Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fashion Update / The Journey Of The Satchel

*BrandVillage from

It seems like forever since I have done a blog post for all of you lovely readers, so for starters sorry about that! The short-time that I've been away from my blog has been happy (not because I've been away from blogging) but because I have FINALLY finished my exams! YIPEEE! The excitement of this hasn't yet worn off and probably never will for the exams were gross and never-ending. BUT they have done the impossible and ended and now I am back to blogging normally after taking some time to celebrate! I've decided to introduce something a little different to my blog, 'Fashion Update'. Posts titled 'Fashion Update' will be posts where I will give brief updates on the newest/hottest trends. I've never really done a post like this before so I hope you enjoy reading it and hopefully I'll do some more 'Fashion Update' posts in the future if it proves popular!
  The first EVER Fashion Update post that I wanted to do was on the new(ish) trend, satchels. I say newish because the satchel trend isn't exactly new to the fashion world, they have been around for very many years. But it seems that the satchel has made its grand return from the mini-size that first hit our shop floors to the original, bigger satchel size in neon colours!
  As in my blog post 'The Perks Of Being A Fashion Blogger', one of the perks is getting glorious products sent to you to review. I received this satchel from BrandVillage and I have to say I love it. Not only do I love the bag but I'm loving the new trend that seems to be 'old school'. I've spotted similar satchels dotted around some high street stores (seen in the photo I sneakly snapped when shopping in Topshop).

A quick snap of a similar satchel from Topshop. 

Satchels are very old school dating back to Victorian times where children would use them for their school bags and for that reason have a very vintage vibe adding historical grace into your modern day step! The satchels first appeared on shop floors in mini size but have quite recently made a return in the original, larger size. The majority of the satchels have been injected with colour like the neon yellows seen above or with a metallic sheen. Unlike before in the olden days satchels are not just to carry your homework to and from school, they're now a fashion staple. 

Photo taken from Google Images

Even celebrities like Fearne Cotton are loving the new satchel trend! 

So what do you think of the journey of the satchel?  Will you be swapping your everyday bag for one of these old school satchels? 


Monday, 24 June 2013

Clothes Show Live TV Launch Party

For starters I would like to say sorry for the delay in uploading this blog post! I came home from London on Friday and was weirdly very ill soon after..Anyway, a little while after, I'm on the road to recovery, still a little weak admittedly but thankfully it was just a passing bug! So, here the blog post is!
  On Thursday I travelled up to London for the Clothes Show TV Launch Party later that evening. although the journey was rather stressful to say the least (I missed my train and had to wait a further half an hour for the next one) after what seemed like a decade I had arrived in London! A few more minor disasters later (which I won't go into because this blog post could go on forever), it was time to hop in a taxi and drive to the Embassy club where the event was being held! For once I was on time and arrived rather early..ok, I was the first one there but who knew that fashion people took the term 'fashionably late' so literally? But after a couple of minutes passed, more and more people strolled in and before I knew it the place was packed with people all there for one reason - to celebrate the return of Clothes Show TV! And so, the party began!

What I wore

 I wore a stunning Little Mistress dress* kindly gifted by Little Mistress. I loved this dress from the moment it arrived, it has a sort of fairytale mystique about it, it tells you a story. With that being said I wore next to no jewellery, I didn't want to overwhelm the outfit with too many statement jewellery rings/necklaces when I felt that the dress did all the talking! The dress was really easy to wear and I received several compliments at the event! I'd like to say a massive thank you to Little Mistress for making the task of choosing my outfit an easy one!

A random snap of the event in action!
The coolest wall I have ever ever seen, I couldn't resist taking a quick picture of it! 

It was amazing to meet the stunning Jade Thompson (this years face of the Clothes Show)! Who else watched her in Britain and Irelands Next Top Model? I can't believe it was 2 years ago!

Cheska from Made In Chelsea just inches away getting interviewed! I also got a smile from Fran later in the evening! It was crazy being in the same room as the people I watch every Monday night on MIC! (I am quite the fan..)

The Dolly Rockers performing - these girls are so talented. (Sorry for the rubbish quality photo! It was taken on my phone!)
One Dolly Rocker down but here I am with the lovely and stunning Sophie and Daniele after their performance!  

Annaliese Deyes and Times Red on the red carpet.
Me and the super talented and handsome Times Red!
The goodie bag!

