Friday, 31 May 2013

Company Style Blogger Awards / The Event!

I hardly know where to begin with this post. However, I think I'll start by saying a MASSIVE thank you to all of you who voted for my blog as Best Teen Fashion Blog. All of those votes meant that at the end of the event I walked away with an amazing award.  I would also like to say how lovely it was meeting some of the best bloggers out there at the event! Here's my little picture diary of events with some commentaries!

There were numerous stalls and activities that we bloggers got involved in! I ventured to the Pinned It! Made It! stall. With a range of sunglasses to choose from and some cute accessories to decorate my chosen turquoise pair of sunnies with, I got cracking with some DIY. This daisy explosion is the result of my crafty attempts! (I contemplated putting that cute little sunhat on the corner of the frame but covered in super sticky glue I called it a day! Sorry little hat.)

Next was the mingling! Sadly I didn't get to chat to everyone as there were so many of us but the bloggers who I did meet were awesome and it was great to meet the faces behind some of my most favourite blogs!

Whilst decorating my sunnies an announcement came that it was time to announce the winners.. The moment we had all been waiting for (cue the nerves!). We all gathered around the platform where the stylish editor, Victoria White and web editor Theresa Caney were to announce the winners. After several winners had been announced my category was up next...To be honest this segment of the night is a little bit of a blur. It wasn't by any means a result of sipping alcoholic units prior to the announcement because for the whole night I was chaperoned by apple juice, but rather because I was experiencing a mixture of shock and excitement due to being announced as the winner of my category!

Relieved that I managed to get up the stairs without making an ungraceful fall, I received my award from the editors behind Company mag in print and online!

After receiving my award I met the lovely editor, Victoria White. It was an absolute honour to chat to her and gain some valuable tips and advice! 

Please don't ask why I took a picture of the lights because I'm not entirely sure myself but they're pretty awesome right?

Here's a snap I took of my award back in the hotel, however, now back home in rainy Wales, it now sits neatly at the corner of my desk.

Finally to top an amazing night off, we all got given a jam packed goodie bag! I haven't had a chance to try/taste all the products yet but when I do I may tweet or do a blog to review them! Here's what was inside, (in a random order);

Company magazine's July edition - I have had a chance to read this as it accompanied me on my way home on the train! Expect the same 'totes amaze' mag ever, stuffed to the max with engaging, entertaining articles and brimming with style! To top this edition off my blog has made an appearance on page 75, listed with all the other winners of the awards and highly commended runners up! Go grab your copy when you can!
Candy Kittens lollipops - Yet to be tasted but look mouthwateringly delish!
Candy box bon bons
Paul Mitchell beach texture cream-gel
Batiste dry shampoo - I will certainly will be replacing my existing dry shampoo (that makes my hair look grey and unflattering) with this gem! I used it as I dashed out to shop around Central London (more on that later this week!) and my hair was left looking fresh and smelling amazing.
Pinned it! Made it! gift voucher and my DIY sunnies
New Look hoop earrings - lovely earrings but unfortunately I am yet to brave getting my ears pierced!
Pink beanie hat 
Yuko leave-in conditioner
The Vintage Style Cosmetic Company nail file
Lauren's Way self tanning bronzing mousse
New Look nail wraps - adore these wraps! The pop art designs go perfectly with a new purchase of mine so I will be applying them in no time!
Soap & Glory lip stick - Love this! This powdercoat matte lipstick has defiantly gained a spot on my favourites! It smells divine and the super nude shade is subtle but effective for a day-to-day lipstick!
The New Craft Society brooch - super cute design!
Elemis fresh skin glow. exfoliating face wash 
GLITZYandGLAM earrings - again, sadly the problem is that I don't have my ears pierced to wear these glittery earrings. However, I will be saving them for many years later when I finally take the plunge and fire two holes into my ears from which these earrings will then hang.

What I wore:

Necklace: Topshop
Top: River Island

Skirt: New Look
Bag: Zara
Shoes: New Look

Finally I would like to say, again, a huge thank you to Company and New Look for such a lovely evening at the Style Blogger Awards 2013 - truly a night to remember! I am yet to spend New Look's generous gift card but when I do I will be uploading my purchases!

  For more pictures and videos from the awards, click these links!




Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wear your support and appear on my blog!

 I received an e-mail on Tuesday night from a Breakthrough Breast Cancer representative raising my awareness of the amazing work that they are doing for women suffering with breast cancer.  Breast cancer affects 50,000 women in the UK per year, so naturally supporting this cause is of great importance.
  I’d heard of the charity, most recently from a Made In Chelsea episode where Rosie hosted an event  dedicated to the charity, but I wasn’t really aware of what they did. I’m so glad that I received the e-mail because it made me realise that I can make a contribution just by being obsessed with fashion. Breakthrough Breast Cancer targets breast cancer through fashion and you can help raise the money needed for the cause! You can do this by either clicking on the banner that I have already uploaded or by visiting

You can pick out your item of clothing and give 30% of the sticker price directly to the charity! However, some of the items such as the River Island bracelets give 100% of the money to the charity! If you’re more interested in beauty than fashion then why not treat yourself to a Birchbox at

 where 30% of the money that they earn also goes towards Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

I decided to Wear My Support  by buying this cute bird design t-shirt from River Island for £15.00!  

With loads of different items to choose from I urge you to show your support by buying at least one product! Every contribution will help to raise money for a cause that affects many women in the UK.  You can also appear on my blog, showing your support wearing an item of their clothing on this post!

You Wear Your Support:

If you want to appear in this space here all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

For the chance to appear on my blog:

1. Take a clear picture of you wearing your purchased item from their shop.
2. Send it to me at  or tweet me at @iblogthefashion with the picture! Include your name and age which will appear underneath your picture showing your support!
Please note: Not all the requests I receive to appear in the post will be able to appear here but I will try my best to get you all in the post!

You can also join in on twitter by following @fashiontargets and #WearYourSupport.

Additional links that you should check out:

 I am looking forward to receiving your pictures where you wear your support! 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Prancing around like a smartie

This blog post is dedicated to a new obsession of mine, nails. No, not the metal, DIY, spikey nails that are used to be hammered into walls, (although I may develop an obsession over their beautiful metallic structure - maybe next blog post?) I’m talking about the nails that are attached to our fingertips.  
  Nail art has become an industry in itself. And it is bigger and better now than it has ever been before. Nail brands such as Essie and Nails Inc are the seemingly ‘top dogs’ of the business but other brands have also focused their attention on their nail sections now more than ever. Why? Well it’s simple. People are realising that nails hold a beauty of their own. With a splash of colour, sparkles, gems or pattern, people can express themselves through their nail designs.
   In a way nail art may be easier for some than trying to find the perfect accessory. The nails hold such as statement that they replace the accessory that once was worn for the same purpose, to make a point.  People don’t accessorise for the fun of it. Accessories were made to be bold, hold power and be the leader of the outfit. Without accessories an outfit can seem lifeless, almost pointless and holds no purpose.  This is where the story begins.. Like a killer bracelet or a bold ring that tells a story of power, nails too can be the narrator of an emotion.
  I’ve never been particularly skilled in doing my own nails. I have the common problem of painting my left (or for most people right) hand. I’m a leftie, a left-handed ol’ soul, so when I’ve finished painting my right hand comfortably and with ease there comes the wobbly disaster of trying to do delicate patterns on my left hand using my untrained and unused right hand. While I love accessories I also appreciate they can be a tad bit of a hassle.  Take rings for example, they’re all cool and fun until you take them off on a toilet break to wash your hands to stop the cheap metal rusting under the water (unless you are fortunate enough to own the real deal silver/gold) and then realise that you’ve either left them at home on a dash out of the house or you’ve left them in a public toilet…not convenient and not stylish as you walk barehanded and shamelessly unaccessorised around the place. Here’s where I discovered the beauty of nail art..
With the right, versatile colour/pattern, nail art is enough of a statement to accessorise in a subtle way. It gives me the excuse I need to accessorise without making too much of an effort. To confess, I haven’t yet discovered the ‘real’ nail art like the nail pens to create ‘funky’, complicated designs but I’m inching one step closer..Here are my favourite, newly found and newly bought nail varnishes.

To start with I’ll excuse my little population of Barry M nail varnishes by saying that they were on offer in Boots (so naturally I couldn’t resist).


