisfactory and useful if you want to give my design a whirl. I found it really easy and relatively quick do to and who knows, maybe one day I'll get over my mini fear of the real 'nail art' world including the pens, glitter and discover I am a nail art expert....I doubt it... 

Tweet me pictures of your nail art designs (@iblogthefashion). I'd love to see all your Ice Cream Sundae designs like mine and what designs you've been loving this summer! 


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