The event was held at Embassy Mayfair as I mentioned earlier, and from the coolest walls to the nicest looking food, it was a fantastic spot for a fantastic party! I got to meet and chat to some incredibly talented people while celebrating the long awaited return of Clothes Show TV. I am far too young to have any clear memory of the original Clothes Show TV because I was the young age of 3 but nevertheless I certainly know of its legendary existence! Its absence has been for a total of 13 years and making its grand return on YouTube I can honestly say I'm already hooked! The videos are concise clips touching on all areas of the Clothes Show, ranging from Beauty, Fashion, Showbiz and Behind The Scenes with just a click of a button!
I had a fantastic time at the Launch party and to reiterate, it was amazing meeting incredibly talented people like Jade Thompson, The Dolly Rockers and Times Red and celebrating the rebirth of the Clothes Show TV! 
   To watch clips from Clothes Show TV click the image below!


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

'Cos Wishes Can Come True / Topshop Lip sticks

Wishes really can come true. I know this because earlier this month a shared a few of my wishes on my June Wish Lists! If you haven't had a peek at my Wish Lists I will link the post below but for now stay tuned ;) . Earlier this week, after a disgusting GCSE Maths exam, I popped into town and took a trip to my local Topshop. For those of you dedicated readers, you will remember that on my Beauty Wish List this month was a Topshop lipstick. If you're an even more dedicated reader to my random little posts, you will remember (maybe), the post I wrote about the beginnings of my lipstick obsession, 'Becoming Alice' (I will link this below if you want a quick read!). It seems that my lipstick collection has expanded vastly since doing that post and my newest additions are Topshop's very own lipsticks.
  I've wanted a Topshop lipstick for what literally seems like a VERY long time. I love the packaging, the tubes and the range of colours. I couldn't resist, therefore, walking away from Topshop with some lipsticks purchased. Here are some snaps I took of what I chose!

I know that I only put one lip stick on my June wish list but quite frankly they were way too irrisitible to walk away with only one - so I ended up with three! The colours are amazing and I chose a variety  for different moods and looks! The colours last so well throughout the day, I'm wearing Ditsy as I blog which I have been wearing all day. I only needed a little touch up here and there of the colour after a meal had wiped away a bit of the boldness. Brighton Rock is probably my favourite just because it's such a crazy and fun colour. However, Macaroon is a subtle shade which is perfect for everyday wear! The texture of the lip sticks is smooth but also quite matte without being drying! 

So, wishes really can come true! I love my new Topshop lip sticks and they are happily buddied with the rest of my collection! They were definitely worth the wait and anticipation! At £8.00 each they are certainly a bargain compared to most higher end brands considering their fantastic quality! 

Additional Links as promised: 


Monday, 17 June 2013

The Perks Of Being A Fashion Blogger

One of the major perks of being a fashion/beauty blogger is the new stuff that you get to try. I love discovering new products and even better, I love discovering new products that are more amazing than the ones that I use now. As you may know I attended Company Magazine’s Style Blogger Awards event last month, not only was it an amazing night when I met some amazing bloggers and people, it was also a great night for discovering new things. At the event there were several stalls, all of which were either promoting a brand or company. As the night went on there was some mingling and there was also some snooping on my behalf! Whilst snooping around I discovered a girl’s best friend, a beauty stall/table/area (I don’t really know what you’d call it but it was basically a table upon which fabulous products were perfectly displayed..). Full of intrigue I browsed a little further and while my browsing turned into more browsing, I grew more and more excited by the minute. I had discovered something new and something wonderful…The Vintage Cosmetic Company!
  First of all I’ll start by saying that I’m a fan of all things vintage/vintage themed, so the name alone was enough to get me acting like a child at Christmas. To add to my state of utter happiness the products looked so great! Unfortunately I didn’t really have a chance to sit down and try some of their products at the event so was a bit gutted that I had to walk away.. However, a couple of weeks ago the lovely ladies at The Vintage Cosmetic Company sent me the best package… A parcel containing a few select items from their range (*cue the leaping around the room like a lunatic!). They are, as expected – amazing!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Nancy Fake Eyelashes *
                The Vintage Cosmetic Company Slanted Tweezers *
                   The Vintage Cosmetic Company Toe Separators *
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Foundation Brush *

Here are the pictures that I took the day that these gems were posted through my letter box. A few seconds later their much-nicer-than-average packaging was ripped apart so that I could start using the products straight away. 