309 strawberry ice cream, 308 berry ice cream, 318 peach melba

I love these Barry M colours because they are summer sunshine in a bottle and living in the UK where I’ve literally only ever seen the sun in pictures, that’s good enough for me. Their names make them even more appealing in that two of them have the word 'ice cream' in their label - any nail varnish that is labelled as a food should be a girl’s best friend, right? (Note to Barry M: Congrats on superb marketing there chaps.) Although they haven’t got any complex texturizing effect to make them particularly bold, they’re subtle, summery vibe creates a statement suitable for the season that is apparently Summer. You may have seen my nails in my most recent blog post, 'Scribbles on the runway' where I did this, but another great thing about these shades is that if you alternate them, painting one colour on each finger and repeating the sequence they create an impression of a collection of smarties - You’ll be prancing around like a jolly smartie (and all the best colours of course!).

(The smartie effect)

My second most favourite brand of nail varnishes is Revlon’s collection of sparkly goodness.

Colours:(Left) 441 Radiant
        (Right) 260 Girly

Above I am wearing Revlon's radiant shade. 

This was my step closer to the real ‘nail art’. I figured that the sparkles created a bit more of a statement. Don’t be fooled, a sparkle doesn’t just say ‘I’m girly and I like glitz and glamour’, for that common misconception is so wrong. A sparkle here and there can say much more. It can speak a message of inner power and a fun, happy soul.
   So, those are my new purchases! Remember, nail varnish is more than just a colour, a pattern or a texture, it can speak a message of inner emotion and can accessorise in a way that perhaps a ring couldn’t. The beauty of nail art is that you have the power and control of what you design. After all, that’s why they call it nail ‘art’, right?


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Scribbles on the runway

 There seems to be a trend in life, almost a rule that everyone has to abide to, that just because you have ‘grown-up’ or are labelled as an adult, you are suddenly not allowed to enjoy the things you once loved.  Obviously I can’t speak for adults as I am only sixteen myself but as a teenager I have come across this narrow minded view. People seem to lose their childhood, they cut it short. One of my favourite quotes is one I once found in the Twilight saga obsession days, I stumbled across the quote in the opening pages of ‘Breaking Dawn’.  The quote is this:

“Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age
The child is grown, and puts away childish things.
Childhood is a kingdom where nobody dies.”
-Edna St. Vincent Millay

Aside from the beautiful poetic language in which Millay wrote this masterpiece of a quote, there are several reasons why I love it so much. It emphasises and rebels against the normal pathway of life. By this I mean that it contradicts nearly everyone’s lifestyle. The common belief is that after a certain age you are obligated to ‘grow-up’ as you exit the phase of being a ‘child’.  Like Millay states, ‘the child is grown, and puts away childish things.’Undeniably we all grow up - the most obvious change is the development physically, but also our likes and dislikes change as well as an element of our personalities. But why should all this mean that we lose the wonders of childhood?
  Like Millay’s writing, fashion goes against the standard rules of life. It breaks boundaries that aren’t supposed to be broken.  On my adventure to find an outfit for COMPANY magazine’s Style Blogger Awards held later this month (which by the way I am super excited about and would like to thank every single reader for making that a possibility for me to be amongst other amazing bloggers! I’ll be blogging about the event, tweeting and instagraming no doubt!), I stumbled across a skirt that transported me back to the kingdom that is ‘childhood’.

