Tuesday, 2 July 2013

DIY Fashion Interior

I don't know whether I'll be on my own by saying this but I love change, especially when it comes to changing the interior or layout of my room. I'm 16 so I'm yet to have the luxury of decorating my own house as I please, so for now all I can change is my bedroom. It was after my exams that I felt a change was in order. I'd planned on re-arranging my furniture but I wanted to do something different this time so I decided to create a feature wall. I  quite recently had my room re-painted so I knew splurging more money on paint wasn't really an option. I also wanted to do something that wasn't permanent like the coating of paint. That's when I created this...

I made this wall purely from magazine cut outs, blu tac and scissors! It was a great way to shake up the interior of my bedroom while basically spending next to no money! Here's how to create your own fashion interior:

You'll need:
1. Old fashion magazines that you don't mind cutting up into pieces.
2. Scissors
3. Blu Tac (2 packs depending on the area of wall you want to cover)4. A few hours to spare! 

My new desk area inspires me every time I sit down to work/blog!
The Method: 
1.  Decide what sort of look you want to go for. I chose a mix of old/vintage fashion with black and white images and created a direct contrast with colourful modern day images.
2. Create your base - I chose the black and white images to be in the background and the colourful images to mainly be in the foreground of the feature wall. I'd recommend the subtler images to be in the background of your wall, this way your wall won't be too overwhelming!
3. Once you've chosen the images you want on your wall you should start thinking about including angles. 
4. Start sticking with blu tac to secure the images using techniques such as layering and angling to create contrast! 

Eventually the finished product will look vaguely similar to mine but with your own images and your own creative spin! Tweet me pictures @iblogthefashion of your feature walls and let me know how yours went! 


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