The first product that I used was their foundation brush. It was a little bit scary how this was popped through my door because I was actually on the hunt for a new foundation brush! I already have a perfectly respectable Models Own foundation brush but it's always good to have two of something because I'm always losing my makeup in some shape or form. With all that considered you can imagine that I was super happy to receive this foundation brush even before I had tried it out! A few weeks on (which is now!) and I've been using this foundation brush almost everyday. The brush is clearly labelled 'foundation' which is always useful due to possible confusion when picking up brushes in the morning, not knowing which brush is which through sheer lack of sleep! The brush itself is soft and very effective for applying foundation so serves its purpose very well! The brush is really good quality and unlike some very nasty, cheaper brushes you won't find a brush hair engraved onto your face as you apply your foundation - all bristles are still in tact! This brush is really  good value for money at only £14.00! 

The next product that I tried was the tweezers. I despise plucking my eyebrows, it's on occasion painful, time consuming and makes my face red afterwards. Plus with the explosive Cara D sporting mega bushy eyebrows, half of us are thinking 'what the 'eck' and aren't bothering at all! But eyebrow plucking is necessary even if it's just a touch up here and there because no one wants a monobrow now do they? I noticed that The Vintage Cosmetic Company's tweezers were crafted at a slanted angle (always a good thing for minimising pain!) so I 'plucked' up the courage and started ripping my eyebrow hair out at its roots. I have to say I honestly felt next to nothing when carrying out what is usually an mega odious task. The tweezers had a great spring and a grip on the targeted hair, making plucking easier and more effective! For even more brownie points these tweezers have a cute floral design making plucking a little more jolly. 

I have never really bothered with toe separators before now.. I'm not sure why I hadn't made this necessary purchase ever but I guess I'd never really thought about separating my toes for sheer convenience. Painting your toes can be more than irritating. I'm sure the majority of you reading this have struggled with the 'toe painting task' at least once in your life. I have to be completely honest and say that half the time I end up painting my whole toe before I manage to paint my actual toe nail. Using these lovely patterned toe separators, the task of painting my toe has become a lot easier. I now can announce that my toe nail manages to get painted and in the meantime minimal smudging takes place because my collection of toes (that made me sound like I have more than 5 toes..I don't, I have 5 on each foot..and just in case you think I'm now an octopus, I have 2 feet..totalling 2 feet and 10 toes...) anyway off on a tangent there, my toes (10) do not interweave whilst my nails are drying, so smudging is minimal. Therefore, to conclude my rambling on the toe separators, they're great - they do the job (that is separating the toes effectively) and look pretty with this really cute dotty design! 

I have to confess and say that I actually haven't tried these Nancy Fake Eyelashes yet! I'm saving them for an exciting event later this week (eek!). So I can't really say much about them apart from the fact that they look really natural from inside the box and look like really lovely lashes! Don't think that I'm not going to write up a review on these though because as soon as I've trialled them I'll be posting a cheeky little picture up on twitter (@iblogthefashion) and will also return to this blog and update it! 

I'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to The Vintage Cosmetic Company for sending me some of their glorious products! I'm so glad I've discovered a brand that's new (to me) and really has some excellent stuff! I will most definitely be purchasing something off their site and would highly recommend that you at least browse some of their products by clicking their picture below! 


Thursday, 13 June 2013

It's a WRAP!

Slightly cheesy title there but I couldn't resist. I've been wanting to try Nail Wraps since they first came out which was quite some time ago now. I tend to sway away from false nails because they're inconveniently long. I know you can file them down to the size you want but that way I end up filing them all the way down to my natural nails. False nails are also a bit annoying when it comes to carrying out everyday tasks - applying your makeup, brushing your teeth, cooking (toast..) etc, all become more complicated with stuck on nails..It's a shame really because I love the look of false nails but they're a bit too annoying for my liking. That's why I wanted to try nail I did.  Gifted kindly by New Look in the Company goodie bag from the Style Blogger Awards event were these lovely Nail Wraps!