  For anyone who knows me, I’m not afraid to stand out when it comes to clothes. My style is often a reflection of how I am feeling. Sure, I have my lazy days where I throw on an easy outfit but those days are rarities. I also think an outfit says a lot about someone's personality. If someone dresses crazy and hectic they are usually courageous, outrageous and fun people. However, sometimes taming my inner outrageous fashion sense seems to fit in better with society. Don’t get me wrong I still dress odd to most people - when I'm out their reactions range from a quick glance to a full on stare but what can a person do eh?
  As a result my wardrobe consists of some edgy pieces and when I stumbled across this New Look skirt I was transported to nursery days and found my daring, childish consciousness screaming for it in desperation. The scribbles transported me to the days of childhood ‘art’. By that I mean the ‘art’ that was made up by a series of paint splodges, crayon scribbles and pencil clouds that hung proudly from a magnet on the family fridge. The kind of art that everyone pretended was a work of a masterpiece just because a 3 year old knew how to hold a paintbrush the right way up.
 I loved those days. Believe me if I could have passed my GCSE art by a few scribbles and dots scattered here and there I would have been a happy bunny. They were the days where you weren’t judged on the quality of your art but praised for just producing something within an A4 radius. This skirt reminded me of those days. Obviously the drawings had more depth than just a stroke of paint produced by a 3 year old but they had a childish edge to them as they were scribbled and dotted around the skirt. They looked like the kind of drawings you would find in storybooks that were read to you as a child. I loved the colourful, pointless messages that perched around the drawings such as 'awesome tree' stating useless information like a child. I loved the soul lifting neon shapes and colours, they were like the colours of happiness. If the colours were a person they would be Mr Happy for they made me feel like a female equivalent of him when I looked at it… Although I realise that he is in fact a fictional character and not a person, I hope you get my gist…
  The skirt for me was like happiness and childhood wrapped in the exterior of a skirt.  My love of fashion and childish things were reunited. It reminded me of the quote I found in my much loved but battered copy of Breaking Dawn and it made me remember that ‘Childhood is a kingdom where nobody dies’.. And for the price of £9.99 my childhood was rebought, a small price to pay to enter the exclusive kingdom that is Childhood. 


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Review / A sprinkle of fairy dust..

I haven't really done many beauty reviews but that's purely because I tend to stick to what I know is good and products that I know work. I guess I'm afraid of going out of my comfort zone in that sense, especially with facial creams - a little petrified that I will come out with some horrific rash or extreme break out with the wrong product. My skin is quite sensitive, so scented products aren't the best for me because of my sensitive skin but there is one product I have literally fallen in love with..

LACURA Shimmering face cream. This is hands down the most moiturising face cream I have yet to come across. If you're wondering where to get it, you'll be surprised to know that this gem of a beauty product was found in ALDI's beauty section. I've tried quite a few creams in their range and found each of them to be great in their different ways. However, the reasons that I like this particular cream are the following:-

No sticky residue - Most face creams, or creams of any type for that matter, have the tendency to leave a sticky feeling on your skin. I hate this about creams. It makes me feel like a bug, most commonly a stick insect because quite appropriately I find small pieces of fluff or paper (you name it and it will stick!) simultaneously clinging on for dear life, attached to my skin because of the 'sticky' formulation in the cream. Fantastic if you're searching for a natural 'super power', but I wasn't on the hunt to be the next Spiderman, flinging myself from building to building, holding on by the sticky residue of a face cream..I wanted a face cream that gently 'creamed' my face and left it fresh and non-stick. That's when I found the LACURA cream. NO stickiness and NO mess. Leave it to dry naturally for a couple of seconds and you're ready to go.
Money doesn't matter - It's almost impossible to find an amazing face cream at a low cost. The higher end beauty brands seem to think they can charge as much as they like, which I suppose would be marginally acceptable if the products were any good but for the majority of the time they don't even do what it says on the box. LACURA face cream is cheap and under £5! Unfortunately I can't find the Shimmering cream online to link it in this post but if you visit a local ALDI store they'll be your best bet of finding the cream! 
Shimmering into the night - This may be a con rather than a pro for those of you who want to apply a day-to-day face cream without evidence of the application on your face. LACURA 'shimmering' day cream gives you a subtle but noticeable sparkle. It does slightly make you look like you have been attacked by a fairy but it doesn't have such a dramatic effect that people would think you had poured a pot of glitter on yourself. 
Taking you abroad - Sadly this little face cream isn't a secret air hostess that will whisk you away to the tropical island but it will take you to the tropics in a different way. Like I mentioned above, I can't really have scented products because they will usually react with my sensitive skin BUT LACURA is the one exception! The cream has a glorious 'mangoey'/fruity smell that takes you to the islands in an instant! 

So there it is! A review on the most wondrous face cream known to women. 
You can also use LACURA facial cream as a brilliant, revitalising hand cream. To view ALDI's other beauty products click here. 

PS: Did you know my blog has been SHORTLISTED in COMPANY magazine's Style Blogger Awards 2013? To vote for my blog click here
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