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Travelling like Paddington Bear / London Shopping - Primark & H&M hauls

If someone asked me to describe London shopping in a word, this would be my answer - stressful. To get to and from the shops you have 3 stressful main modes of transport;

On my way out of the underground, the longest
escalator I'd set foot on. This was nearly half way
Taxis - Despite the problem that they all fleet past before you can jump in there's not really much point anyway. The traffic is virtually at a stand still so that meter would be maxing up those numbers quicker than Bolt running in the Olympic games. 
Underground - Yes, Central London is so large that a tube is necessary to get to one end of the street to the other.  Although the tube is quick and easy for Londoners, I was pretty new to the whole 'get in or die' kind of aspect to this mode of transport. As floods of people charge towards you like a tidal wave exiting the tube, people also flock like sheep furiously to find a space to stand. You can of course forget any chance of finding a seat so prepare to cling on for dear life on those rails. 
By foot -  My foolish choice of transport. Not only could I not feel my feet for a good few hours after my expedition around the likes of Oxford Street but I don't think I've seen a larger gathering of people in flesh. In addition crossing the roads is lethal as cars, taxis, bicycles and buses all zoom around corners and along the roads. 

  Putting that 'stress' element aside I had a wonderful time shopping in London. There are so many high street shops to explore that if written down the list would be endless. I was in my version of heaven....

To kick start my stay at London, the hotel room that I was staying in was number 007 (cue the Bond music please). 

This was someone's luggage that I snapped, super cute!

The hectic streets of Central London.
The shopping

To begin I went to the closest shop from the tube exit, Topshop. I love practically all of Topshop's pieces but with the prices higher than the average high street shop I refrained from buying anything because I feared that I would literally buy the whole store content. Next was H&M, I visited 2 of the H&M shops and in both shops I found some little items that I loved. Here they are;

The two shops that I attacked, (evil chuckle). 

I love these animal print trousers, in fact as I'm writing this post I'm wearing them. Not only are they gorgeous but they are so comfy they knock lazy jogging trousers out of the park. Comfy + stylish - what more could a girl want, right? 

As you know I am a bit of a sucker for jewellery so whipped up these cute chain bangles which you can pair with almost everything. 

Although this dress is see through, paired with a vest top/under dress it's the perfect casual summer dress! Better still, the price is also perfect at only £4.99! 

I have a slight green theme going on here but this top was also T.D.F* so I couldn't let it remain unpurchased on its hanger. I love the lace and floral stencil making this top subtly scream summer. 

I will admit that buying jumpers in the supposed 'summer' weather should be a crime but it's almost ok when the jumper's as snuggly and comfy as this. I also love the colour.

Who doesn't love My Little Pony? I for one love these little ponies and apart from the fact that they took me straight back to my 'My Little Pony' cartoon watching days, I also thought that the top was fun and happy. I'll be wearing this out, so if you see a My Little Pony t-shirt walking around, it's most probably me. 

Last but not least from my H&M mini haul are these comfy trotters. In agony and desperation I needed to swap my current footwear for some comfy shoes. It was these gems that saved my blistering feet and were bought to walk around the streets of London. I felt like I was walking on candy floss rather than hot lava. 

Next up was Primark. I have to say I'm not a fan of the Primark store near me, it's busy, crowded and messy making it more of a scavenge hunt for clothes than a shopping trip, which again, is stressful. As a result I was a little bit hesitant to visit one of Primark's biggest stores, I thought it would be a nightmare. But, I can honestly say it was the complete opposite. The shop was as I expected, huge, but it was tidy, organised and although it was stuffed to the brim with people, the spacious layout made it easy to navigate your way through whilst having a browse. Here's my Primark haul;

Cartoon t-shirts exploded after Disney character, Mickey Mouse hit the catwalk in the form of tees. When I spotted this Alice in Wonderland t-shirt it reminded me of my post 'Becoming Alice' and also rekindled the love that I have for one of Disney's most bizarre animations.  A little gutted they didn't have my size I settled for a larger than usual size but I couldn't care less because I have my Alice tee. 

This looks a little wide but it's just the trick of my camera because it is in fact in the shape of a normal t-shirt. I love this colourful ombre shirt, it's fun and the ascending colour makes it edgy giving any outfit a colour spruce! 

Florals and monochrome, two trends in one t-shirt! Effort to stay in trend is integrated into this stylish t-shirt so a purchase was naturally necessary! 

I only have one thing to say about this shirt - happiness in the form of cotton. 
Its bright yellow colouring is a colour pop that I need to wake me up and cheer me up on those dreadful Monday mornings! 

You can't really see the glimmering and glittering effect of this little candy coloured vest but it literally sparkles, I couldn't ask for more. 

Love the pattern, love the colour. This dress also looks larger than in real life but hey-ho you get the idea? 

I remember the days when I was little where comics were the things that I read along side my Mum's  copies of Vogue which I barely understood as the words were so long! Now I've ditched the comics completely and stuck with the fashion mags but the essence of them will live in this dress!

Truly a necessity for everyone living in UK weather. 

Finally but ironically my first purchase on the London terrain was the bag that I bought just hours prior to Company magazine's Style Blogger Awards. 

This bag was my little companion as I scouted her through the event and around Oxford Street the very next day! I love the vibrant summery colour and with a generous yet compact size it was perfect to travel around London with.

So there it is! My brief but glorious trip to London where I was travelling like Paddington Bear except with a way cooler bag! 

*T.D.F = to die for
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