One thing that surprised me about these Nail Wraps was how incredibly easy they were to put on! I put them on in 5 minutes which was so much quicker than painting your nails and waiting for them to dry! I will say that the only disadvantage is that you have to be really careful when removing the wrap from the backing paper so that you don't tear the wrap (which I unfortunately learnt the hard way)..I think this design is really cute and fun and so much easier than trying to do some DIY nail art!
   I've had a peek at some of New Look's other Nail Wraps and all the designs are edgy and fun. I will definitely be buying some more! The wraps have lasted two days now, there are a few chips here and there but nothing noticeable! I'll be sending out a tweet when the nail wraps finally reach termination point but so far they're much better than most nail polish in terms of a lasting finish!

To buy your New Look Nail Wraps like mine, go to:
For updates on my Nail Wraps follow @iblogthefashion on twitter!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

3 Hair Care Secrets

In the world of haircare there is so much choice, perhaps too much choice. Like most other things, some products are good whilst others are utterly rubbish. I've tried some appalling hair products in the past where I've wished that I hadn't spent all that money on something that didn't work. It's so easy to get drawn into the appearance of a product or be sold on what the label says the product does. BUT truth of the matter is some products are deceiving little devils that waste your money and don't improve your hair in any way. That's why I decided to do this blog post. I've finally found what works for my hair. Whether you're reading this with dry, damaged, coloured or perfectly healthy hair which you want to keep in tip-top condition, I guarantee that these products will be worth every penny!

I practically swear by these products when it comes to conditioning and nourishing my hair. So starting on the left I'm going to run through each of them and tell you what you've been missing up until now. 

Yuko Leave-In Conditioner Heat Activated - This stuff is AWESOME. I have to admit, I was cautious about trying this because in the past I have used 'leave-in conditioner' products and my hair has been drenched in greasy product, which is not only unattractive and gross, but to add to the disappointment they didn't work. So hesitant as I was, I tried this Yuko Leave-In conditioner and I was over the moon. Firstly it smells so fresh, uplifts your hair and leaves it smelling and feeling clean with a few sprays. Secondly my hair was TOTALLY un-greasy even after I had soaked my hair in it. Instead it was left feeling soft and nourished and after blowdrying, my hair was silky and smooth! I've been using this for a few weeks now so although it hasn't been in my daily haircare regime for long it has proved itself more than worthy over these past couple of weeks! 

Moroccan Oil - This product is my favourite of them all, it has not only been part of my haircare routine for 2 years now, it has also helped me to revive my hair at its most desperate times. A few years ago I cut my hair super short. In desperation while I was in the 'growing process' I hunted for products high and low to help aid the growth of my hair and replenish the condition of it. Growing your hair is not only such a time consuming task it is also really high maintainance. I vowed that I was never going back to the hairdresser after I was so devastated at my cut a few years ago, so refused to go even for trims. This meant that I had to try incredibly hard to avoid split ends. This product was my equivalent of my Prince Charming. I didn't have a SINGLE split end in sight after a year and a half of growing and using this product (which was how long it took to grow out my hair!). I've actually since made a visit to the hairdresser a couple of months ago but I remember him commenting that I didn't have any split ends. I have this Moroccan Oil to thank for that. This product is quite pricey but it goes a long way! I have the 100ml bottle which I have had since Christmas and over a 1/4 of the product is left. (My hair is quite long so you'll need less if you're hair is short!).

Phil Smith Total Treat Transforming Argan Oil - As I was already in love with my Moroccan oil and had experienced the truly wonderful effects of using the product, I was also keen to try Argan Oil. I'd read about Argan Oil and heard that it too was a fantastic, replenishing oil for your hair. This product is also a keeper. Again. only a tiny amount of oil goes a long way so don't be fooled by this mini 50ml bottle! I've been using this Argan Oil along side my Moroccan oil and Yuko Leave-In conditioner and my hair has been left feeling so nourished and looks healthy and happy (if hair can be happy)! 

These products work wonders for my hair and I hope that if you're reading this and struggling to find some hair products that actually work, you will find my review helpful. These products have literally been my saviours and I have no idea what I would do without them..Probably cry - endlessly. 

Please note: Yuko Leave-In Conditioner and Phil Smith Total Treat Transforming Argan Oil were both gifted products. However, this has had no influence on my review of the products. I always give my complete honest opinion of a product. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Sugarplum Fairy

When the kitchen remained un-abused, just before cooking commenced.  

Yes, that's right I did some cooking and I feel that my culinary skills have improved vastly through tackling this (not so easy) task of making meringues. The recipe itself is very easy and straight forward but I made it 100 times more complicated than it needed to be. I'm afraid that the pictures are deceiving, they display a civil attempt at cooking, but DO NOT BE FOOLED. Making these meringues took blood, sweat and tears. About two minutes into the cooking session my kitchen was splattered with meringue ingredients. The only thing that hadn't been attacked was the ceiling - the rest of the kitchen looked like a meringue war zone but with a very tasty reward at the end...
  I got this fantastic meringue recipe from the one and only, Jamie Laing's Candy Kittens Recipe Book. I don't know anyone who doesn't like MIC (Made in Chelsea - I really shouldn't need to un-abbreviate that but just in case..) so when I heard about MIC star, Jamie Laing bringing out this recipe book I wanted to try out some of the recipes! I have to admit I'll have to brush up on my cooking skills before I attempt to make some of the more complicated recipes such as the Chelsea Gingerbread Townhouse, but the recipes all look 'beaut' (in the words of Laing).  So it was that on Saturday evening I tried the 'Giant Meringue' recipe! Here's the finished result topped with ice cream & cream..

I have to say, despite the mess I made around the kitchen while making these meringues, they are the tastiest meringues that have ever been created. I don't mean that to sound big headed because believe me I'm not praising myself for being the next Nigella Lawson, I mean the praise goes to the recipe! Unlike most recipe books, this Candy Kittens Recipe book doesn't overwhelm you with a million steps. Instead it gives clear, un-stressful guidance through the process of meringue making (in this case anyway). I can't wait to try some more recipes in this book and I have no doubt that they will all be just as amazing as the meringues! 

More from Candy Kittens..

At Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards last month, Candy Kittens were giving out some lollipops. Above is me tackling this rather large but mouth-wateringly good CK lollipop! 

To buy your Candy Kittens Recipe Book/lollipop click the image below - you won't be disappointed! 


Sunday, 9 June 2013

What’s on my wish lists / June

Firstly an apology is in order, because in my world May never happened for my wish lists. The month itself, however, did occur, as many events (exams to be exact *sob*) proved! So here are my June wish lists! Admittedly they aren’t too extensive but I’m not feeling particularly needy this month!

1. Zara Ankle Strap Sandal – I literally NEED these shoes! I’ve wanted a pair of strap sandals for what seems like forever so when I saw these while browsing on Zara’s site they were perfect.
2. Topshop Spot Shirt – This cute shirt is like the 60s wrapped up in one garment! It’s perfect for the weather in the UK (which is unpredictable to say the least) because you can adapt it to both summery weather and the winter weather that seems to creep into our summer season!
3. New Look Reflective Pilot Sunglasses – We’ve been lucky weather-wise these past few days and I only have 2 pairs of sunglasses so felt that my collection was a bit scarce. I really like the reflective sunglasses; they’re quite quirky and remind me of rainbows…(random I know but rainbows are joyful therefore so are these sunglasses).
4. New Look Pink Gold Sports Watch – I have been on the search for a watch for so long. I don’t usually shop online but when I browse for my wish list items I will explore the web to add to the stuff that I have already seen in the stores! I really want this watch and I am very tempted to get it so watch this space!
5. Topshop Green Leaf Longline Bikini – Also featured in my ‘Style Ideas’ on I Blog The Fashion's Polyvore page collage on Bikinis, this is the swimwear that I want to be prancing around the beach in! The banana print is very Andy Warhol (and if you don’t know who that is you need to google him right now, he’s all about making bananas cool and retro like this bikini!).
6. New Look Neon Abstract Gladiator Sandal Wedges – These sandal are craaaazzzy and that’s why I love ‘em. They’re bright and fun and would be perfect for summery nights to either dress up an outfit or paired with something casual.
7. Cordelia Structured Buckle Detailed Shopper - Last but not least on my June wish list is this stunner of a bag from I own a fair collection of bags but I am yet to own a white one. That’s pretty much the extent of my thought process when I saw this bag – ‘it’s white and I don’t have a white bag’. Bish bash boom it’s landed on my June wish list! Obviously I admire the bag other than its colour. The buckle and shape is edgy and different from all the other bags I own..

Next up is my beauty wish list!

            1.     Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Lotion – You may or may not have noticed that I am somewhat of a hard-core Burt’s Bees fan. I recently reviewed their fabulous (to say the least) Tips and Toes Kit so my addiction has been rekindled! I desperately want this Intense Hydration Lotion because, well, I, like many others would like smooth and soft skin forever and I firmly believe this product would be the way forward!
       2.     Burt’s Bees Very Volumizing Pomegranate Shampoo – Yes, I know, another Burt’s Bees product on the wish list, change the record, but this is a little different because it’s hair related. I’ve never tried Burt’s Bees hair care products but I’m pretty sure they’d be just as effective and full of fantastic quality ingredients just like the rest of their products so I’m willing to take a chance and try it when I can!
       3.     Topshop Lipstick – I am yet to try these lipsticks but I’ve heard rumblings of them being related somehow or other to MAC and as I am a BIG fan of all things MAC (apart from their price stickers) I want to give this lipstick a go! 
      4.     Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick – What a cheeky little title eh? I’m a new fan of Soap & Glory’s make-up collection. You may have read my recent review that I did on their Super Nude Lip Stick earlier on this week, if not read it – you’ll want their lip sticks after you finish! With my new admiration for their make up range I’m really keen to try these gloss sticks! I’ve seen them in my local Boots shop (a UK beauty store that ironically does not sell any boots for those of you overseas readers wondering what I’m knocking on about!) and they look really intensively glossy and have a selection of really bold colours to choose from ( I want them all but we can’t have everything.. * sigh *)
5.     Lastly, Topshop Mascara Carbon Copy – I’d like to go outside of my comfort zone concerning my mascaras! I’ve had the same Estee Lauder mascara for quite some time now and hygiene aside, I think it’s probably time for a change.  I’ve read good reviews on Topshop’s Carbon Copy Mascara so would like to give it a go myself!

And that’s what my June wish lists look like! Hopefully I’ll get a few of these items at some point in the near/distant future so that I can blog about them and have them for my own personal happiness! 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Review / Rocket Dog - Baker Shoes

Teddy was full of intrigue when these came through the post!  

Above: (left) Peppa (notice the feminine 'a' as she is in fact a girl) posing for the camera.    
(right) Teddy (formally know as Mr Brown) being chuffed that he is featured in this review!

When I got an e-mail from a PR representing the well known shoe make, Rocket Dog, I was really quite excited. Everyone has heard of the brand Rocket Dog and if you haven't already, your household must be like a rock which you are living under. Rocket Dog is, of course, a really well-known brand of shoes. I'd never owned a pair of Rocket Dogs but after receiving these trainer-style shoes I'm seriously considering a purchase!
 When writing and reviewing these Rocket Dog shoes, two good things came from it:-
Firstly I finally got to feature my little fluffy dogs in a blog post! With the brand of the shoes being Rocket 'Dog' I thought it would be an opportune moment to get some 3D 'dog' injected into the post!  My pups are the love of my life and they too were really excited about the arrival of Rocket Dog's Baker Shoes. You will have noticed them above posing for the camera with me, and Teddy taking a good ol' inspection of the trainers. (I think he was secretly jealous of them if I'm honest.) Secondly I now own a super comfortable pair of casual, fashion-led trainers!
 Trainers aren't just sports gear anymore, you can now style them with skirts and dresses to dress down a look. This is why these shoes are a perfect piece of craftsmanship, they conquer the traditional physique of a 'trainer' and make it into something stylish and edgy earning them fashion status. I will never review or rave about a product unless it comes from the heart. I can honestly say that these shoes have introduced me to something new that I otherwise wouldn't have chosen as they're not my traditional 'style'. I personally don't own anything like these Baker Shoes; but their chunky soles not only provide you with comfort, they also add on a few extra inches to your height.  I'm usually drawn towards shoes with a bit of a heel so my day-to-day shoes tend to be high heels, but I may just swap them for these shoes since they do the same job without my feet being in total agony at the end of the day!

My Review:
Comfort : 5/5 - The soft padded sole makes every step joyful and super comfy!
Appearance: 5/5 - You can get the Baker Shoe in different patterns and colours, all great and unique to suit nearly everyone's style! I chose this colour because it will match with almost anything. If the neon laces are a bit too crazy for you the shoes come with a spare, plain white lace in the box so all you have to do is replace the neon laces with the white for a different look!

A massive thanks to Rocket Dog for gifting me these fabulous shoes and I highly recommend that you go and buy yourself a pair! To buy your Baker Shoes click the Rocket Dog image below!

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